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Automobile Brokers

John Ferrante, Ferrante and Son

(408) 244-6612, 651 S Winchester Blvd,

John listens to what you want and then tells you what your best options are [even if it’s going to the dealer]. I told John we were unhappy [with our old car], so he helped us get rid of that car (but he is moral too - we sold it at auction to a dealer who could fix it, not to a person who would get stuck with the lemon) AND got us a new car with no fee from him! That's service. Very fair, good guy. 

John on Michigan; 7/24/16


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Boat / Trailer Storage


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Carwash & Detailing

Diamond Auto Detail

74 S Autumn St just across from Poor House Bistro.  (408) 294-4135

They are so nice, did an AMAZING JOB. I can't find one dog hair left from my golden retriever.... She gave me a heck of a deal!!  I dropped my car off, took a nice walk home (although they would have taken me home) and came pack 3 hours later to a new car.

Lynn on Clintonia; 3/28/16


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Car Maintenance/Repair

Union 76 Station

corner of Meridian and Willow. 408-267-1222

I have a pretty old car that I wanted some preventative work done on.  I took it to them [Union 76] and asked them to do it--not whether to do it, but just to do it.  They called back later and said that it wasn't necessary, and told me why.  … I find this extremely impressive!

Carol on Curtis; 8/8/15


Ditto!  Matt and staff always go above and beyond .... they've been taking care of my auto since I returned to the area in 2005  .... won't go anywhere else.

Kathleen on Glen Echo Ave; 8/8/15

Ken and Bill Clark, Motorspeed West

1925 Grant St # 1/Santa Clara, CA 95050-3970/(408) 727-6631

Great service, thorough explanations of what is going on, and reasonable pricing.

They primarily work on BMWs and Mercedes and they are very informative about what is going on and what you might need to do in the future, along with having reasonable prices. Since they’ve been working on BMWs/Mercedes for so many years they know the nuances of different years/models. They are the BEST!

Peggy on Glen Eyrie; March 12, 2015 , 2/18/16


These guys [at Motorspeed West] are great! Total gearheads. You want them working on your car. Fast efficient and reasonably priced. They listen to what you're saying about your car. The owners and the entire staff are great guys, polite courteous and really know their stuff. Bill's wife works the front desk. I highly recommend them. They only work on Mercedes and BMW's. I'll probably buy a new Mercedes this year just to keep them on as mechanics.

Casey C.; March 12, 2015


I love Bill too. Been taking my cars there for years. They really care what is going on and fix it at a reasonable price.   Near the Coleman Costco

Jan C.; March 13, 2015 , 2/24/16, 11/18/16

Michael J's

1577 Almaden Road, 408-279-3222

I have had to use their services several times (darn kids!). They have always done a good job. Cheap - no, but good.  I had the unfortunate need for four different repairs to my cars one year, and they do an excellent job every time.

John on Michigan; 1/22/17


Michael J’s Body Shop completed repairs on my car and did extra work on several wide scratches without charge.  

Pam on Wren; 1/21/17

Swedish Auto Service in Campbell

3375 S. Winchester Blvd., Campbell, (408) 379-4822

We have been extremely happy with Swedish Auto Service in Campbell for all kinds of Volvo repairs and service. I wish they also worked on domestic cars so I'd never have to go to another mechanic.

Elissa M.; February 16, 2015

B and C Auto Center

1850 Almaden Rd., (408) 267-1114

I love B and C Auto Center on Almaden Road, which is really honest, reasonably priced, very friendly and accommodating. I've used them for several years and appreciate them more and more. 

Nancy G.; 2/1/16

Michael, On the Road Mechanics

(408) 313-0663

Michael… is a total rockstar. I had to call because…my battery was DOA. He came out to the house in less than 10 minutes, and had the battery in hand and replaced within 5. Since it took me that long just to find him on Yelp, I thought I'd share my recommendation in case fellow WG people also need some mobile car repair.

Carey L.; 4/13/16

Body Shops
Corky at Thedy Auto Repair

1169 N. Fifth St., 408-271-8877

Corky is still at Thedy Auto Repair ("Teddy"). I just had my car checked there and they did the smog.

Excellent service from Corky and Thedy. I do not go anywhere else. Fast, reliable and they do not do anything that is not needed

Gail on Glen Dell; 4/9/15, 1/26/17


…I went to see [Corky at Thedy Auto Repair] today… to have my car checked out. He is every bit the kind and professional contact that I remembered from so many years ago. I just wanted to send out a great big shout out for and him. He is still AWESOME!!

Linda on Little Orchard; 4/9/15

Gary, Preferred Image

663 Industrial Way, Los Gatos, 408-354-7673

I highly recommend Gary at Preferred Image in Los Gatos. Great work, fair prices and quick turnaround. 

Andrea; 4/14/15, 1/21/17

Conner’s Body Shop

1098 Stockton Avenue, San Jose, (408) 292-5101

I would highly recommend Conner’s Body Shop.  Conner Dillard is the owner and he does amazing work.  Your car will look better than new when he is done.  

Greg on Sweetbriar; 4/14/15

Angkor Collision

1695 Angela St., San Jose, 408-286-4065

I recommend Angkor Collision on Angela St. in San Jose. Really nice guys and very high-quality work.  Great attention to detail and reasonable prices.

Donna on Terra Bella; 4/14/15, 5/13/16

Precision Auto Body and Glass

994 Lonus St., (408) 971-4195,

I dropped our car off at Precision today. Gary and his crew are amazing to deal with. They are very friendly and explained his quote in great detail. I got competing quotes.… Precision's quote was very competitive and he even beat the quote once I showed him the estimate.

Neal J.; 1/21/17

Andrew G's Body Shop

920 Chestnut, near Coleman & Hedding, (408) 298-1443

Great craftsmanship, fair prices, easy to work with.

Jerry on Brace Ct; 5/13/16

Vu, San Jose Collision Center

193 Barnard unit #6 (near Tully and Curtner), (408) 286-8339

I highly recommend Vu at San Jose Body Center if your car needs any work. He is fair and does great work.  He has done work on our cars and very nice person.

Rene on Marcia; 1/21/17; 12/27/17

Wheel Alignment
Tire Outlet

901 S. 2nd Street, 408-294-1836

I would strongly recommend Tire Outlet on 2nd Street. I have been seeing Mike Sanchez there for 20 years.  He has expanded his services from just tires to many general automotive services, but no matter the job, Mike and his guys are guaranteed to do a great job at a fair price. He also is totally trustworthy, as Mike always tells you what you need but no further.

John M.; January 17, 2015

Wheel Works

I went with Wheel Works on Pearl. They did an excellent job.

Sanjit on Hervey lane; January 22, 2015

Smog Man

538 Earle Ave (off Lincoln, S of San Carlos);  (408) 999-0699;  (formerly at 985 Auzerais at Lincoln)

[Smog Man] was really nice & said he'd honor the Groupon price [even without coupon]. My husband headed over, was in & out in about 15 minutes. Couldn't have had a better experience!  

Laurie on Harmil Way; January 09, 2015


I also used the Groupon to get a smog test this week. … the new owner has very nice employees and my experience was a good one. … There was a steady stream of clients when I was there and I was in and out in about 15 min. They even had water and some toys for the kids to play with. Just don't forget to bring your DMV registration renewal form …  when we get smogs performed now. 

Rhi on Jansen; January 10, 2015


With coupon from Groupon - [Smog Man] should be about $30 total.

Karen on Blewett; 7/25/16


We have also used the smog man twice now...very good experiences, both times.  we had a groupon...they were friendly, got our vehicles in & out quickly.  would definitely use them again!  

Laurie on Harmil Way; 7/25/16

Bascom Automotive

1305 S. Bascom Ave (corner of Stokes) 408-292-1200

[We use them] for smog and everything else. They have gold rating, so if your car fails, they can fix. They're fast, efficient and fair. They've never let us down. Great service, fair prices.

Bob on Bird; 12/18/14, 2/1/16


Lincoln Ave. at Curtner Ave.

Lincoln Smog on Lincoln and Curtner is open on Sunday. My son went there a couple of years ago for a last minute check in order to sell his car. It was pricey - $89 - but handy.

Tina on Monte Vista; 9/27/15

Union 76 station

Meridian and Willow, (408) 267-1222

We use the 76 station at the corner of Meridian and Willow. They are great to work with.

Felecia on Curtiss; 7/25/16

Adem’s Test Only Shop

1654 Almaden Rd.

Rarely can I say a smog test was pleasant, but my visit to Adem’s Test Only shop was pleasant, price competitive, quick, thorough (he checked my oil and my tires) and pleasant, because customer service is obviously key here.  I’ll be a returning customer.  

Suzy P.; 2/16/17

The Tire Shop
/ Morin Tires

661 Willow Street, 408.288.8694;

I have bought tires from [The Tire Shop] twice for 2 different cars of mine.  Their prices can't be beat, I never had any problems with their tires and they guarantee their new ones.  They have new and used tires.

Cindy K; 6/17/15


I completely agree with the compliments on Morin Tires!! The very best in the business!!

Linda on Little Orchard; 3/25/17


Had a slow leak in one of my tires. Went to Morin today. What a pleasure! Go there.

Randi on Minnesota & Bird; 6/1/17

Windshield Repair:
Mex Auto Glass

I just had Mex Auto Glass come and do a repair (not a replacement). They came to my house within 2 hours and were professional and reasonable. They are local - up by San Carlos and Lincoln. My husband's auto repair business also uses them for any windshield work.

Allison on Carolyn; 12/23/15

Jesus, SaveOn Glass

408 693 1175,

Jesus did a great job on my truck, and my coworker’s Z3.  Great price and same day or next day service.

Marty P.; 12/23/15

Oil change
Brad's Autocare

946 Lincoln Ave., 408 217 9040

I second Brad's -- his new place is really nice, he's a great guy, and he's a terrific mechanic. He kept our vans on the road for years. now has his own shop on Lincoln across from the Flower Shop. He has kept our two Odysseys going for ten years.

Bruce off Lincoln;, 4/14/16


Brad is great!  You will be happy. 

Susan on Plaza; 4/14/16

Chris Hart-Mobile Mechanic-


$75 per hr.  Excellent mechanic. I have used his services since last June. Very honest, reliable and dependable.

Larry R.; 5/3/16, 6/20/16

Mike Sanchez at Tire Outlet

901 S. Second St., 408-294-1836

For tires, brakes and all sorts of general auto service, I go see Mike Sanchez at Tire Outlet. He is on the corner of Second Street and Martha, a quick trip down Willow Street from central Willow Glen. He has been taking care of my cars for decades, is fairly priced and extremely honest.

John on Michigan; 1/17/16


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Car Rental

Service Rent-a-Car

698 S First Street (near Hwy 280). 408-292-6351, 

We have used Service Rent a Car off and on for years. We've always received great service and great prices. 

Bob on Bird; 5/6/15


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Car Services


Thornwood and Winfield, San Jose, 408-574-2300

You can walk in [to AAA] without an appt. weekdays from 8:30am to 5:30pm. They had all of the necessary [DMV] forms, which they helped me to complete & they were able to accept payment for DMV (cash & check only). Ample parking, no crowds, very nice staff.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 5/31/15

Driving Schools / Drivers Ed / Driver Training
South Valley Driving School


Both of my kids used Lance Krider with South Valley Driving School. Great results. 

Doreen on Kring; 9/11/17

Jeff Nowell, Advantage Driving School

5440 Thornwood Dr., 408-363-4182

My family had an instructor…come out to evaluate a [senior] family member. We [also] used Advantage Driving for our daughter when she was a learner and they were accommodating and easy to work with, especially when we were figuring out classes used or missed; they were always very professional. Today Jeff arrived a couple of minutes early for our appointment, spent time getting to know our driver and the situation as we presented it, and then capped off the evaluation with thoughtful discussion points and action items for our family to consider.

Susan on Annapolis; March 18, 2015

We used for two kids and had great experiences with both of them. …you can use them for just one lesson, which you must have for the DMV permit. We did more than the one lesson with them, and I also highly recommend doing a lesson right before taking the driver’s test. If you tell them which DMV you’re going to, they’ll take the driver on a trial test in that area and point out all the potential pitfalls for that area.

Julie formerly on Garden Glen Way; 9/11/17

Economic Driving School

(669) 225-2142

Another great driving school is Economic Driving School. All of the instructors are credentialed teachers. Excellent school. 

Colleen C.; 9/12/17


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Car Transport

Accelerated Logistics Auto Transport

Although it's been a number of years, I used [them] to ship a convertible from Colorado.... They provided me two quote levels for two levels of transport, open and enclosed, and at the time, open transport was half the cost of enclosed. All in all, I was very satisfied with their service. 

Astrid G.; 3/2/16


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Children’s Activities

Activities for Kids

Recommendation for activities for young children:

·         Happy Hollow Park & Zoo
It is fabulous fun for all ages and only a short drive from Willow Glen.

·         Children's Discovery Museum
Fabulous fun and in downtown San Jose

·         The Tech Museum
Love this place. Many parents of young children avoid it since they assume only older kids would enjoy it. Lots of interactive stuff. My guy was 2 when we started going.

·         Rockin Jumps
More local fun with a space full of trampolines. They have toddler time so little ones are safe.
I recommend filling out waiver and signing up for session online so you can basically walk straight in.

·         Pump It Up
Visit pump it up junior (next door) for bouncy fun for toddlers. Visit website for open play times.

·         Oakland Zoo
Fabulous zoo with small fun park

·         SF Zoo
Has a really awesome kids playground.

·         AVAC (Almaden Valley Athletic Club)
Fitness/swim club has open swim times in indoor heated pool

·         Palo Alto junior Museum & Zoo little spot. Not huge like a zoo so great for a short outing. Nice park next door as well. 

·         Kids Gym
This place has open play times and is in Willow Glen

·         CA Academy of Science (San Francisco)
Love this place. 

·         Monterey Bay Aquarium
Well worth the drive! Truly spectacular place for all ages.

·         Lawrence Hall of Science (Berkeley)
Fun for all the family and some spectacular views over city. 

·         Duck Pond (San Jose)
Indoor kids play center 

·         Cucina Bambini (Willow Glen)
Parent/child cooking classes. Might be a little young.

·         The Exploratorium (San Francisco)
This is fun for all ages. 

·         Vasona Park
Great park and has a small train that takes you around the park, which also does a holiday run.  Check website for running times. Also has Festival of Lights but I recommend getting there early so you don't have to wait for ages to get in. 

·         Great America
We visited last Christmas and the light display was fabulous. Again, get there early so that you'll be leaving by the time all the crowds arrive.

·         Bumble
145 1st St., Los Altos, 650-383-5340,
Oh, and if you get hungry while having so much fun, I highly recommend Bumble in Los Altos. Fabulous food and they have childcare (for an additional fee) or you can dine outside where they have a sandpit for the little ones!

·         Hidden Villa Farm, Los Altos Hills

·         Deer Hollow Farm, Los Altos Hills/Cupertino

·         Emma Prusch Farm, San Jose

·         Ardenwood Farm, Fremont

·         Roaring Camp (Train rides), Felton

·         Santa Cruz Pier
Or we love just visiting the Pier at Santa Cruz and going down the stairs (once you walk along the pier a little ways) and you will get to see the seals up-close. Fabulous fun for all ages. You should hear them before you even know they are about. 

Faith on Nevada; December 16, 2014

Airline flights for minors
Alaska Airlines

…our son took his first solo flight …on Alaska Airlines across the country. We had one small hiccup … but … the agents I worked with were terrific. Alaska doesn’t sub-contract the service to escort minors … which is a relief. Getting to the gate upon his departure and again on his arrival home was easy and I’ll book with them again.
Susan on Annapolis; 8/10/15


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Autism Resources

Leina Stowers, Amicus Therapy Group

My sister-in-law, Leina Stowers, a LCSW, also residing in WG, is co-owner and therapist with Amicus Therapy Group. She could do an intake meeting and assess what types of services & group interactions would best suit the child.

Lara on Willowhurst; 8/22/15

Carrie Sullivan

Carrie Sullivan is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, with a Master’s Degree in Special Education, specializing in early intensive behavioral intervention for children with autism and maintains a private practice in Redwood City, CA.

Laurie on Harmil Way; 8/22/15


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Children's Parties & Entertainment


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Creative Culture Dance

Owned by two young men who are superb dancers and even better teachers.  It’s a relatively new studio and I’ve heard nothing but good things.  Tell them I sent you!

Linda E.; 5/9/16

T & Company

2360 S.Bascom Ave. Suite F,, (408) 371-8266

They do a really good job teaching young children.

Robin on Nevada; 5/9/16

California Sports Center, California Sports Center - Malone - WG Location - (408) 269-5437;  Cambrian Location - (408) 377-1005

They have a great selection of tap, ballet and hip hop dance classes. They also offer gymnastic classes as well as dance for kids. It's a great place and they are right in Willow Glen off Malone Rd. There is another location that also offers dance and gymnastics nearby in the Cambrian Area of San Jose if that is closer to you.

Sherri near Meridian & Foxworthy; 5/11/16

Voice Lessons
Mindy Dickens,

I highly recommend Mindy Dickens. I took voice lessons from her a year ago last summer and the daughter of a friend of mine took lessons from Mindy when she was in 8th grade, I think, maybe for a couple of years.  She’s a really nice person, and she knows what she’s doing.

Julie on De Anza Way; 1/9/16

Sacred Foundations, Inc.

Spiritual Center and School of Divinity; 877-877-4275,,

*self recommend* Felicia M.; 5/18/16


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Kristina Sablan


Kristina Sablan at the Bruni Gallery is wonderful.

Jan C.; 1/10/16


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Daycare / Childcare / Preschool

San Jose Day Nursery

33 N. 8th Street,

I highly recommend the San Jose Day Nursery. The Executive Director and Center Director are amazing at the level of care and education they provide at this center. We have an amazing Board of Directors and will be celebrating our 100 year anniversary in 2016.

Jan C; 6/12/15

Niki's Day Care

Nevada Avenue, 408-597-7411

Best Day Care in WG is Niki's Day Care located on Nevada behind the school.  My son and all the neighborhood children went to her.  My son just graduated college and still visits her.  She fills up quick because she is so good. 

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 6/12/15

ATLC Preschool

1975 Cambrianna Dr, (408) 371-2573,

We had our twins at ATLC and we loved it there.

Eric on Lansford Ave.; January 14, 2015


We sent two children through ATLC and it was a great experience for them.  It's a play-based preschool with a caring, committed fun staff. There is a lot of music and hands-on learning.  I highly recommend it.

Regan on Jansen; 14 Jan 2015

San Jose Participating Nursery School

2180 Radio Ave. behind the community center,, 408-265-3202

Their programming is wonderful. The teachers are GREAT! And the facility is AMAZING!!! They limit class size to 24 children, and when your class is there they have the entire facility to themselves. It is a Co-op, so you have to participate in the class part of the time, and because of that the cost is very reasonable. I highly recommend it!!

Robin on Nevada; 7/18/17

Baby sitting; Babysitters
Caterina Pezzaniti 


I have known Caterina (Cat) Pezzaniti for 6+ years and have experienced her to be attentive and trustworthy. If I ask her to go a mile, she will go five. There is much love and appreciation in my household for Cat.

Nan on Willow Glen Way; 7/16/15


Cat Pezzaniti has taken care of my 3 kids and I understand she also dog sits. She's great fun to be around and takes excellent care of the kids.

Tanny K; 9/2/15


[Cat] is patient, caring, and very creative when it comes to activities for my 6-yr-old daughter. She is a Willow Glen resident with a background in child care.

Patty on Broadway; 9/2/15

Elaine P.

Do you need some extra time to run errands, get chores done, or just need some extra time for yourself? I'm looking for a WG family in need of someone to take care of their child for a few hours once or twice a week (4-6 hours a week).  I am a 17 year old high school Senior and have a current babysitting certificate. I am available during the day/evening and weekends. My hourly fee is $10 hour.

*self-recommend* Elaine P on Glen Dell Drive;; 11/11/17


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Piano & Music Teachers / Lessons

Tammy Acosta

Willow Glen Way, (408) 294-8372

[Guitar lessons:]  I highly recommend her!

Janis formerly on Willow Glen Way; 12/19/15, 1/26/16

Jessica Mitrovich, Willow Glen Music School

Jessica is an amazing music educator for all ages and I wholehearted recommend the Willow Glen Music School's programs.

Elissa M.; 4/22/16

Willow Glen Music School


Willow Glen Music School has … openings [for piano or voice lessons at home] in their traveling teachers’ schedules. … MTAC certified for students who want to participate in certificate of merit; travel lessons are $165/month for weekly 30min lessons and $5/week travel fee paid to the teacher.


Jessica on Speciale;; 8/6/15



I have a fun and interesting program for kids. I use games (music theory, notes recognition & values), theory sticker books, books with CD accompaniment to help them discover the joy of playing the piano. Lessons are designed to meet students' interests. … Students learn classical music as the foundation. Adults play popular songs from any era… They can also learn to play from fake books. References are available upon request.


Valencia,; 8/29/15, 5/30/16

Simon Santiago or text/call 408-507-3616

Guitar, bass, piano / keyboard, or ukulele lessons available in Willow Glen.  Over 20 years of private teaching experience.  Any age and level of experience welcome.  Weekday morning, afternoon, and evening slots still available.  


Simon Santiago;; 1/8/17


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San Jose Symphonic Choir

…practices throughout the school year on Monday nights, and performs locally at the end of each quarter. Rehearsals are at Westminster Presbyterian Church on The Alameda… We sing pieces that are challenging but not insane. People can start with us in September or January. It's a really fun group with a great spirit!  The conductor is fantastic.  We have about 120 voices.

Carol on Curtis; 3/17/16


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Swim Lessons


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Gary Fisher, 831-588-9104

My son’s chem tutor [Gary Fisher] has some free time this summer (or now before finals) to help your child get ready for that chem honors or AP class he/she signed up for. Gary is a college professor (UC Santa Cruz, San Jose City) and PHD and has been a godsend for us. 

Marie on Settle; 5/18/15


Emma Blickenstaff

(408) 655-1903,

…I am pursuing a Masters in Teaching and a Multiple Subject (Elementary School) Teaching Credential. … I have extensive tutoring experience in … Math through the Pre-Calculus level, Vocabulary, Reading, Reading Comprehension, Shakespeare, Literature, AP Psych, Essay Editing, and SAT Prep, ACT Prep, and PSAT Prep. [I charge] $30 per hour for academic subjects and $40 per hour for test prep.


Emma Blickenstaff;; 8/3/15; 3/28/16

Jan Helmbolt

I have been tutoring middle and high school students in the area for four years and can provide many references.  I am a credentialed math teacher and just finished the last two years teaching middle school math in public schools.  I have been working with middle schoolers for over 10 years.  


Jan Helmbolt;; 7/23/15


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Cell Phones and Phone Service

Mobile Kangaroo

860 S Winchester Blvd., San Jose, CA, (408) 557-8807,

Just had my son's phone repaired three days ago [at] Mobile Kangaroo on Winchester. I had heard good things about them recently. They charged me $59 for an iPhone 4. They were awesome! They also fixed my Nokia phone as well. I highly recommend them. Fast, great customer service, reasonably priced!

Sherri near Meridian & Foxworthy; 6/10/15

Phone Doctor

1261 Lincoln Ave, 408-320-9115

Phone Doctor is the best!  Downtown Willow Glen. He has helped several people I know!

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 6/10/15; 9/6/17


Eric is great, quickly repaired my son's phone for much less than quoted at the Apple store. The Phone Doctor is a great place for speedy repairs. Once my brother cracked his screen 90 minutes before leaving for the airport…[he] got the screen replaced with time to spare. …if your phone is still under Apple warranty, beware of any third party repair.…Apple [may] claim the non-factory repair voids your warranty.

John on Michigan; 10/7/16


I highly recommend the Bay Area Phone Doctor on Lincoln Ave in Willow Glen. They've fixed so many things for me over the years (I've kids) and I've always been highly satisfied. He's really nice, quick, and very reasonably priced!

Taffy on Marshall; 10/6/16, 3/23/17


I like The Phone Doctor. Nice local business. Call for a quote. They do it while you wait.

Margaret on Palm Haven; 2/24/17


A second for Bay Area Phone Doctor.... Prices will vary based on the model; you can call for a quote. When we went... The Phone Doctor was great and replaced the shattered screen on my wife's iPhone 5s, in very short order. It took about 20-25 minutes. We are impressed and recommend him.

John L.; 3/23/17

Phone Repair Shack

1417 Foxworthy (in the back of the liquor store), 408-908-0247,

They [had] the part in stock. They [fixed] it in 45 minutes. They also fix buttons and messed-up ports and whatnot, the standard range of repair services. I don't think their prices are out of line with other repair places and they're in our neighborhood and today they totally saved my bacon. Highly recommend.

Elissa on Laurie; 12/28/16


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Computer Home Networking and Internet Services

Don Heinsen, CompNet Services,


Paraphrasing numerous prior recommendations, Don is often recommended on this list. He is extremely qualified and has a MSCE, CCNA, and BSEE. He comes to your home, and his fee is based on the amount of his time that it takes to resolve a problem. He tries to keep costs down and is flexible in that regard.

Larry on Willow; May 30, 2015


About three years ago Don Heinsen set up my home network for me. …[but screwed it up]. He arrived the next morning, ran some tests, worked his magic, and now the TV is linked! Took maybe 30 mins. – [He] is prompt, current in his tech knowledge, and really really good at what he does.

Bruce off Lincoln; 8/25/16


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Electronics, Batteries, and Light Bulb Suppliers

Excess Solutions

1555 S. 7th St., (408) 262-3900,

Yesterday I bought a Microsoft ergonomic 4000 keyboard from Fry's for about $54 including tax….Today I found it at [Excess Solutions] for $3. … got 3 others to try out for $3/ea. Can't beat that. Nice Store. They have all kinds of electronics parts nicely laid out.

Richard S.; 8/3/15

Batteries Plus Bulbs

3410 Stevens Creek Blvd, 408-538-3333

…they put in new battery and tested the mower out. Fine young men who knew what they were doing. They have been there for 7 years. Very reasonable and batteries for EVERYTHING! Cool bulbs too.....they even have lithium batteries for your smoke alarms that last 10…years! … fine party bulbs for front porch...nice green for Christmas.

Donna on Kotenberg; 11/14/15


Let me second Donna's rec. I use them frequently for odd size/type bulbs. Nobody else carries what I need.

Bruce off Lincoln; 11/14/15


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Internet Services and Domain-name Registry:

They specialize in efficient and low-cost Domain-name registry.  Their website is somewhat confusing.  They also offer website hosting services at low cost.

Larry on Willow, 5/30/15

They specialize in full-service website hosting, but also provide domain-name registration services as well.  Even the basic website hosting includes an array of services, including blogging, email aliasing, and list-servers.  Tech support on-line 24/7.  The is hosted by Superb.

Larry on Willow, 5/30/15


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Pinball Repair

Christopher Kuntz, The Pinball Pirate


He comes to your house and will do a run through of everything in your machine.  He's got a hecka history to tell you about too!

Martin P.; March 10, 2015


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TV Antenna & Installation

Dick’s Antenna

(408) 268-6814

I’ve used Dick’s Antenna’s as well. He’s great!!

Linda on Little Orchard; March 18, 2015

TV Installer
John Maino, (408) 656-3322

We hired John Maino to install the large television in our office.  Quick and reliable and a reasonable price.

Elizabeth on Mackey Ave.; 10/7/15


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Financial / Legal Services / Professional Services

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Business Services; Tax Preparation

Connie Bluck 


Roy on Hamilton; 5/21/15

Susan Robinson, Your Financial Alchemy

831 246-2378,

Susan… is an excellent bookkeeper.  She has a lot of experience with small businesses and she used to do tax preparation… She is also friendly, positive, and calm, which I personally value highly… She is located in Ben Lomond, between here and Santa Cruz. 

Carol on Curtis; 5/21/15

Monica Bailey and Associates

5450 Thornwood Drive, Suite O,, 408.225.1161

Expert services for tax research, planning and preparation as well as full accounting services. Over 30 years’ experience. Highly Recommend!

Greg on Sweetbriar; February 24, 2015

Black Bull Accounting

Tiffany Jacobs-Torr, 760-402-3326; Mark Torr, 760-840-0660

We use Black Bull Accounting and they’re fabulous. They are out of the area, however, so we send everything to them by fax or email.  Their prices are good and their customer service is wonderful --- lots of personal attention.

Linda on Belmont; January 25, 2015

Wayne Mitsunaga

1610 La Pradera Dr. 2nd FL, Campbell, (408) 378-9400,

our tax man for at least 20 years.  Very professional and supportive when we had an audit. Passed with flying colors. We do not need an accountant, but several of our friends have him as theirs. One friend had a small business and Wayne did his accounting and his taxes.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 2/15/17

Steve Pyle

901 Campisi Way Ste. 380, 408-879-9990,

Very happy with Steve Pyle. Found him from this list years ago. Near the Pruneyard.

Karen & Jeff on Blewett; 8/19/17


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Credit Union

Star One Credit Union

(408) 543-5202;

I've been a member for maybe 25years now, without any problems.  Good rates on VISA, their ATM cards can be used nearly anywhere without fee, free checking, and they offer great exchange rates when traveling abroad…they've recently opened a new branch at 3136 Stevens Creek Blvd., diagonally across from Valley Fair.

Larry on Willow, 5/30/15


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Estate Planning & Wills

Rebecca Sue Jones, Law offices of Gallagher, Reedy and Jones

19A N. Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos, 408-354-1388

A few years ago we found ourselves the executors for our neighbors. It was a difficult situation and their lawyer did a fine job of straightening out the paperwork and expediting (as much as possible with an estate) the procedure. She is very knowledgeable and helped us with the whole process. She grew up in Willow Glen.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 11/15/17; 12/8/17

Lisa Caputo

I would highly recommend Lisa Caputo; she has all of those qualities that you mention below [reliable, efficient, and trustworthy,  reasonable cost].

Kirsten on Glenwood; 12/8/17

Christine DeKlotz

101 Church St Ste 15, Los Gatos, (408) 354-6100

She has 25 years’ experience in real estate and trust planning... She is a Santa Clara grad and now a part-time law school instructor there. We have used Christine and Reg’s services in the past and recommend them highly. 

Dave on Carolyn; 12/8/17


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Financial Advisor

Kim Carson, Ameriprise

I would highly recommend Kim Carson with Ameriprise. She has college aged children, owns rental property, has owned her own business and brings knowledge from all of these areas to her clients. She is also very patient and wonderful with seniors.

Kirsten on Glenwood; 4/11/16


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Income Taxes & Tax Consultant

Gary S Nelson CPA, CFP

1246 Curtiss Ave., (408) 298-1488,

[recommended by]

Robin on Nevada; April 01, 2015

 Joe PfahnlPfahnl & Hunt Accountancy Corporation

333 W. Santa Clara St., Ste. 900, SJ, (408) 993-9494,

[recommended by]

Greg on Sweetbriar; 8/31/15

AdminBooks, 408.782.9640

Tina on Monte Vista

1/13/16; 4/1-/16


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Insurance Agents

Larry Krieger's State Farm Agency

On Lincoln Ave.

A second vote for Larry Krieger - has been my State Farm Agent for many years. His staff are knowledgeable, quick to respond to calls and questions.

Rita on Mercer Ave.; 4/28/15


I've been with them for 32 years and have been quite happy.  No one has been able to touch their rates.  When I've had to file claims, my insurance has not gone up… covers rental cars too … They also have a great towing service as part of the deal.  I've even had my car towed 20 miles without getting a charged a fee.

Taffy on Marshall; 9/10/15

Kirk Stoddard, Farmer’s Insurance

1631 Willow Street, Suite 225, (408) 978-3208

I’ve used Kirk Stoddard for many years.

Kathi on Cherry; 2/10/16

Bob Pando, Farmer’s Insurance, (408) 377-3135

Bob Pando has been my agent for 20+years. He is the very best!!!  Feels like I am his only client. EXCELLENT service.

Lynn on Clintonia; 2/10/16

Jeff, Senigaglia Insurance

950 S. Bascom Ave., #2113,

Jeff Senigaglia is an insurance agent with over 30 years of experience. He is fluent in life-insurance, commercial, homeowner's, auto, and health.

*self-recommend*, Kathryn Senigaglia,; 5/17/16

Health Insurance
Edna Vilozny, Vilozny Insurance, 

831 685-8228

Edna Vilozny … is the best health insurance agent I have ever known. She is appointed with all of the health insurance carriers in California, and she knows them well. Her office is in Aptos, but she is in Santa Clara County at least one day per week and also works by phone. She is awesome!

Carol on Curtis; 11/10/15; 9/23/17


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Investments & Financial Planners

Kimberly Carson, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., CA Insurance License #0G33649

1919 S. Bascom Ave #100, Campbell, 408.963.2322

I would highly recommend Kim Carson with Ameriprise. Her office is located in the Pruneyard. She will assess your goals and point you in the right direction. Good luck!

Kirsten on Glenwood; 3/10/17

Ann M Escobar, Waddel and Reed

1999 S Bascom Ave #400 (Pruneyard), 408-369-9400.

I highly recommend Ann M Escobar at Waddel and Reed.

Cynthia in Harmil; 3/10/17


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Lawyers & Attorneys

Marc Eisenhart

25 S Market St, 408-288-8100. 

Marc is great!  Not only is he a gifted lawyer but, he's a wonderful person.  He is very down-to-earth, generous, and empathetic.  He does employment, landlord-tenant and other real estate issues. 

Marc Eisenhart is highly respected and has quite a lot of experience in this.  

Taffy on Marshall Ave; 1/21/17

Elnaz Masoom

I highly recommend Elnaz Masoom.  I know Elnaz to be smart, reliable and professional.  Also, she has never had a judgement against her.

Jill on Britton; 9/11/15

Rich Dayton, Dayton Law Firm

1754 Technology Dr #230, (408) 437-7570

I would recommend Rich Dayton at the Dayton Law Firm in SJ. He is extremely knowledgeable and has been able to save some of my clients from making some detrimental decisions.

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct; February 11, 2015

Carol Zolla

16450 Los Gatos Blvd., 408/358-6900

I also highly recommend her. She's very easy to talk to.

Cris on Nomark; February 11, 2015

Marc Shea

(408) 298-6611

I used Marc Shea. He's in San Jose. 

Tina on Monte Vista; 3/10/16

Rebecca Sue Jones of Gallagher, Reedy & Jones

19 N Santa Cruz Ave, #A, Los Gatos, 408-354-1388,

Try Rebecca Sue Jones of Gallagher, Reedy & Jones, located in Los Gatos. She handled our wills, trust and power of attorney. Great to work with.

Regan on Jansen; 3/10/16

Rich Dayton, Dayton Law Firm


I work with Rich Dayton at the Dayton Law Firm in SJ. He is very experienced and has gone above & beyond for many of them. Highly recommend!

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct.; 3/10/16

Hollis Logue


Recommend Hollis Logue

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 3/11/16

Personal Injury
Mark D. Rosenberg,

I have a friend who is a really seasoned personal injury lawyer. I think he's in the process of setting up his own practice (or has).  Feel free to let him know I sent you.

Joyce on Mildred Ave; 1/7/16

William McCann

1530 Meridian (across from Rookie's), 408-269-8787

He's been in business here for 30 years. Very good at what he does. 

Linda on Little Orchard; 10/25/16


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Debbie Doughtery


I love her work and the work she has done for us for the Willow Glen Home Tour. She lives in Willow Glen and is on the list.

Jan C.; 3/20/17


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Mortgage / Refinancing / Appraisals / Loan Broker

Charla Fernandez, American Pacific Mortgage

408 626-0395

I have a great suggestion--Charla Fernandez, of American Pacific Mortgage. She is both an in house lender and a mortgage broker, so she offers a tremendous variety of loans and customizes her recommendations to people's circumstances.  Also, no surprises at the close!  

Carol on Curtis.; March 05, 2015

Javad Hakkak

1402 Lincoln Ave., (408) 275-9268, Cell :(408) 337-2011,

We worked with Javed at Chase WG last year - he was really great to work with, very thorough and a really nice man.

Linda E; March 06, 2015


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Joan Malone


[Joan Malone] will come to you.

Linda on Little Orchard; 4/4/15

Barbara Sauer

Realty World Castlerock, 1261 Lincoln Ave #114, 408-398-7069

[self-recommended] Barbara on Hawkhurst;; 4/4/15

Mobile Notary PublicMarisol Moreno, Flat Rate Mobile Notary

Office- 408-827-1449, cell- 408-667-9476,

I'd like to recommend Marisol Moreno of Flat Rate Mobile Notary for any future notary needs.  I know we occasionally have requests for urgent notary services pop up on the elist. She is available weekends as well as evenings for any notary needs.

Carol on Hamilton Way; January 21, 2015


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Property manager


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Red Dog Shred

Curtner Ave.

Love Red Dog Shred on Curtner. I have used them many times. Great hours, easy and well priced.

Dee (formerly of Lincoln Village); 5/19/15

Reliable Affordable Shredding

210 San Jose Ave., #13 (x Little Orchard),

His rate is $5 for a banker's box-size box. If you go there, it's easier to enter the complex from Little Orchard, just north of Barnard Ave before you get to San Jose Ave (it's kind of a 'gritty' area, but he'll get you in and out very quickly!).

Suzanne on Olive Hill Drive; 2/17/16


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Home Remodeling / Repair / Maintenance

Accessibility / Handicap Services & Maintenance


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Appliance Sale & Repair

University Electric

1500 Martin` Ave, Santa Clara; (866) 484-4810;

We love our Maytag [from University Electric].  Great family owned business.  We've purchased all our kitchen appliances through them plus our washer & dryer.

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 9/23/15; 11/9/17

Tommy, Bishop Appliance


[Tommy] diagnosed the problem right away. It was a quick fix… so he reduced the amount we agreed to pay for a house call. What terrific customer service!... I highly recommend you call Tommy….

Susan on Annapolis; 4/22/15

Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH)

San Carlos Ave. near Bird

I was very happy with the service from OSH when I bought my last dishwasher. The salesman even recommended I postpone the purchase until their no-tax weekend sale, despite losing his commission. They did the install and take-away of my old dishwasher.

Tina on Monte Vista; 5/31/15

Authorized Refrigeration and Appliance Repair


I can recommend Authorized Refrigeration and Appliance Repair.  Jerry is not cheap but he knows what he is doing.

Damon on Shibley; 7/25/16

Solomon, Lara’s Appliance Service

930 Lawton Ave, (408) 287-4911

He’s very quick to respond and responsibly priced.

Carol on Mazzaglia; March 11, 2015; 7/24/17


Solomon & Mack of Lara's Appliance Service just fixed my oven -- I found them on the eList & want to add my enthusiastic recommendation. Prompt, knowledgeable, efficient, reasonably priced, & very nice guys.  

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 6/9/16


We called Lara's Appliance Service for our washer & dryer. Solomon came out right on schedule. He did a great job at a great price. In addition, he did another job for us that was not part of the original service call.

Bob on Bird; March 10, 2015; 12/11/15


I highly recommend Lara’s Appliance Repair. I thought I needed a new clothes washer but sent out to our wonderful Elisters….Solomon revived my 12+ year old washer !  I was impressed, as he knew exactly what to look for and what to do!  He is an appliance genius!

Valerie on Harmil; March 11, 2015

Abe, Willow Glen Appliance

1129 Lincoln Ave., 408-298-1569

Another shout-out to Abe from Willow Glen Appliance Repair. He came, he saw, and he conquered all in one afternoon.  Now my dishwasher should last another 10-15 years.  Great to work with and I highly recommend him. 

Linda on Belmont; March 09, 2015


Because of Abe- my dryer might live 100 yrs.

Leslie on Settle Ave; March 09, 2015


I used [Ae’s] services a few months ago.  He’s great at finding replacement parts. Give him a ring!

Peggy on GEA; 6/23/17

Almaden Valley Appliance


They repaired my Fisher & Paykel a few months ago and felt they were honest and reasonable.

Linda on Lambert; January 17, 2015

ARM - ARM Repair

I always use Appliance Repair and Maintenance. Our neighbors use them too and we have always been happy.

Pat on Cherry Valley; 12/12/15

Tom's Appliance


They service premium brands and serviced our Subzero refrigerator when we had issues with it.

Regan on Jansen; January 30, 2015

Mike Katz, Cool Kat Appliance Repair 


Mike and his service men are extremely responsive, very helpful and the prices are competitive… They found the problem [with the dishwasher], fixed it and charged him a very reasonable service call. …arrived right on time… and was very efficient. He found the problem and fixed it, then made sure all the water lines and drain pipes were clear…

Carol on Hamilton Way; 12/14/15

Richard Johnson, Appliance Repair and Maintenance

408-439-9645 (cell), 408-835-4849 (work)

Richard has helped us with washer, dryer, refrigerator and oven repairs. I recently recommended him to someone on the elist for help with a refrigerator and heard very positive feedback. I highly recommend Richard.

Laura near Bird and Willow; 5/11/16

Nick Moreno


For sure Nick Moreno. He takes care of all our appliance repairs & our clients too.  He is very knowledgeable & reliable as well.

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct; 12/15/16, 3/17/17

JC Penney

Eastridge Mall

They were patient and helpful with me when deciding what model to buy, and when I discovered [an error I made] were super helpful in finding a solution. … free delivery, installation, and hauling away the old appliance with larger purchases... I will go back when I need to replace my other appliances.

Tina on Monte Vista; 4/22/17

A Go Home Appliance Repair

2828 Aiello Drive, Unit C, 408 831 3118

…they were great. They knew the product and were knowledgeable about the details... They were personable, polite and the product was under warranty. According to their invoice they service Whirlpool, GE, KitchenAid, Electrolux and Frigidare. These guys are really good.

Casey on Minnesota; 5/4/17

Ace Appliance

(408) 227-2600

[for Refrigerator Repair] I use Ace Appliance for my clients. 

Karen On Blewett; 8/1/17

Johnny, Appliance Parts Company

1062 The Alameda, (408) 294-9500

Very helpful.

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 11/9/17


Johnny at Appliance Parts is fantastic!!

Tina on Monte Vista; 11/9/17

Vacuum Cleaners
Robert, Supply Works


He lives in W.G. Hepa filter vaccuums would be best. They have many choices.

Larry R.; 11/17/16

Sewing Machine Repair
Ray’s Sewing Machine Center

545 Meridian Ave., 408-295-6901

Ray's Sewing Machine on Meridian (On the left side just past Moorpark street.  He is very good. I've taken my machine to him several times.

Sue on Dean; 7/8/17

Juan, Juan’s Appliance Service


Thanks to all who sent me referrals. Got the Job done by Juan at Juan's appliance service. Came within hour of call dx and did job at reasonable price.

Richard on Georgetta; 8/31/17


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Architect/Designer/Structural & Civil Engineer

Steve Benzing, 408 805-1328

[Steve Benzing is] very easy to work with, reasonable prices very patient with dealing with spouses who have different opinions. Helped us through the permit process with the city as well for plans to add a master, bath and laundry room and carport.

Laura; 6/12/15

Pete Malletis, PMI Design Group


PMI Design Group in Sunnyvale did our plans, he is very thorough and creative.

Chris J.; February 28, 2015

Quang Phan, Paladin Design & Engineering.  


I would highly recommend Quang (pronounced Kwong) Phan at Paladin Design & Engineering.

Kimberly on Darlene Ave.; February 28, 2015

Charles Decker, Decker Engineering and Construction. 

P - 408-885-1599, C - 408-858-1641,

They are a local business located in downtown Willow Glen.

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 12/29/15

Jon Rider on Hamilton

(408) 540-7391,

[recommended by]

Jan C.; 12/29/15

Dennis Anderson, Anderson McKelvey Architects


[recommended by]

Jan C.; 12/29/15

Garcia-Teague Architecture

(408) 244-8368,

Gil did an amazing job of designing what the remodel would look like, how it would integrate with our existing home, and making the most of the space we were adding/remodeling. Gil is a local Willow Glen architect. I highly recommend him.

Robin on Nevada; 12/29/15, 4/14/17

Noel Cross Architects

(408) 216-0222,

…the best listener and really understood what we were trying to accomplish. [Looking at] his other work, you couldn't tell which parts of the homes were the additions and which parts were original. His plans were so detailed, we didn't have any change orders... worth the extra 20% [cost] by far. …

Jill on Britton; 12/30/15

Richard Morrison

(650) 321-3729

did an amazing job. I…needed some tricky engineering to support the second floor. He even went with me to the City Building Dept. appt. and…I got the permit instantly... The fee for this is then credited toward his fee to do the final plan if you decide to use him for the detailed plan and consultation.

Rebecca on Newport; 10/14/16

Steve Hindergberger


I would highly recommend Steve Hindergberger. He was our architect. Great design to maximize space but keep things open. He is very flexible and easy to work with. His website is Hindesign.

Sanjit on Hervey; 4/14/17

Dan Winkelblack 

(408) 370-3366, 80 Gilmore Ave., Campbell

I recommend Dan Winkelblack. Think about how you would like to use the space and not how you use it currently. Collect photos from Houzz and Pinterest to find your style before you meet with an architect to do preliminary needs design. Of course you will be limited by budget of wants and materials. 

Jan C.; 4/14/17

Larrabee & Associates

36 Railway Ave., Campbell, 408-364-9000

[Larrabee & Assoc.] were amazing to work with, and did an impeccable job reinforcing/repairing a previously failed attempt someone had made. ... Even our permit inspector was thoroughly impressed with their work on our home. He said he had not seen work done going over and above for code requirements. I would definitely use them again if the need arose.

Faith on Nevada; 4/11/15; 12/30/15

Steven K. Barg, 650 334 8187

Steve is a superior structural engineer.

Gail C.; 4/2/17

Mike, Conklin Brothers Construction, 21436 Shady Lane, Los Gatos, 408-761-4263,

They have fixed many foundations in Willow Glen and Rose Garden and all over the area.  Nothing surprises them. Excellent group to work with.

Gail C.; 4/2/17

Liiban A. Affi, PE, Foundation Engineering Consultants, INC.,, (510) 371-5019, 3984 Washington Blvd., Suite 236, Fremont

I had to use this company for soils testing with a slanting floor. Excellent work. Look at his website to see all they do. Liiban is easy to work with, reliable and brilliant at what he does. He drives all over the Bay Area and is president of this company. You won't be disappointed.

Gail C.; 4/2/17

Dave Roberts, Built by Roberts


Good man, good contractor. I have done business with him for over 20 years as his drywall sub.

Chris J.; 12/5/17

Kitchen Designers
Jeffrey Hellmuth

I recommend Jeffrey Hellmuth - He redesigned my 1939 kitchen (took it down to the studs, kept same footprint) in 2006 and I'm still in love with the design.  He also kept me on budget.  I'm working with him now on a master bath remodel - we are in the early design discussion phase.

Lisa on Crescent; 10/9/17


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Bathroom Remodeling / Refinish


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Carpentry / Cabinet Maker

(see also "Handyman", Kitchens)

Charlie Bosso


[Charlie Bosso] is the best all - around carpenter, finish carpenter, handyman…. He can do and does it well. Reasonable pricing……really nice man. 

Jan C; 3/28/15

Rick Jones

(408) 568-1892,

Jones Custom Cabinets remodeled ours a little over a month ago.  I am really happy with their work.

Eric on Cottle; January 15, 2015

Dennis Everett, The Wood Connection

431 Perrymont Ave, (408) 971-2710,

Some of the items that make the cabinets great are that we have full-extension drawer sliders, sliding shallow drawers as opposed to shelves in under counter cabinets, and soft closers on the doors. I found that slow closers on drawers weren’t needed and made the drawer harder to open, but on doors, it stopped them from banging (since they are designed to auto close). The Wood Connection responds well to e-mail. The build of the cabinets is great and they got everything right using our appliance specs. They follow lots of regulations about low VOC paints and all that.

John on Milton Way; January 17, 2015

Spiker Woodworking

436 Robert Ave, Santa Clara, (408) 297-5950,

I used Spiker Woodworking and John Fox as my general contractor.  Fantastic experience with both.

Laura J.; January 15, 2015

Clear Oak Designs


I recommend Clear Oak Designs. I had them remodel a kitchen for me including two built-in corner cabinets and a small bookcase. They do beautiful, quality work and are very easy to work with.   [They know] how to improve the workflow of the kitchen.

Tina on Monte Vista; 10/26/16

Hormoz, HB Custom Cabinets


Hi I highly recommend HB Custom Cabinets, top quality work they can build anything and excellent clean work and on time!

Elizabeth E.; 10/14/16

MD Remodeling

(650) 793-3913

I love, love, loved working with MD Remodeling for my kitchen and bath remodel. Mike and Dan are geniuses, easy to work with and excellent craftsman. They come up with creative solutions and I now love my kitchen.

Rebecca on Newport; 10/14/16

Cabinet Repair
Charlie Bozzo 

408. 568 0461

(Bozzo is pronounced bahzo not Bozo like the clown)  He called me within a day. Came over right on time and fixed it. Told me it would be a way too low price. I gave more than double what he asked for. Very, very nice man. Big shout out. … I bet he's the kind of man who could fix lots of things.

Lynn on Clintonia; 5/20/17

Moldings / Mouldings
Andy Kapfenberg, Almaden Custom Carpentry; Cal. Gen. Contractor’s License # 662738

Phone and Fax: 408.268.0592, Cell: 408-218-4211

[recommended by]

Rebecca on James; January 19, 2015


[I] Second Andy Kapfenberg, Master Carpenter. Beautifully installed crown moulding in my dining room a year ago...

Rita on Mercer Ave.; January 19, 2015


I can recommend a friend [Andy] who does crown molding.....he might be able to help you with a few other things too..

Patrick on Newport Ave..; January 05, 2015


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Batinich Masonry


[Landscaping – Outdoor Fireplaces] Local Willow Glen residents. They've been in business for over 30 years.

Linda on Little Orchard St.; 12/25/15, 1/27/17

Chimney Repair
Dave or Rich Leon, Leon Masonry


I would recommend Leon Masonry. Highly recommend. 

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct; 12/10/16


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Chimney Cleaners / Chimney Sweep


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Contractors & Remodeling

Dave Roberts Construction

Ph. 408.356.2185 Cell 408.210.4363

He's actively looking to fill his schedule... and he's good too.

... I've worked with [Dave] for over 20 years, he gives a detailed bid with reasonable allowances and a schedule that he keeps. He has a great tile guy (Tom Bruno ) and a pretty good drywall guy ( me ) too.

Chris J; 6/7/15; 12/5/16


I vote Dave Roberts.

Jan C.; January 15, 2015

CJK Construction

[(408) 499-0411 ?]

…they did a fabulous job… local Willow Glen contractor, although now he has moved his home base, but still has crews in the area.

Robin on Nevada; 12/29/15

Case Design / Remodeling, 408-323-5300

I've used their handyman service for years and always been thrilled with the quality and professionalism. I know their remodeling division is a bigger part of their company.

Tina on Monte Vista; 12/5/16

Bob Tobiason, TRB Construction


I work with [this] quality [company]. I am proud to be associated with them.

Chris J.; 12/5/16

Dale Drumm, DRD Development


I work with [this] quality [company]. I am proud to be associated with them.

Chris J.; 12/5/16

Brick Mason


I just had some brick work done at my office. My husband found Armando on Craigslist. He did a wonderful job- great end product, timely and reasonable.

Linh on Hamilton Ave.; 9/7/16

Small Projects
Chris Justi


Call our local Chris Justi on the recommendation list. 

Jan C.; 4/21/16

Radon and Lead Remediation
Peter K. Mandel, MG Remediation, Inc.

26062 Eden Landing Road, Ste. #2, Hayward, CA 94545, 510-293-3009,

This is a company that is good at this.

Kari on Meridian Way; January 09, 2015


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Curtains / Blinds / Drapery / Window Coverings

Carol Kapfenberg, Window Charm,


Carol [is a] local Willow Glen resident, great wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Rebecca on James Place; 11/15/15

JC Penney

JCPenney offers free in-home consultation. I used them [for window treatments] in the past and was very happy with the results. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. They have loads of options and work with you to get just what you want.

Tina on Monte Vista; 11/15/15, 7/9/16

JM Wheeler, 408-247-1810

We've purchased both plantation shutters and Hunter Douglas blinds from JM Wheeler and found their prices, quality and service to be outstanding….We shopped around and found their prices to be best and we already knew their service was great.  No brainer.  Highly recommended.   

Brian D.; 11/23/15

Allied Drapery

365 Lincoln Ave., (408) 293-1600

[They] did an outstanding job…They went above and beyond... The drapes still look and operate like the day they were installed years ago… the project was a huge success and the staff could not have been better to deal with in every way.  

Jenelle off Lincoln; 3/21/17

Fina Bella Draperies


I second Fina!!

Mary on Georgetta; 3/21/17

Pat Randolph

(831) 336-5723

I have used Pat Randolph for all my window treatments over the past 14 years. She has also overseen reupholster work on some of our furniture. She is great to work with and very reasonably priced.

Robin on Nevada; 3/23/17

Wooden Window Blind Repair
Cleaners to Your Door


Last year I used Cleaners to Your Door to repair and restring a full length wooden blind. He also fixed the string on another blind which I'd been unable to open. They came to the house to estimate and then did the repair and restringing and charged a reasonable price.

Gail on Prevost; 8/22/16


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Doors (House & Garage)

Garage Doors
Jacob, Pacheco Overhead Door

(408) 497-8754

Mike Howard Garage Doors in Campbell

479 Salmar Ave, Campbell; 378-5409,


The owner [of Mike Howard doors], Steve Chapman, handled the conversion from my old sliding doors to overhead very well. His crew members did a great job and were easy to work with. And his wife in the office had excellent advice on selecting the door.  Very pleased with the complex installation job done.

Curt; 7/28/15


I recommend Steve at Mike’s Garage Doors in Campbell.  VERY fair pricing. Good communication. Excellent problem solving.  

Karen on Blewett; 7/28/15

Ron Mosher, The Garage Door Guy

1260 Foxworthy Ave; (408) 591-7828

Pretty sure [Garage Door Guy] is who I used a few years ago - great service, quick, reasonable.

Carin D.; 8/19/15

Arrow Garage Door


A few years ago, I used Arrow Garage Doors , and was very happy with them.  

Suzanne on Brace; 7/27/15

House Doors
Brian Zane, Zane's Door Replacement


Zane's Door Replacement did repair work on a "leaky" door for us; we are quite happy with the result and their service. They arrived on time (a little early, too) did the work and cleaned up nicely. Also saved us a chunk of $ by determining after removal of a piece that it could be refurbished and not replaced. In addition, did a small adjustment -that wasn't included in the quote- on our front door that was sticking a bit at no charge.

Suzanne on Olive Hill Dr.; January 30, 2015


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Ken Taylor


[recommended by]

Linda on Little Orchard; 4/11/15, 5/13/16

Chad, Hahn's Lighting Service Inc.

408-591-0056, 408-295-1755

Chad from Hahn's Lighting Services Inc. is great!!!

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 3/23/15, 6/22/15, 3/10/16, 5/13/16, 9/6/16


Hahn's fixed what I thought were dead sockets in my bathroom sconce outlets…[and] wouldn't charge me for a full service because they were there for just a few minutes…. they installed an outdoor outlet on my front porch and it was just about $100… they are so nice and easy to work with.

Bonnie on Mercer Avenue; 3/10/16, 9/5/16


My company uses Hahn's for all their electrical needs. A very nice family ran business.

Alana on Pine; 12/20/16


Try Chad McDougall at Hahns Lighting & Electrical [for Installation of Can Lights]

Carol on Mazzaglia; 6/21/17; 11/8/17

Eugene Myers

(408) 849-9147

[recommended by]

Neal J; 4/6/15, 9/6/16

Mike, Cal-Wire Electric Inc.


[Mike from Cal-Wire Electric] did some work at our house on 2 occasions. Very challenging to find a great electrician. We finally did. We used a ceiling fan install.

Manon on Maykirk; 4/6/15

Jim Mayo, Mayo Electric Inc.


…couldn't be happier with the quality of [Mayo Electric’s] work and the price. They added some extras… (small things like extra outlets on the new circuits they were adding) and didn't charge for them. I added a couple of extras (an outdoor light and an outdoor outlet) and they happily worked them into the plan… And they showed up when they said they would, worked around my odd work schedule, and completed the job quickly…

Brian D; 4/11/15


I too recommend Jim [Mayo] for any project large or small.  He is very professional and won't nickel and dime you but will make sure you are happy with all his work.  

Carol on Hamilton Way; 4/11/15


I have used Jim Mayo, who was recommended on the elist, for a couple of jobs recently.  The men who work for him do excellent work and are very reliable.

Susan on Parkside; 3/10/16

Eagle Electric


I have had the most amazing electrician working in our home for the last two days and I thought I better recommend him to the WG locals. Ed is the owner of the company and he usually has a person working with him. They are honest, arrive when stated, and finish on time, and are reasonably priced. A real pleasure to work with and Ed is just a genuinely nice guy. 

Faith on Nevada; February 10, 2015

Peter at Schwab Electric

408.896.3146, (408) 559-3056ø

I also highly recommend Peter. 

Lada on Britton; 5/13/16


I've used [Peter’s] services for years.

Nina on El Rio; 9/5/16

Barsuglia Electric

408-254-1742; 408-674-1662,

Russ and his crew did a great job for me, adding an exterior elec. outlet.  They were efficient, clean, and best of all, great to work with! 

Anita on Lambert; 12/5/16


[Russ is] really good. All of the outdoor lights were on motion sensors. All but one went out at about the same time. I wanted to take all of them off sensors. Russ told me what needed to be done, gave me an accurate estimated, showed up and did a great job! I'd fully recommend him.

Pat on Cherry Valley; 1/7/17


I took a prior recommendation from the elist recently and was very happy with Russ Barsuglia's work. He came out, quoted the work and was able to schedule a time that worked for me to do the installation of a chandelier, four sconces and fixing a can light. Very proactive, good communication on text, email and phone.

Megan on Laurie; 3/29/17

Chase Frye of Chase Electric

(408) 564-2279

Yes, Chase Frye of Chase Electric installed a 240v for my clients electric car.  Great job!  Easy to work with. 

Karen on Blewett; 7/12/17

Peter Schwab, Schwab Electric


He's done numerous jobs large and small for me.

Nina on El Rio; 7/12/17

Lamp Repair
Wright Lighting

1572 Meridian, 408-979-0800

I've had Wright Lighting (on Meridian near Hamilton) replace a lamp cord and fix a table lamp. Definitely recommend them!

Astrid; 4/29/17


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TechShop - San Jose

300 South 2nd St.; (408) 916-4144;

in downtown San Jose -- it's a fascinating place.

Larry (on Willow); July 6, 2015


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Flooring Installer / Refinisher / Tile / Carpet

Pete's Floors

408/998-5303; (email);

My friend specializes in detailed repair work of old wood floors, often able to repair damaged areas with the exact-same matching old flooring boards.

Larry (on Willow); Mar 5, 2017


Art Villegas, Willow Glen Floor Co.

(408) 529-7342

[Art Villegas is a] Great guy and easy to work with. Highly recommend him!
Rene on Marcia; 11/4/15

Toby, TWS Tile


[Toby] is skilled in setting all types of tile and stone floor. He and his crew are fast and very reasonable. I’ve worked with him on several jobs and each turned out beautifully and [quickly]. He brings…skilled crew and does not leave the job until it is complete. And his communication skills are excellent.

Karen on Blewett; 4/29/15

Slaughterbeck Flooring


[recommended by]

Chris J; 6/7/15

Clark’s Hardwood Floors

251 E Hacienda Ave, Campbell, CA, (408) 866-5485,

 [Rec needed for repairing parquet floor] I would call Clarks flooring. Tell Sherri I sent you.

Jan C.; 9/11/15



I had a very good experience with a local installer of hardwood floors. He refinished the oak floors in the bedrooms and installed new birch flooring with a walnut border in the living room. He bought materials from Galiher. Fast, affordable, clean.

Joy on Willow Glen Way; 11/3/15

Conklin Brothers

2250 Almaden Expy, (408) 266-2250,

I had a great experience with Conklin Brothers when I was looking for linoleum (NOT vinyl) for my kitchen and laundry room. I loved it. It was softer on my feet than wood, easier to clean than wood. They helped us put in a custom design with lovely color options. 

Tina on Monte Vista; 11/3/15

Joe Divittorio


[Tile Installation]  My tile tech has completed [a] transformation on my fireplace. I love it!

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct.; 9/28/16

Donald Priest, DL Floor Company

Santa Clara, 408-984-7231

hardwood floors only---particularly the old ones. He is experienced, reasonable and knows floors. This is his company. 25 years experience.

Gail C.; 4/2/17

Off Price Carpet Outlet

1020 W. San Carlos Street, 408-288-7678

They deal in a lot of remnants... sort of like second hand goods, but the product is still brand new. We recommend them if you don't need a whole house (e.g. 1000s of SF) done in the same style. We were able to get a couple bedrooms done identically in a nice style for a lot less than the names on the radio.

John on Mayellen Avenue; 11/21/17


Floors: Pete's Floors


License #396188; Lead Certification #NAT-73467-1

Specializing in:

Installation of all species of wood, including parquet, solid, engineered, pre-finished & laminate flooring, refinishing of existing wood floors, interior & exterior, sub-floor prep & leveling, repairs, borders, inlays, custom staining, stairs, consultation. 

I do all the work with my one employee who has trained with me for over 28 years.  I charge an estimate fee when I come out which, is deducted from the contract if you end up having me do the work.  Our workmanship is focused on detail.  Am an associate member of (a guild of artisans specializing in restoration) 

[self-recommended]  Pete Anderson, Owner;

Specialized Hardwood Floors  408-931-4633

We offer great prices and best service, just mention We [specialize] in hardwood floor installation, refinishing and staining. Give us a call or text, I would be glad to answer all your questions.

[self-recommended] Truong Nguyen;; 3/3/16

Doug Mszanowski


We have used Doug Mszanowski for both kitchen and bath construction. He replaced a shower for us.  He recommended a custom pan rather than tile that he had made and installed. He does excellent work and has been pleasure to have in our home.

Susan on Parkside; 1/11/17

Stonelight Tile

609 S 1st St, (408) 292-7424,

Stonelight Tile is] a gem! Not only did they offer up their time to help us with our concept and technique, but they donated all the tile from their leftovers for us to finish our school mosaic. … if you are looking for unique artisan tile, say for a mantel, etc. Their showroom is like a little museum, and they are the nicest people. Very kind of them to help with our public school project.

Lara on Willowhurst; January 21, 2015


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Furniture Refinishing & Repair

John Gibbs, Workshop,

500 E McGlincy Ln #G, Campbell, 408-371-7166

[John Gibbs did] ...beautiful restoration work...

John has done a couple of projects for my clients, very pleased with his work

He is an excellent craftsman, very straight forward and can do complex repairs and refinishing. Does everything from marine to old European, fine work.

Maria; 2/28/16, 9/4/16

Mark Will, Wildwood Workshop

(408) 666-6901, 408-998-4866

[recommended by]

Jan C.; 1/5/16, 9/4/16

Table Pads
Pioneer Table Pads

We got a custom pad from [their website]. It was around $150 and their customer service was excellent. 

Rachel on Hicks; 3/11/16

Furniture Appraisal
Mark Ebner


I am familiar with Mark Ebner. He is a local professional who can answer your questions regarding value and he also is a resource for estate sales. One of my clients hired him in the past & was extremely satisfied.  He is an estate sales technician & is very knowledgeable and so nice to work with.

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct.; February 08, 2015


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C&Z Glass

379-8501, 2175 Winchester Blvd., Campbell;

[C&Z is] Family owned and operated. Excellent service. We have used them on several remodels, repairs, and window pane replacements.  Their work is fantastic, and their staff is very helpful, courteous, and respectful.

Robin on Nevada; 8/22/15, 9/25/15

Ken's Mirror and Glass

2905 Senter Road near where it hits Capitol Expressway; 408-578-5211

[Ken is] fast, efficient, and inexpensive.  We brought in an odd sized frame and he was able to cut a piece of mirror to fit it within a couple of minutes.  He also provided advice on how to attach the mirror to the frame.  It was the quickest and easiest custom glass purchase we had ever experienced.

Bart on Telfer; 8/4/15

John Morello, Campbell Glass

539 Union Ave, Campbell (408) 377-3733

I took pieces of broken glass from…an antique table and the glass was a very odd shape.  I took it [to Campbell Glass] at almost closing time…and assembled the broken pieces … so he could see the odd shape. …he had it done so quickly…it fit like a glove!!  And, the price was right.

Cindy K.; 10/7/14, 9/25/15

Franciscan Glass Co Inc

100 San Antonio Cir, Mountain View, (650) 948-6666

It's one of the oldest (and few remaining) places where the public can buy stained or patterned glass retail, and I'm pretty sure they have a service dept. as well.

Larry on Willow; Mar 5, 2017

Willow Glen Glass

(408) 996-7074

Carol on Mazzaglia; 5/26/15

Milad Shaeghi, Super Glass

2215 S. Winchester Blvd. Campbell; T:  1-408-374-7676, M:  1-408-316-9021, F:  1-408-374-7606;

[Super Glass] did a wonderful job for us!

Dori S; 6/1/15

Stained Glass
John Espinosa, Art Works (Stained Glass, Murals, Signs)

1334 Dell Avenue, Suite C, Campbell, 408.379.6002,

We have used John Espinosa on Dell Ave in Campbell. He is doing our front door transom window, and some decorative ovals at the high peaks of our roof.

Robin on Nevada; April 01, 2015

Barragan Glass Works 


Genaro … was courteous and responsive, came to our house to remove the section he needed to work on, put up a wood barrier and returned in a few days with the repaired section - the (clear) stained glass in our front door. He did a really good job.  

mailto:glendell@comcast.netLouise on Glen Dell Drive; 8/27/17

Shower Glass
Blossom Hill Glass & Shower Door

(408) 722-8813

[recommended by]

Kari on Meridian Way; 8/21/15

South Bay Showers

540 Martin Ave, Santa Clara, (408) 988-3484,

South Bay Showers is excellent.

Tina on Monte Vista; 7/20/16


We just used South Bay Showers and they were fabulous!

Pam on Bird; 7/20/16

CZ Glass

2175 Winchester Blvd, Campbell, (408) 379-8501

I [recommend] CZ Glass… Mike and all of his staff are so professional in all aspects of their work. It has always been a pleasure to have them come to our house. They may not be the cheapest bid you will get, but the quality of their product and service will be the best you get!

Robin on Nevada; 7/20/16


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"Handyman" / Chores / “Mother’s Helpers”

Lou"a Tuaima


[recommended by]

Larry R.; 2/21/17


Neighbor & eList member Gail recently down-sized & moved with the help of Duncan whom she found on TaskRabbit & has highly recommended.  I met him at her house & was also impressed -- very nice, capable, sensible. 

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 3/31/17

Mondo Rodriquez


He’s just finished up some work for me and I can’t tell you how pleased I am. He went WAY above and beyond for me and I just can’t thank him enough!! Anyone that is looking for a handyman with extensive experience, Mondo is the guy to call.

Linda on Little Orchard St.; 3/16/17

Task Rabbit

Lots of people on this website to help. I have had Duncan Cook and Chris Imai help me for various tasks and they always do a good job and have creative ways of solving the problem for the project. They are artists who work at the SJSU Foundry.

Gail on Glen Dell; 4/2/17; 12/19/17

Elaine P.

Do you need some extra time to run errands, get chores done, or just need some extra time for yourself? I'm looking for a WG family in need of someone to take care of their child for a few hours once or twice a week (4-6 hours a week).  I am a 17 year old high school Senior and have a current babysitting certificate.  I am available during the day/evening and weekends.  My hourly fee is $10 hour.

*self-recommend* Elaine on Glen Dell Drive;; 11/11/17


Should a handyman be insured?

In case a licensed contractor is required for your job, be sure to check that the license is active, workers' comp insurance is paid (if they use add'l people) and there aren't any complaints against the license (see….[It's] my understanding homeowners' insurance policies don't pay if someone is hurt and you haven't hired the person according to protocol ….To be on the safe side, we always hire licensed businesses and check them out at the web address above. May cost a little more but we're paying for peace of mind.

Janice on Coolidge; May 25, 2012


A contractor does not need to have liability insurance but one of the disclosure forms that must be provided to a customer and signed off on states whether or not he has it. It's in everybody's best interest for a contractor to carry liability insurance.  If a contractor is using employees on the job, they must be covered by a policy of workmans' compensation insurance. Contract temporary labor [should] have that insurance from the agency that provides them. If the contractor does not have employees, no workman's comp is needed.  Jobs over $700.00 now require a license. Check the license number with the state at Follow up on their references, usually best to just get their three last jobs rather than their gold plated ref's. You might also ask about a job that went south and how they fixed it. To me, that's a big one. How did they handle a problem?

Chris J; May 26, 2012

Marty Pabian


He came immediately to evaluate my problem, did the work the next day. Fixed my door jam and put up my kitchen light…. He’s fast, accurate and very knowledgeable in both carpentry and electrical issues. Reasonably priced as well. I will definitely use him for all my future work.

Carol on Mazzaglia; 3/15/15

Patrick Lawrence


Try calling Patrick… He’s good at everything! Licensed, Insured…….perfectionist and just a nice guy.

Jan C; 4/26/15, 5/29/15

Case Handyman

6155 Almaden Expy, San Jose, (408) 323-5300,

I use Case Handyman. They have always been prompt, efficient, highly skilled, and helpful.

Tina on Monte Vista; 6/9/15

Uffe Marienlund


I use Uffe. He’s knowledgably, reasonable and prompt.

Linda on Little Orchard St.; 6/9/15, 10/5/15

Michael Lerner


I highly recommend him for honesty, integrity, effectiveness, and pricing. He did a safety inspection, replaced screws I my deadbolts that the policeman from Neighborhood Watch advised, fixed defective glides in my closet, among other things that I would not have thought of. He is a problem solver.  

Judith on Shenandoah; 7/29/15

Jason Avery


We have Jason Avery do handyman work around our house. He's almost always quite busy--sometimes have to wait a couple of weeks for him to schedule you in, but he's very thorough and does a terrific job.  He does plumbing, electrical, renovations, small stuff, big stuff! Work is well done and he's very efficient.

Regan on Jansen; 10/7/15, 1/14/16

Lou Tuaima


He did work for my friend. Excellent, reasonable and good guy.

Larry R.; 9/30/16


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Hay Bales


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Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning [HVAC] & Duct Cleaning

DunRite Heating and A/C.


I called [Mike at DunnRite] yesterday, he came out within an hour. All the necessary parts to repair the unit were in his truck, and within 30 minutes we were up and running…Anyway, great experience with him. We highly recommend.
DeDe on Simpson; 8/19/15


I second the recommendation. Mike and his crew from DunRite installed a new AC and Furnace last month and I could not be happier with their work and pricing!

Karen on Blewett; 7/18/16


I just had Dunrite Heating & Air here to repair my a/c. I highly recommend them.  

Brooke on Dry Creek Village; 6/22/17; 9/18/17


Our a/c broke right before the last heatwave and he was quick to respond AND he got our unit up and running in minutes.  We had gotten a previous quote and those folks wanted to replace our whole unit! He is honest and provides good service

Julie J.; 9/18/17

Bartlett Heating and AC in San Jose

 408 623 4949

I have been very happy with Bartlett.  Very friendly and knowledgeable, and very upfront about what you do and don’t need.

Suzanne on Brace; 6/7/15

Greg, Ace Heating

(650) 222-1010

I just used Greg from Ace Heating and he was great and I'm about to use him again for another project.

Wendy W.; 7/14/15

Pelle Air, (408) 800-2791

We just had Pelle Air install our A/C. They also installed our furnace and ducting. They did a great job.

Jen on Newport; 6/6/16

Ducting & Duct Cleaning
ClearThumb Air Duct Cleaning


We just had a really good company clean the ducts for one of our clients. They were prompt, thorough and very detailed. It cost $300 to do a condo, if you need a reference point.

Sue on Meridian Ave; 10/19/15


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Alma, Alma's House Cleaning Service


I would recommend Alma for: Move In / Move Out; One time; Weekly, Biweekly and monthly; Residential or Commercial; No contract. I use her for my real estate business when clients are moving in or moving out.  She is very good and reasonable.

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 5/6/15, 9/11/15, 6/16/16, 8/8/16

Gladys Merida


when I can hire someone again I will call [Gladys]. She will use your cleaning products and her equipment. She's very thorough, works hard, and communicates well.

Lara on Willowhurst; 5/6/15

Martha Sanchez

(408) 687-7893

I have the greatest house cleaner and would like to share her info with you. [Martha] has been cleaning my house for 15 years. She is trustworthy, thorough, thoughtful, AND affordable. I've referred her to several friends and they all have been happy. 

Christy W; 5/6/15

Rodrigo Lagos


I can recommend Rodrigo Lagos.  He has been cleaning my house for 8 years.  He and his crew do a great job, and have always been trustworthy and reliable. 

Suzanne on Brace; 9/30/15

Katija Ramic

(408) 296-1963

Katija Ramic is good, and I trust her.

Carol on Curtis; 9/13/15

Molly Maids

4638 Meridian Ave, (408) 445-0448

Molly Maids did [a whole house deep cleaning] for me. They did a good job at a good price.

Tina on Monte Vista; 11/29/15

Sisters House Cleaning,,  408-509-5075

I have had a great experience with Sisters House Cleaning.  They are a small, independent group of ladies (sisters?), and they have been cleaning my house for the last few years. License#: 7395031319

Mike on Broadway Ave; 2/20/16

Maria Gutierrez


She's in our neighborhood, and she does an outstanding job. Very professional and reasonably priced.

Sue on Meridian Ave.; 7/11/16



I use Maytee and love her.  She and her husband are very thorough and entirely trustworthy.

Katie on Cottle and Koch; 7/24/16

Ernie, Allbright Cleaning


Allbright Cleaning is great, we use them for our clients.

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 12/17/16

Rachel E. Ashe, Cleaning by Ashe, 408-771-6480

She cleaned after painting and cleans after big moves. She cleans regularly also. She knows a lot and uses the correct products to do the job. She is reasonably priced. Highly recommend.

Gail C.; 4/2/17

Araceli Villa


Our house cleaner, Araceli Villa, is looking to expand her business, and we are happy to recommend her. We have been very pleased with her; she has helped us keep our house clean for close to a decade. She and her assistant do great work, and we trust her completely.

Linda on Dorothy Avenue; 7/6/17


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Home Theater / Electronics Installation

Valley Home Theater

6398 Dougherty, Dublin, (925) 828-8741

We used Valley Home Theater, out of Dublin when ours went out.  They sold us an Integra unit and set everything up.

Susan on Parkside; 8/20/15


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Interior Design

Izalina Pegler, Final Touch Interiors


She’s a wonderful designer, very professional, with great ideas. She’s experienced with construction work (mine involved putting in a stone wall with electric fireplace). And, she’s reasonable. She charges an hourly fee if she meets with you in person, but doesn’t charge for any of the shopping and researching she does. She’s also fine with you purchasing things from wherever you or she finds them (from Target to design showcases).

Julie formerly Garden Glen Way; 8/6/16


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Insulation and Attic Maintenance


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Iron Work

Brian's Welding

197 Ryland St., San Jose, 408-275-9834, 408-234-2141,

Adam [Brian’s Welding’s] sales person n designer n everything else is just an awesome guy. Their products are of highest quality. U just can’t go wrong with them.

Anu @ Dry Creek/ Hicks; 5/23/15


Brian's Welding created a beautiful gate for our driveway. He designed it during our meeting using what we liked while he was showing us pictures of other gates he designed. At the end of our meeting, he produced a sketch of the gate and we both liked it immediately! Brian is an artist when it comes to metalwork.

Bob on Camino Pablo; 5/23/15


I use Brian’s Welding every time. He just got a great write up in the Resident too.

[Also does] powder coated iron.

Jan C; 5/23/15

Garcia's Ornamental Ironworks

804 Park Ave, (408) 998-2440

We used Garcia's Ornamental Ironworks. They did a great job for a reasonable price (although electric gates are not cheap). Anytime we have had issues with the gate, they have always come back and worked with us to correct any problems.

Robin on Nevada; 7/27/16


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Junk Hauling

Mike Martinez


[Mike’s] been our go-to guy for years.

Sue on Meridian Ave.; 5/24/15

Nicolas Ambrosio


Used to recycle metals for free but now charges a little because metals payments went down. Excellent person. Usually came out within hours of my phone call.

Gail C.; 4/2/17

Marco Sabalsa


Marco is awesome! I use him for both hauling & landscaping needs.

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct.; 4/10/17

City of San Jose

Unlimited hauling but you need to make an appointment for the pick-up.



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Kitchen Remodeling & Supplies

(see also Carpenter / Cabinets)

Hormoz Babayan

Cell #(408)315-4734;

I highly recommend HB Custom Cabinets, beautiful clean work!  Check out their website...  he builds amazing furniture pieces including entertainment built-ins. 

Elizabeth E; February 25, 2015

Don Williams


Don Williams remodeled my kitchen a few years ago, and I recommend him as being professional, easy to work with and on time and in budget. I have KraftMaid cabinets that I ordered from Home Depot with direction from a good designer at the store with Don's advice. My wonderful decorator helped me select the granite and the installation.

Gerri H.; January 20, 2015

Paul Squire


I would recommend Paul Squire, he is very fair and knowledgeable.

Granite Cutting & Counters
Rafael Bermeo

(408) 836-0560

Kirsten on Glenwood; 10/14/16

He works with granite and he knows about plumbing. He has a lot of work for me and is a very agreeable person. 

Maricela on Michigan Ave.; 2/10/17

Marble and Stone Solutions

1495 Industrial Ave. (408) 288-5330

My husband is a GC and we use Marble & Stone Solutions.  They do excellent work.  Ask for Brian and tell them you were referred by Tim Edmunds Builder. 

Linda E.; 3/28/17; 8/15/17

Marble Creations

1781 Junction Avenue, (408) 452-1615

I highly recommend Marble Creations. … Anyway, they have beautiful materials, are reasonably priced, provide one stop shopping (they sell and fabricate in-house), and were great to work with.

Robin on Nevada; 8/16/17


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Modern Lock

408-294-2364; 408-979-9433, 

We just used Modern Lock & Security and they are great. Superior service, excellent rates.  [Have] help[ed] us with great service and low prices.

Bob on Bird; 9/30/15, 1/30/16

Dan, Romy’s Lock & Key

1189 Branham, (408) 978-1141

Today we had a door lock emergency and used Romy’s Lock & Key. He came to the house almost immediately and did a great job.

Linda on Belmont; March 14, 2015

San Jose Safe and Lock

939 W. San Carlos St., 408-294-9339

There's a great store on San Carlos that I went to, when OSH disappointed: San Jose Safe and Lock. Bad news, looks like they close at noon on Sat. They are very close to OSH. Very nice folks.

Kathi on Cherry; 11/7/15


(408) 246-6868

A-Able is family-owned and has been in business since 1965.  One Sunday I could not get my back door to lock.  I called and the owner's son came out immediately and fixed it in about 20 minutes; the door had shifted and the bolt did not line up.  I recommend, will use them in the future.

Bonnie on Mercer Avenue; 2/21/17

Baker Lock and Key Service

Camden Avenue.

The key to our lock box went missing and our daughter needed [to get] in the box … within 3 hours. A mobile locksmith quoted me $85… I took it over to Baker and had a key made within 10 minutes for a total of $25. This is a mom and pop and son shop...literally. Great folks!

vi M.; 2/23/17


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Todd Wood; Jerry Wood Moving

408-373-5420; 1268 Avis Drive, San JoseCA 95126, 408-298-3963

[JWM is] reliable, fairly priced, and good guys to works with. They never say "no".

We hired them to move 2 blocks and they were on time, worked hard, nothing damaged, and fairly priced.

Karen on Blewett; 10/11/16


Jerry Wood Moving is outstanding.  Best price and service you will find anywhere. 

Joy on Willow Glen Way; 8/20/15


Third recommendation for Jerry Wood Movers!; they are the best! Many, many house and office moves over the years, they'll also help you pack ahead of time at very reasonable rates!

Kirsten on Glenwood; 8/20/15

All Reasons Movin

600 E Trimble Road, (408)240-0244 (408) 872-9776,

[All Reasons Moving recommended by]

Mike on Willow Glen Way; 6/22/15


I highly recommend James Martinez [at All Reasons], James is responsive, honest and reliable. They are a family owned, local business.

Jill on Britton; 1/8/16


[All Reasons Moving recommended by]

Linda on Little Orchard; 4/17/16

Trusted Movers

(408) 560-3337

Neal J; 4/6/15



For some of my furniture deliveries I use a gentleman that does a lot of this. [Bryd] only has a pickup truck so if it can fit into that he is your guy. He works weekdays and does deliveries on weekends. I trust him with all of my furnishing as he handles these items every day.

Jan C; 5/4/15

XO Movers

Union City

**not recommended**

Linda on Belmont; 8/20/15

Lunardi Moving, (408) 849-9630

I highly recommend Lunardi Moving. They were professional, efficient, speedy, and careful with my belongings. I couldn’t have been happier with the experience. They wrapped everything securely so even my Ikea furniture held together just fine! They also provided large wardrobe boxes...

Julie formerly Garden Glen Way; 4/17/16, 8/22/16

Scott McElfresh, Mayflower


Very dependable, easy to work with.

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 8/22/16

Advantage Moving and Storage, in Milpitas, 408-935-9115

Excellent movers. Great people.

Gail C.; 4/2/17

Movers (Pool Tables)
Shark’s Pool Tables

1188 S. 2nd St., 408-595-5691,

Sharks Pool moved my sister's table last year and did an amazing job. 

Dee formerly on Lincoln Village Drive; 8/26/15


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Painting / Wallpaper

Ron Hunter, Fine Line Painting

1938 Creek Dr.; 408-723-2242, cell 966-9642

[Ron] painted our 1939 Cape Cod style, steep-pitched, two story home. The entire experience of working with Ron (and his assistant, son Jon) was [excellent]. His bid was competitive, his work is gorgeous, and he has a wonderful work, he is just a good guy. Ron has an "artists eye" for color and an amazing work ethic.  I won't have anyone but Ron take a paintbrush to my home.

Rita on Mercer Ave.; February 03, 2015, 9/23/15, 4/9/17


I had the pleasure of working with Ron Hunter last week. He painted three separate areas of my home, 2 exterior and 1 interior.  He was friendly, prompt, reliable and did an excellent job. But what tickles me pink was when I came home from work and he said "I hope you don't mind, but I fixed that jiggly door handle."  Mind?  It had been driving me crazy! He is truly the best and I wouldn't hesitate a second to use him again.  

Erin W.; February 02, 2015


I second that- we also had Ron out 3 days last week (wow, he got a lot done last week!) to sand and paint our front fences- Ron did an amazing job and was great to work with. I can’t wait til it’s dry enough for him to paint our exterior.

Jason M.; February 02, 2015


Although Ron Hunter has been recommended before on this list, I want to give an extra shout-out to Ron and Fine Line Painting.  His work is meticulous and he’s the best painter I’ve ever worked with.  Hire him for your paint jobs—you won’t regret it! 

Elaine G.; February 12, 2015


I’ve been very happy with what we’ve had done thus far, [Ron Hunter] is a man of his word and work ethic, and am eager to see the job completed. He’s been everything people have said and more!

Susan on Annapolis; 7/27/15, 9/23/15


Another vote for Ron Hunter. Excellent work, and a very nice person.  You can't go wrong. 

Lada on Britton; 9/23/15, 1/6/16


Ron Hunter is painting trim on my house this week.  He’s one of the most conscientious craftsmen I’ve worked with.  He spent a lot of time talking to me about what needed to be done.  He does great work and lives right here in Willow Glen.   

Helen on Nevada; 9/23/15


Knows his colors and paints! Ron Hunter is the best.

Steve on Pascoe; 1/6/16


We second Ron Hunter! Great guy, great job, prices very reasonable! He painted our house and bathroom.

We will use him again.  

Jonica on Lansford; 7/26/17


We had Ron Hunter do ours and he did an amazing job, very thorough and a great price.  [Highly recommend]

Jason on Hervey; 8/9/17

Wynn Barnes; Painting Contractors lic# 1001421, 408/658-4078 

A big shout out to Wyne Barnes! He painted my husband's insurance office and did such a great job, now he's painting my studio. … Wyne has really worked hard to accommodate our business schedules and completely negated any impact to clients by coming in very late and very, very early.

Katie on Cottle & Koch; 8/20/15


Used Wynn Barnes to refresh my outdoor trellis and redo trim and front door before the rains really set in.  He did a great job and at a reasonable price.  

Fred on Nevada Ave.; 11/17/15


[recommended by:]

Larry R.; 9/17/16


We hired Wynn Barnes to do our exterior paint job, and he did a GREAT job!  He was reasonably priced, and was very pleasant when dealing with my sons. 

Diane on Janis Way; 9/26/16

Kevin Copley

Today [Wynn] painted my new garage doors. He was quick to respond to my request for a quote, scheduled the work promptly, arrived on time this morning and did a beautiful job!  Best of all, he is licensed and his prices are very reasonable… I recommend him highly!

Kathie on Pine; 7/22/16


I couldn't agree more. [Wynn is a] Great guy!

Larry R.; 7/22/16

Monroe Painting

(408) 749-0525

Painted the inside and outside of our home. Also painted our kitchen cabinets. Fantastic, professional crew.

Neal J.; 7/27/15; 8/24/17

Tom Weiby Painting


I highly recommend Tom Weiby Painting. He has worked with me for years and ALL of my clients have been very happy with his work. I think he is still on the recommendation list but here is his phone number again. Tell him I sent you

Jan C.; 9/23/15

Gary Greensmith

I highly recommend Gary Greensmith.

Patti H.; 9/25/15

Scott Cooper

(408) 314-0034

WG native, 30+ years’ experience.  All phases of painting, sheetrock repair and texturing, acoustic removal. 

And all around great guy!!

Gina M.; 1/7/16, 2/27/17

Gary Rose Painting

408-785-1651; 408-426-4961

Local guy. Been in business for years. Great workmanship. Fair pricing. Fast and efficient.

Linda on Little Orchard; 2/11/16, 2/28/17


We've also used Gary Rose for other jobs and he's been great. “Highly recommend.”

Jem; 7/26/17

John Ellzey, Ellzey's Painting, Inc.

john@ellzeypainting,com, (408)210-6897

John's team renovated an old 1927 WG house made of lath and plaster and did an excellent job. It was more than just painting. It was a whole renovation that is spectacular.

Gail C.; 4/2/17

Ryan Hanson Painting, Lic #826068

(408) 499-0801,

We have used Ryan Hanson for our inside painting on three houses now. He is prompt and does a very good job. I also like that he keeps the work area very clean and is careful of the carpets and furniture. He is especially patient while you decide on…colors....

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 4/10/17

Paul Wilder, Proficient Painting


We just used Proficient Painting (interior and exterior work) and were very happy.  Paul was very helpful with color selection too, when what I had picked turned out to be not quite right.

Linda E.; 8/24/17

Decorative Painters
Chris Collins, Chameleon Designs


I have worked with Chris on many projects over the years

Jan C.; 12/20/15


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Plasterer / Drywall / Masonry / Sheet Rock / Stucco

Chris Justi

1030 Clintonia Avenue; (408) 971-0861;; Cell 408.209.3787

[Chris Justi is the] Best drywall technician in the valley.

Jan C; 12/12/16


We use Chris Justi Drywall. He does a great job matching existing texture and is very prompt and clean on jobsite. He lives here in WG

Charlie on Bird; 9/23/15

Rafael Bermeo, Bermeo Home Improvement


[Rafael] did [my wooden patio cover] and my mother’s as well. Did a beautiful job!

Maricela on Michigan Ave.; 6/17/15

Jim Garcia

(831) 999-0257,

…He’s a contractor who specializes in small jobs and is very responsive.  Several of my friends have used him and rave about him!  His office is in Hollister and his working range is Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County, San Benito County, San Mateo County, and San Francisco County.

Carol on Curtis; 12/13/16

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Plumbers, Plumbing / Sewer Blockage

Robert Moomau

1177 Branham Lane #152, SJ; 408-396-3837

[Moomau] ...arrived promptly ...1 hour later, 2 toilets, 1 whirlpool and 1 shower were all cleared. The price he quoted was extremely reasonable. He explained everything, was courteous, very knowledgeable. We will be having him back a bit down the road.  He does charge a ‘service fee’, so ask about that when you’re considering any contractor.

Valerie on Harmil; January 05, 2015


... needed a water heater over a holiday weekend and they [Moomau] saved the day for us. We called them again for a small job in a bathroom and they were fantastic.

We've used [Moomau] several times and love the service and price. They have replaced sinks for us and did a great job.

Bob on Bird; 5/25/15, 1/3/16


we have both using [Moomau] for years and have always been pleased....

Kathy on Thrasher; January 05, 2015


Moomau has done several such projects [water leak between meter and house] in our little cul-de-sac. They are the best plumbers I have ever worked with.

Bruce off Lincoln; March 11, 2015


[Moomau] … did an excellent job at my house last week. Just a small leak under the front yard but…they came out immediately... Everyone I dealt with was very helpful, explained my options & answered questions, then set a fair price (& charged the low end of the range).  Big relief to have it done so well, & a pleasure to deal with…

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 11/16/15


Moomau is our go to plumber!

Neal J.; 11/17/15, 1/3/16; 11/27/17


Moomau … replaced my main drain line last week - did a fabulous job! They are a busy family run business, so it might take a bit for them to get back to you, but it will be worth it if they do your job!

Alana on Pine; 12/17/15


We’ve had very good luck with Moomau too.  They’ve replaced a water heater for us, replaced our old toilets with new, and changed out grungy old bathroom fixtures.  They also helped with an entire bathroom remodel for my in-laws, who are very happy with them as well.  And, they’re very nice too!

Karin on Crescent; 1/4/16

Abram, Crown Plumbing

Meridian near Parkmoor, 408-210-9500

[Abram] reached out to me when I was in a jam and I can certainly vouch for his being available. He came out exactly when he promised, knew what he was doing and finished up in record time!

Sue on Meridian Ave.; 6/3/15

Dave Reinoehl 


Arriving with an assistant, [Dave] quickly resolved my emergency issue. Most noteworthy, he only changed a very reasonable rate, even though it was a Friday afternoon before a major holiday. 

Spencer on Glenwood; 5/31/16

Matt Patrick, Arroyo Plumbing

650 Lincoln Ave., 408-278-0170; 408.674.0835

Arroyo Plumbing would be my next recommendation after Moomau. … They have been speedy for us both with service and invoicing.

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct; 6/21/16

Midas Plumbing

(408) 313-3309

We had a plumbing emergency this week--pinhole leak in copper pipe in ceiling.  We kept water off for two days trying to find it.  We opened up ceiling and found leak location and needed a plumber.  We called Midas Plumbing. Eric was at our house within an hour.  He quickly examined problem and made repair.  He was very knowledgeable, professional and took pride in his work.  Final bill was less than initial estimate because job was pretty straightforward.  They are a local company.  We are very pleased.  We will be using Midas again.

Emma on Lennon Way; February 27, 2015

Roto Rooter

…call the water company out first if [the leak] is so close to the meter. It could still be the water company's repair. That is the way ours turned out.… If you need a still need a plumber, you will need one who does excellent excavating. I would highly recommend Roto Rooter.

Mary M.; 8/10/15

Paul Coleman, PC Works


Paul came to our house within an hour, found the root cause, put in the quick fix to hold us over the holidays, and the cost was VERY reasonable. I would recommend Paul … as a great resource.

Dan on Greencreek; 1/4/16


Paul has done great work for us. He replaced a gas line…, did copper pipe replacements, installed new water heaters, did [roof repair] around the chimney as well as other things. VERY nice, extremely detailed in his work and billing statements, and prompt. He can do small jobs (like ours) or much bigger. He will text you right back.

Lynn on Clintonia; 3/28/16

Drain Masters

4960 Almaden Expressway #163, 408 629-1453

If you are in need of having a clogged sink opened, or other drains, I recommend "Drain Masters".  We've had them come out twice, and both times they were able to come on the day we called.  Pricing was fair, and they were able to get the job done quickly and without a lot of mess.

Lorraine on Newport; 5/2/16


Thanks to a recommendation on WGBackfence, I called Drain Masters for a stopped up sewer line today.  They arrived within one hour of my call and had the line snaked and free within an hour of arrival.  Count me as another satisfied customer!

Kathie on Pine; 8/5/17

Santos Gomez, Go-Mez


Give Santos Gomez of Go-Mez plumbing a call.  He has done small and large projects for us and for our neighbors and friends.  He is competent, thorough, on-time and a very nice person! 

Regan on Jansen; 3/10/17; 11/26/17

Kevin Garza, San Jose Plumbing


Kevin has been creative in solving many plumbing problems in my 1927 house. He gives discounts to seniors. He does the jobs himself and has been in the business 40 years.  He knows just about everything plumbing.

Gail C.; 4/2/17

Speed Drain 

(408) 378-5309

Everyone was busy so I called Speed Drain. Lucille (a very nice gentleman) fixed my 60 year old bathroom pipe for $600 less than another company had given me an estimate for. As importantly, he came two hours after I called. He fixed it in less than 40 minutes.

Eileen on Thrasher Lane; 6/28/17

Leak Detection

2 N 34th St, 408 410 0314

I used Bullseye a year or so back and was pretty happy.
Suzanne on Brace; 11/17/15


I wrote about a month ago about a leak in my water system. Thanks to your recommendations I used Jeremy at Bullseye Leak Detection. He found the leak to be an issue with my softwater system as it was constantly running.

Lisa on Coe; 12/11/15

Moomau Plumbing

1177 Branham Lane #152, SJ; 408-396-3837

…they came out that day and after crawling around under the house looking for pooled water or a leaky pipe, finally found [the leak] and immediately stopped the leak. They came back about a week later and installed a new line…I would surely recommend Moomau for this type of work.

Gail on Prevost; 11/17/15

Plumbing Fixtures
Rubenstein Supply

1939 Monterey Rd #16, San Jose, 408-294-6614

Neal on Prevost; 4/5/17

The Plumbing Gallery

3155 S. Bascom, 408-559-1792 

Great selection & service.

Linda E.; 4/5/17


The Plumbing Gallery [also recommended by]

Cheryl on Glenfield Dr.; 4/5/17


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Roofing & Gutters

Lindy Roofing Co. Inc.

476 W. Taylor Street. San Jose, CA 95110; Tel: (408) 286-9990

I too am quite happy with my new Lindy roof!  In only two days, they removed the old roof, repaired the rot and damage, installed additional vents and valleys, roofed, and cleaned up.  It looks great, and now it doesn't leak!

We used Corning/Duration-Premium fiberglass shingles (Color: Driftwood) to replace the wood shakes on the rental, and it nicely matches the neighboring houses.

Larry on Willow; May 30, 2015

Xteria Roofing & Remodeling

...the shingles are only part of the roof system. Steve Caposio… is a registered roofing inspector, in addition to being both a licensed roofing contractor and a licensed general contractor.  Because the roofer I used is a general contractor, they took total responsibility for the roof system. They found rotted soffit, properly worked the flashing into a plaster wall (which the previous roofer had not done), and replaced a metal pan and plaster ceiling on the front porch overhang. The other roofers who looked at the job didn't notice those very important issues. They focused only on the shingles --which are only part of what makes a roof work.  

Curt G; 7/27/15

Lozano Roofing Service


I want to share a great experience we had with Lozano Roofing Service. Cesar came out quick and diagnosed the problem that caused our roof to leak. Reliable, honest and affordable.

Jennifer on Guadalupe; 12/21/16

Steve Ash, Bill Hamilton Roofing


[recommended by]

Brigette O.; 2/20/17

Gutter Cleaning
John DiMarco, All Rain Gutter Cleaning


We just had John DiMarco clean our roof and gutters.  It was a very big task (we live under a huge redwood tree), but he did a great job and cleaned up thoroughly afterwards.  He's also a really nice guy. 

Eric on Hicks; 1/14/16


I second John and All Rain Gutters. He took care of me for years always a great job by a great guy. 

Sunday, formerly of Malone Road; 1/14/16


And I third that!  I got John’s name from this wonderful e-list, and he’s been fantastic.

Suzanne on Brace; 1/15/16

Tim Thielbar.  

(408) 332-2235

He's cleaned my gutters for several years. 

Cris on Nomark; 1/27/16

Carol’s sons

My sons (age 17 & 23) have done this messy task for my aunts & our neighbors in WG as well as several elisters over the past few years. They have done single & 2 story houses, houses with roof access or with a ladder, etc.  They have ladders and the equipment needed.

[self-recommend] Carol on Hamilton;; 2/1/16


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Rug and Carpet Cleaning

Larry Ruzzo, San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners


I have been using San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners owned by Larry Ruzzo to clean my carpets. Larry uses the Host Dry carpet cleaning System which has the distinct advantage of not using any water in the cleaning process which is a distinct plus in this time of drought. 

Don on Ashmeade; 7/3/15


I'll third that! I've used Larry's services four or five times now and especially love that I don't have to wait for the carpet to dry - furniture can be moved back immediately afterward.

Julie on Garden Glen Way; March 12, 2015


We have used Larry Ruzzo twice at my church, He's done a Great job.  [Stone Church] 

Wynn on Jarvis; February 08, 2015

Deluxe Dye Works

1488 N 4th St, 408-453-1054;

We had our living room area rug cleaned at Deluxe Dye Works. It is the second time we've used them and we're very happy with them.  Our rug is a hand woven, two-sided rug from Greece and it's tricky to dry without distorting the shape. They do a great job. I highly recommend them.

Regan on Jansen; 7/23/14; 12/14/16, 4/21/17


I second Deluxe Dye Works. They cleaned a group of Indian rugs for me a couple of years ago. 

Bruce off Lincoln; 12/14/16


I second the recommendation for Deluxe.

Norvelle B.; 12/14/16


Rug Repair: Deluxe Dye Works does great work for my clients.

Maria S.; 11/15/15

Ben Gafour, Referral Carpet Care


I highly recommend [Ben Gafour] … He has cleaned my beautiful area rugs and upholstery for many years. I also have him clean my clients’ rugs and upholstery, including very expensive Persian rugs. Excellent results, service and prices.

Karen on Blewett; 2015, 11/1/16

Tim Hassler, Langenwalter Carpet Dyeing


I recommend Tim Hassler - he did a nice job on a bleach stain on my beige carpet. An area about the size of four quarters was a pretty vibrant orange color after a bottle of cleaning fluid containing bleach leaked onto the carpet. He did a really good job of correcting it.

Julie on Garden Glen Way; 10/28/15

Rug Cleaning


[to clean and repair a large area rug] Ernie's just did mine! He was prompt and he picked them up, cleaned, dried, and brought them back. He knew to use different methods depending on type. Turned out great! $3 sq ft, including delivery.
Lara on Willowhurst; 11/14/15

Bob Harris, Pro Care Carpets


I have worked with Bob Harris (owner/operator) of Pro Care Carpets for more than 20 years. He cleans carpets/grout/upholstery. He is very good, great prices & very accommodating. Highly recommend. 

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct; 12/14/15; 11/7/17

Elio Martignago, Fibercare


He has done fabulous work at our house- honest- quality- and not too $$

Leslie on Settle Ave; 12/15/15

Magic Steam


I have been using Magic Steam for over 15 years and I love them.

Kari N.; 10/19/17

Mark Daniels, Action Brothers Carpet Cleaning

(408) 779-9076

I’ve used Mark Daniels with Action Brothers Carpet Cleaning for years. Call and see how soon he can get you in. 

Carol on Mazzaglia; 10/19/17

Carpet Savers

(650) 964-3871

Jeff at Carpet Savers is fantastic!

Cathy formerly at Willow Street; 11/19/16

Elegant Thread Carpet Care

408-773-8624, 650-961-1339,

I highly recommend Elegant Thread Carpet Care.  We have used them for years.  A couple of Christmases ago they were able to get a red wine spill out of my white carpet!  

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 10/19/17

San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaners 408-449-0518

We dry clean area rugs at $1.50 per sq.ft.

*self-recommend* Larry Ruzzo,; 11/14/15


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Security Systems

Door-to-Door Security system sales– Scam!

...sales reps are working the area to install "free" security systems and upgrades to existing systems. They want to install systems same day. They prey on the elderly and disabled, and their reps lie about their contracts, making it difficult to cancel their services.

Wendy on Pine; June 1, 2010


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Solar Energy

Maria Chacon, RePower by Solar Universe.

(925) 658-8377

[recommended by:]

Neal J.; 7/16/16


477 Valley Way, Milpitas, (650) 520-9918

They're a non-profit that targets customers w/ electric bills less than $100/mo. There are no homeowner income restrictions. They use paid staff plus volunteer labor which helps them be a low cost provider--the lowest (significantly) of the estimates I got. They took care of everything--from permit to the inspection. Great group to work with.

Vern on Laurie Ave.; 1/26/17


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Termite & Pest Control / Exterminators

Prime Exterminators   


- great local company. I recently used them and their price was the best and the fumigators were excellent.

Joy on Willow Glen Way; 8/26/15

Kim or Sabrina, Preferred Termite Services


I work with Preferred termite Services. Local company. Ask for Kim Or Sabrina. …highly recommend.

Brigette O.; 10/28/15


I highly recommend [Preferred Termite’s] services…The gas used was specific to the termites.  We no longer have a termite problem. After having our house tented, it was surprisingly uneventful… No odor, no residue, no problem…. Instructions on preparing your home for tenting are included in the service. 

Holly on Jonathan; 4/10/16

First Choice Termite


I 2nd the referral of 1st Choice Termite. He took care of my termites and has for many clients. 

Ellen B.; 10/29/15

Kilroy Pest Control

(408) 378-0441

I have used Kilroy Pest Control for over 10 years.....great for weeds and yes the lovely termites. Reasonably priced and they do a fine job.

Donna D.; 1/21/16

Gary, Miracle Pest Control


This is who we use & refer to our clients.

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct; 6/17/16

Dave the Gopher man.

408 838 0498,

Best to contact via text or email.

Nina on El Rio; 8/31/16


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Tile Repair & Installation

Grout Repair
Toby Spencer, Tile With Style


He has completed numerous, successful jobs for my clients and in my own home. He will be happy to do whatever it takes to get is right and to your complete satisfaction. He has a great crew that can do everything from a complete bathroom or house remodel to replacing the grout inside or out. 

Karen on Blewett; 10/8/15

Ricky Nguyen, The Grout Experts

4637 Fort Royal Pl., (408) 438 7563,

Ricky…gave us a reasonable quote to regrout … three rooms. One of his employees, Vu, showed up early and worked all day and completed the job at the end of the day. He did a great job considering my home with built in 1954.

Carol on Mazzaglia; 8/18/17; 9/18/17

Jose Vaquerano, Tile Tech Co.

Office: 408-257-9050, Cell: 408398-7533,

Jose cleans, then removes all the grout in the floor, regrouts and sealed the floor. It all looks brand new, I could not believe it. I cannot recommend this company enough. If any of you have one of those old time WG bathrooms and love the tile but feel it needs something, this is your guy. His card says he also does installation and work on granite, marble, repairs and works on kitchen sink and shower pan replacements.

Nancy on Kotenberg; 9/27/17


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Angel’s Upholstery

1782 Ledgewood Drive, 408-966-5954;

I used Angels Upholstery and found them to very efficient, reasonable and they do high quality work. 

Joyce on Comstock Lane; 2/26/16


1610 Monterey Rd., 408-289-8887

I've had Aby's, on Monterey Rd, do a treasured chair that belonged to my grandmother. They did an excellent job. 

Ellen B.; 10/23/15


I got two beloved sofas reupholstered last year at Aby’s Custom Upholstery… They did a wonderful job. …I was extremely pleased with the quality.  It’s worth getting a quote from them….

Suzanne on Brace; 4/4/16



He upholstered the bench in our kitchen nook and we love it! …I told him the idea I had and he arrived with several sample books of fabric and gave me some great suggestions like tufting the fabric on the back of the bench, selecting a wipe clean vinyl for our growing family, etc. We were in a time crunch and he delivered our product on a Sunday and was very reasonably priced!! 

Bridget on De Anza Way; 10/24/16

Chair Caning
Pete the Caner

500 E McGlincy Ln, Campbell, (408) 377-7307

This guy does terrific work.

Maria S.; 8/6/16

Ben, Carpet Care Referral


Ben from Carpet Care Referral is excellent for cleaning rugs and upholstery.

Reasonable prices as well.

Karen on Blewett; 8/23/15

Stain protection:
Marshall, TomKat.


[Marshall of TomKat is a] Great product… I use it with all my clients.

Jan C; 5/11/15


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Water Heater Repair

[see also: Plumbers]

Moomau Plumbing

(408) 396-3837

Our [water heater] died earlier this year.  I called numerous water heater-specific contractors based on e-list and Yelp reviews and got some prices.  Then I called Moomau - duh.  They came through as usual, and we're very happy with the price and quality of work.  

Brian D.; 9/12/16


Moomau are the best! I had a problem with a tank just on the edge of the warranty and they were able fix it AND replace the anode tube under the warranty, I never call anyone else for plumbing related issues!

Bruce off Lincoln; 9/12/16


I found them highly recommended here on the elist 4 years ago and have never worried about plumbing issues since.  They offer excellent customer service, quality work and fair prices.  They also have great knowledge about plumbing of old homes and the owner lives here in Willow Glen.

Holly on Jonathan; 9/22/16

Chris Potter


I had plumber/handyman Chris Potter come out and he was able to fix my water heater and as an added bonus he even tightened up the screws on my front porch. He was here in a flash. He worked very quickly and was VERY reasonable. I HIGHLY recommend him.

Linda on Little Orchard; 10/1/16


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Water Softeners, Water Conditioners, and Filters

Bob, Zerosoft

408-286-8270 or 408-410-6204

I have [an] old Kinetico water softener and I LOVE it!...Bob [is] a plumber and has his own business selling/maintaining/renting water softeners… He is very knowledgeable and very reasonable. 

Cindy K; 4/29/15

Barry, Eco Water systems, Success Water


 [Eco Water systems’] filtration and softening system is excellent, has better regulation of the amounts of potassium and sodium, reduces the amount of soaps, shampoos and cleansers needed, and typically outlast the cheaper models. Their RO is terrific for drinking water. The company is green. They offset their carbon footprint. I love my water, so much [that] my husband now works for the company. 

Terri on Franquette; March 10, 2015, 10/21/15, 12/29/15, 1/20/17

AkwaMag, (408) 622-1088

There is a new type of water softener that uses magnetic properties to soften water. The really good thing about this system is there is no potassium, salt, citrus chambers to remove and put in a land fill. Totally “GREEN” system. I install it into my clients’s homes who want soft water… Locally developed 

Jan C.; 12/29/15

DeAnza Water Conditioning

De Anza Water Conditioning

We feel the same way [really happy] about our Kinetico system, and DeAnza Water Conditioning has been great to deal with.  

Brian D.; 10/11/16

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems
Serv-All Water Conditioning

1716 Stone Avenue, Unit E, 408-266-0707

[Serv-All] installed it in 1989…and have serviced it ever since. It works like a charm. Their servicemen are very helpful. They are prompt, neat and take care of any problems on the first visit. Outside of changing the filters now and then we haven’t had any big problems with the system.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 12/28/17


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(also see Curtains & Blinds; also see Glass)

The Screen Shop

295-7384,; 601 Hamline St (near Coleman at 880)

Yeah, these folks [at The Screen Shop] are great. They custom made a slider screen for us that solved a long standing problem that none of my attempts could remedy.

Bruce off Lincoln; 8/13/15

Anderson Windows

696 Auzerais. 295-3200

... They did a great job with the installation and with helping us choose the right windows to meet our design requirements (to find windows that looked original to the house).

They were wonderful.  (NOT Andersen windows, though they do provide that brand if you want it).

Tina on Telfer; 7/18/16


I second this rec. We did our replacements in three phases, using a different co. the first time and AndersOn for the nest two. They were MUCH better and we felt delighted to have found them.

Bruce off Lincoln; 7/18/16


We used John at Anderson Window and Door Installation. John and his team did a great job, we were very pleased and my husband is very particular!  We installed Anderson windows and French doors but I understand they also handle Marvin, Jed-Wen, etc...

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 7/19/16

Sheets Window and Door Co.


I recommend Sheets Enterprises… especially for vintage homes and other historic buildings. Dave…came quickly for an estimate, gave the church a good price, and had the windows built and installed in record time. …everyone has marveled at how nice they look, and how well they open and close, "like a piece of furniture".

Lorraine on Newport; 4/13/16


2770 S Bascom Ave, (408) 559-8976

Windstar on Bascom by far the best! Ask for Bert and tell him I sent you. You will not be disappointed. These are the guys that left Viking when it turned into Performance and have done an excellent job for me and my contractors on many jobs.

Jan C.; January 17, 2015

John Salamida Jr., The Screen Shop


The Screen Shop in San Jose will always be my go to window company. Family owned and operated here in san Jose for 50+ years. Their service is exceptional, pricing very fair and installations flawless. They carry both Milgard & Marvin products. BTW, Milgard offers a lot more than white vinyl windows. They have a large selection of colored frames too. He will come out to measure, explain your options & put a quote in writing at n/c.

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct; January 18, 2015

Brothers Windows

198 Barnard Ave., (408) 295-0852,

I highly recommend Brothers. Customer service was great and installation went smoothly.  

Elaine on Mill Pond; 7/19/16

Window Glazing
Wynn Barnes

(408) 658-4078

Although he's a painting contractor, he said that he's glazed a lot of windows. Wynn came on a Saturday, glazed my Window in about an hour. He did a great job, and I would call him again. I'll also give him a call the next time I need painting done.

Tony on Markham; 11/4/17


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Window Washers / Blind Cleaner / Window Cleaners

Elena Thomas


(on the rec list for housecleaning) does a fantasic job on windows and blinds

she removes all screens and thoroughly washes the screens and all of the windows. She is often easier to reach by text or email.

Alana/Pine; 8/10/16, 4/10/17


Try calling Elena Thomas. She is wonderful!  I originally found her on this list and she now also cleans for me and, also, two of my friends.

Susan on Parkside; 8/8/16

Jose M Mendoza

408 398-1245

I have also used Jose Mendoza, and he is wonderful!  Great job, on time, reasonable prices.  

Anne on Arbor Park Court; 8/20/15

I second [Mendoza’s] recommendation. Jose did a great job on the windows of our 2-story last week. He said he also does carpet cleaning and a number of other around-the-house tasks.

Suzanne on Olive Hill Dr.; 4/19/16

Sparking Clean Service; Peter Reeves


I recently used Sparkling Clean Window Washing. I got their info from the recs list so I know others like them too. They did a great job and were quick and safe. They also power washed my patio. Nice men, good work. I'll definitely use them again. Their business card says they also hang Christmas lights.

Tina on Monte Vista; 6/22/16, 9/5/16

Gabe Santa Cruz

923-4759 393-3177 - cell

Used [Gabe] in Aug 2011, 2013

Carin DeG; 4/22/15


Used [Gabe] for years.

Margaret M.; 10/25/15


I second Gabe.

Mary on Georgetta; 10/25/15

Almaden Valley Window Cleaners

4573 Capitola Ave, San Jose, CA  408-360-8071,

Carin DeG; 4/22/15

Dean Macabante, Pacific Coast Window Washing 


I highly recommend Dean Macabante.… Great service and very reasonable prices.  

Claudia on Westwood; 4/22/15

Spectacular Window & Gutter Cleaning


Javier has cleaned my windows twice now.  He does residential homes and office buildings.  He returns calls promptly, shows up on time, gives a quote before scheduling service and does an overall excellent job for a very reasonable price.  He is also excellent at cleaning screens and windowsills.

Holly on Jonathan; 5/2/16

Elena Thomas

I recently posted a rec for window/blind cleaner. I highly recommend Elena Thomas! Thorough, professional, reasonable, efficient, honest, pet friendly, etc... You won't be disappointed. 

Alana; 8/21/15

Randy Sauro

(831) 588-4243

Randy Sauro is terrific and does other odd jobs and handyman work as well!

Susan on Parkside; 10/25/15

Javier, Spectacular Window Cleaning

(408) 323-1916

I just used Javier from Spectacular window cleaning, He did a great job! 

Kirsten on Glenwood; 5/15/17


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Landscape / Yard Care

Concrete & Cement; Sidewalks

CB Concrete


Had a very good experience with CB Concrete...  The owner, Chris Bearden, … explained things well -- and suggested "meandering" one side of the sidewalk to route around the worst roots… The company is licensed…and on the City's list of recommended contractors.

Curt G; 4/23/15

Jarrett, EarthPro Landscape


Not only are they giving us a better price than the city, he also had a couple of different options to help prevent the roots from damaging the cement in the future.

AnnMarie on Crescent; 9/9/15

Jim Casalegno, Pacific Concrete

I worked with Jim (lives in Willow Glen) who did a great job on a new driveway. [Check] with him to see if he can quote you for a sidewalk. He was always on time, cleaned everything and his team had brute strength required in moving some rolls of artificial turf out of the way to do the job.

Candy on Lansford; 9/7/17


Likewise, Jim's Pacific Concrete did a great job for us some years ago on a kinda fancy driveway design in Sunnyvale. Not the least expensive bid but excellent work and a very nice guy to deal with.

Barbara on Blewett; 9/7/17

Sidewalk Grinding
Ray Duran, Duran Construction, 408-254-4304

He did 3 grinds for me in 2013.

Tina G.; 12/5/15


Notes on sidewalk repair

Last year, I finally faced up to the fact that my sidewalk was hazardous -- so I called the City and asked for an inspection. The inspector was friendly and took the time to explain things.


You can easily use a ruler to check your sidewalk against the City's safety criteria.  Mine did not meet the entirely-reasonable rules:

(I was inspired to check because I noticed an elderly neighbor with a walker having trouble on her daily walk -- despite being with a caregiver. She wasn't complaining, but the sidewalk was not very neighborly.)


The key info is here on the City website:

- Main page:

- Q-and-A:


The City's objective is public safety, not appearance -- so they require only a minimum repair: replacing a few squares of concrete -- plus grinding the edges on some other existing squares.


How it works:


There are four alternatives:

1. You let the City hire a contractor and manage the project. These is an additional charge for the project management.

2. You hire a contractor from the City's recommended list.

3. You hire any licensed concrete contractor.

4. Do it yourself (i.e. hire someone who is not a contractor.)   You need to follow these specifications for a safe and long-lasting job that will pass inspection:


With any alternative, either you or the contractor pays for a permit to cover two inspection visits -- after the roots are cut and the forms are in -- and then a final inspection. They leave the final inspection report in your mailbox.


I picked choice #2 -- hired a contractor from the City's recommended list:


- Wanted a contractor fully experienced with the City rules and process.


- Wanted to work directly with the contractor to understand the alternatives. That paid off with CB Concrete, as described earlier.


- Decided to replace more than the minimum number of squares instead of grinding. Grinding would have removed the current safety hazards -- but would not have solved the overall roller-coaster problem caused by the previous street tree. (In my opinion, the exposed aggregate after grinding is ugly and not really as safe -- and won't solve any stray root problems that might linger under the squares that were ground.)


- Wanted to replace the 60-year-old front walk. Given all the hassle of construction and the "fixed cost" to do only the sidewalk -- Bobcat, demolition-and-haul-away crew, forms crew, transit-mix truck, pour, and several stages of finishing -- the incremental cost for the front walk wasn't that high.




- Don't panic on the 60-day requirement -- as long as you engage a contractor promptly and get on their schedule, you can ignore the subsequent computer-generated threatening letters from the City.


- Because contractors combine multiple jobs in each area, there will be a delay before your job starts. They pour multiple jobs in one area over a couple of hours -- in order to use a full transit mix truckload of concrete -- and their concrete finishers come back several times over a couple of days -- rotating several times between nearby jobs as the concrete sets.


- I notified my neighbors -- and blocked the street in front of my house the day before the demolition -- to ensure that no one parked there. <smile>


Watching the work was educational.  Properly-done concrete work is a lot more complex and precise than it looks!

Curt G; 10/12/14


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Rob Hutchinson, The Deck Pros


[Rob’s] work is top notch, he gives free consultations, he's honest, reasonably priced and can offer you design ideas if you like. He is Trex, Fiberon and Timbertech certified, and has had work featured in Sunset magazine.  He … has a machine that can bend boards if you should want a rounded deck. 

Cindy K; 6/12/15, 2/10/16


[Robert] did our deck 3 yrs ago with Trex wood in two colors. Very professional and very thorough. He is truly a "Pro" at building decks. May be a lil high in pricing but worth the quality! We are very picky people when it comes to getting quality work so when we selected him... That's what he delivered. If you have any questions or want to see my deck, pls email me separately. 

Anu on Dry Creek ; 9/2/17

Kevin Kelly 


…we had wooden bannisters installed on the steps from our garage into the house.  [Kevin Kelly] did them and I thought he did a wonderful job.

Linda on Belmont Ave.; 3/26/15


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Garden Maintenance / Irrigation & Sprinklers / Lawns / Horticulturist

(see also Landscaping)

Antonio Vega


I've been using the same gardener for the past 20+ years. He's very reliable and charges $35 every other week. He comes with a helper. I usually keep him busy for 45 min. as we have a lot of vegetation front and back.  I also hire him in the spring for major yard cleanup, replacing lawn, new bark, new plants, etc. I can't say enough good things about him plus my neighbor just complimented us on our front yard.

Manon on Maykirk; January 18, 2015


Upon the recommendation [someone] on this list, I just had Antonio Vega come and do my yard. What a great job!! Came on time, reasonably priced, cleaned up and left!! I will definitely call him back when the time comes!!

Linda on Little Orchard St.; 5/16/15, 5/17/16

Alex Martinez

(408) 417-4259

Actually, [Alex] and his father run the business. Does mow & blow some weeks and does extra work on others. Very happy with him.

John K; 5/18/15

Bob Brannan

(408) 449-8874

We've been using [Bob Brannan] for years ~ good job and good price.

Carol on Mazzaglia; 4/7/15

Aureliano Rueda

(408) 781-7624

I have a wonderful gardener who gardens by the season and knows his stuff. He has room for a few new clients and if you are interested you may surely use my name.

Jonica on Lansford; 5/26/16


I second the recommendation for Aureliano.  He is our weekly gardener and does a fantastic job.  Very reliable and reasonably priced. He also hires out on Saturday for big jobs.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 10/11/17

Gabriel Castellanos, Waterworks Irrigation Solutions


He's super responsive (via email, phone or text messages - your preference); quite flexible about when he can meet with you and extremely knowledgeable about the latest technology for saving water and money.  He's also a very nice guy and very careful around plants.

Leslie on Ramona; 8/8/16


We are so happy with ezhome. The guys show up every 2 weeks without fail and check in with us and will do everything we ask. They charge us $76/month. If you try them out and say we referred you, I believe you'll get a $50 credit.

Karen & Jeff on Blewett Avenue; 9/8/16

Jesse Fernandez


My Gardener knows how to do it all. Sprinkler Systems, Mowing the Lawn, Raking the Leaves, General Pruning, Tree Trimming, Pruning Roses. He always does a complete and thorough job.  I have referred him to two neighbors in Willow Glen that are happy with his service.

Holly on Jonathan; 9/22/16

Garcia Garden Services 

408 217-1367

For years we have used Garcia Garden Services. They pulled out 40' of creeping fig a few years ago, and I could not have been happier. Also, owner is native English speaker in case your Spanish is rusty.

Bruce off Lincoln; 3/5/17

Nicolas and Ramon Santos

408-923-0954, 408-207-5220

They have been our gardeners for over 30 years. We still have them but they are open to new customers.

Gail C.; 4/2/17

Aureliano Rueda

(408) 781-7624

He has been our gardener for several years. He is reliable and speaks English. We have [him] mow and blow and trim the bushes and hedges on a weekly basis. Occasionally, we hire him…for special clean ups, plantings, or sprinkler work. His fees are very reasonable and he is willing to work with you on his responsibilities and fees. Hard worker and we are pleased with his job.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 6/21/17

Steve Burchinal, of Burchinal Lawn Aerating (408) 978-LAWN (408) 978-5296

We have been using Burchinal Lawn Aeration with great results as well and good prices. 

Claudia O; 4/7/15

Paul LaBossierw, $24 Lawn Aerating


Called [Paul] Sunday, scheduled for Monday. Fantastic job at a reasonable price.

Neal J.; 5/17/16

David, Jan’s Gardening

(408) 248-0222

Very impressed! David came at 12:00p.mto dethatch and aerate our [lawns – about 2000 sq. ft] and left at 5:00p.m. Very thorough. Did a wonderful job; better than anyone we have ever used. Plan on having him back in the Spring. It was $250.00.

Carol on Mazzaglia; 9/19/17

Aureliano Rueda

(408) 781-7624

Hi all, come January my good gardener will be offering lawn aeration at a very reasonable cost.

Jonica on Lansford ; 12/7/17

Al Ramirez, 408-209-1690

If anyone needs their fruit trees pruned, drop me a line or [text] me! Hope I can help!

Thank you,

*self-recommend* Al Ramirez;; 12/12/17

Artificial Turf
Jarrett, EarthPro Landscaping

799 Lincoln Avenue, (408) 294-1920,

I was just talking to a friend about this…and he was giving us all sorts of information and tips for installing artificial turf when pets are involved. He owns a landscaping business in Willow Glen called EarthPro… I'd give [him] a call and he can answer any questions you have as well as quote the install based on what you discuss.

AnnMarie on Crescent; 7/26/16

Lee Del Canto


[Lee] Did a GREAT job with our sprinklers, repairing and replacing sprinkler heads and drip lines.  He is a very nice fellow, and reasonable pricing.  Very busy, but worth the wait if he's booked.

Peggy on GEA; January 17, 2015


[Lee] answered the phone (doesn't always happen) came out the next day, I wasn't home so he called me with an estimate, did the repair and left me the bill, which I promptly sent him a thank you note and check. Excellent service.  

Lynn on Clintonia; 10/23/15


Lee Del Canto is who we work with.

Brigette O.; 6/16/16


[Lee is] local and on the recommendation page.  I had a minor problem that he responded to and fixed within an hour after I called.

Elaine on Mill Pond; 5/31/17

Landscaping (Manure)
Garrod Stables


I spent today loading and unloading a lot of ... Well, poop! Really great poop. Garrod stables in Saratoga has lots of free manure if you load it yourself. I believe it's 10$ a yard if they load it. …look under the hay section [on the website] for more info on poop! 

Leeta-Rose B.; March 15, 2015

Yardwork / Cleanup
Marco Sabalsa


Yard/Garage Clean up Experts. Demolition/Moving

Gail C.; 4/2/17


Marco is awesome! I use him for both hauling & landscaping needs.

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct.; 4/10/17

Abel Estrada


He does all types of yard work from clean-up to sprinklers, etc. He does good work and will do exactly what you ask him to do. Also charges reasonable rates. I have used him many, many times and highly recommend him.

Joyce on Comstock Lane; 4/10/17

Jay Lathrop

(408) 402-2939

Carol, we have a terrific guy, Jay Lathrop who is cleaning up our yard and preparing it for Spring. He has worked for and with many nurseries in the area and has an extensive knowledge of local plants and shrubs. I highly recommend him.

Patricia on Cherry Glen; 4/27/17 


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Fences & Fencing

Gary Maggetti, G&G Fencing

(408) 225-6224 Office, (408) 592-9242 Cell

We used G&G Fencing for our fence and gates which needed to be replaced. He was an all-around professional. I’d seen his work at a neighbor’s house and was very pleased with the work he did. Easy to work with, showed up when expected, and the job was done on time. He’s licensed, too.

Susan on Annapolis; 6/12/15

Jaime Rivera

(408) 590-8142

I recently had my metal driveway gate replaced with a very nice wooden gate. He replaced my back fence last year. He is excellent!!!  I would highly recommend him…My guy came over, gave me a bid and the gate &  Fence was completed in a week. I am so very happy with my beautiful gate and the very reasonable price.

Lynn on Clintonia; 3/28/16


Got [Jaime’s] name from rec list. Last weekend he replaced a 27 ft section of fence. He was responsive, reliable, and the fence looks great. He did give us a quote to repair also. Good guy.

Gail W.; 5/12/17


Jaime just added lattice to an existing fence. He did a great job. Quick and it looks great. I highly recommend him. 

Jan F.; 7/22/17

Duran Fencing

(408) 287-8859

They just reinforced several posts for us and did a great job. 

Susan on Parkside; 3/29/17


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Landscaping & Garden Design

(see also Garden Maintenance/Lawns/Irrigation)

Teri Ravel Kane


Teri Kane is excellent.  A full-fledged Landscape Architect and a very good one at that.  She did our front yard and was fantastic.  We get a ton of compliments. Let me know if you want to take a look at it - I'll give you our address.

Susan ​on Gerald Way​; 8/28/15


[to convert the front yard to CA natives and drought tolerant], Call Teri Kane.

Jan C.; 11/7/15, 1/23/16


Teri Ravel Kane is the best. 

Susan G.; 11/7/15

Green Design

The previous owner used Green Design and many of my neighbors have been inquiring about the beautiful work they did… I also came across a home for sale that had the most amazing backyard from the same company. I can send you our address as well as the home tour offline if interested.

Manon on Maykirk; 8/28/15

Jarrett, EarthPro Landscape

Lincoln Ave., (408) 294-1920, , 408 529 4341 cell

If you're on Facebook, you can see some of the photos. He just did a whole backyard overhaul at a house down the street from me, which included a island BBQ :)

AnnMarie on Crescent; 9/16/15


We used [Jarrett] to built our outdoor BBQ island and they did a good job. They are full fledge landscaping company.

Any B.; 6/4/16

Nancy Garrison, All Things Edible


You might want to try Nancy Garrison at All Things Edible, who is also a master gardener here in Willow Glen.  She really knows her stuff.

Felecia on Curtiss; 5/31/16

Stephanie Morris, Landscape Architect #4580, (408) 206.5055

We were very happy with Stephanie Morris.  Very easy to work with, responsive, and reasonably priced.

Linda on Gardendale Dr.; 3/7/17

Nursery and Supplies
Central Wholesale Nursery

1670 McKinley Ave, (408) 280-1131

I recommend Central Wholesale Nursery. They are just across Meridian from Willow Glen. Very helpful.

Tina on Monte Vista; 4/25/16

Capitol Nursery

2938 Everdale Dr., (408) 239-0589,

I highly recommend Capitol Nursery.  Very knowledgeable staff and a terrific selection.

Regan on Jansen; 3/15/17

Payless Rockery

2927 King Rd., (408) 600-1946

We love Payless Rockery

Claudia on Westwood; 3/15/17

Garden Supply Hardscapes

2662 Monterey Rd., (408) 971-7600

We love Garden Supply Hardscapes

Claudia on Westwood; 3/15/17


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Swimming Pool Service

Pete & Liz Morin, Aquatic Enterprises


…here in WG! I have worked with them & referred them for many years. Pool/spa inspections, Weekly servicing pool/spas, Repairs for pool/spa

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct; February 25, 2015

California Chemical


We have been happy with California Chemical.

Judy on Kimble; 9/11/15

Premier Pool and Spa

We have used them for more than 12 years. At first we only had a spa, but now we have a pool and spa. They do a great job, and can also do repairs, drain and fill, etc… Tell Frank Robin Marino referred you if you contact them.

Robin on Nevada; 11/15/16

Swimming Pool Pumps
Swimco Electric

753 Camden Ave, Campbell, (408) 378-2607,

They can rebuild your motor for a fraction of the cost, new bearings and seals and you get to see a minuature doberman.I use them for my spa and my mom's pool, they have been around since I was a teenager, having to be home to get a call and get up off the couch to do anything with the TV.

Chris J.; 2/18/16

Jeff, Tradewind Spas

15736 Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos, (408) 763-4228

Tradewind Spas is owned by my brother-in-law, Jeff Peterson. He is a very conscientious businessman who will take good care of your spa needs. He has owned Tradewinds for over 30 years and knows everything there is to know about spas (imho). Tell him Michael and Mary sent you.

Mary M.; 5/22/16

Swimming Pool Tile Repair
Mario Bellot

I wanted to tell those of you who have pools that I have used Mario Bellot to replace some of my loose/broken tiles around the pool and spa. … very professional in their work and I am extremely pleased with the results. 

Sue on Dean; 7/1/17

Dave, AquaPros

I originally thought I would need to replace the entire pool tiles because … there was discoloration from years of use as well as from solutions to keep algae away; however, Mario said … the discoloration could be erased by Dave of AquaPros. … very professional in their work and I am extremely pleased with the results. 

Sue on Dean; 7/1/17


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Trees; Tree Trimming; Arborist

Aly's Tree

(408) 280-6545

Aly and his crew were able to repair the damage done when PG&E had mangled our camphor trees.  They also did an excellent job of shaping and rejuvenating our sprawling ancient walnut tree.  Quick, with excellent clean-up.  A happy repeat customer!

Larry (on Willow); Mar 5, 2017


Absolutely Aly’s Tree Trimming. I have both worked with them and referred them to many.

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct; 3/16/15


We were extremely pleased with Aly's work. The crew took care of the 2 problems we were concerned about and pruned the tree to reveal its shape and beauty. …no damage was done to any plant or the fence. …our street becomes busy… but they directed traffic and kept things moving along. All the debris was cleaned… We'll be happy to use them again and to recommend them.

Janice on Coolidge; 5/24/15


I've been very happy using Aly's

Alana on Pine; January 18, 2015

Bartlett Tree

15015 Los Gatos Boulevard, Los Gatos, (408) 358-7888;

Their ISA Certified Arborist, Sean Davis, explains things very well and showed why some work I was considering was unnecessary. They use a bucket truck where possible instead of climbing -- which allows them to do a much more careful, thorough job. Saves money because the tree doesn't have to be re-done every year.  The Bartlett crew also did a removal in an extremely tricky location, got the oak tree off the power/phone/cable wires on the pole, and patiently untangled my fruitless mulberry.

Curt; 3/31/16, 4/9/16


[Bartlett Trees does] a great job, and [they] always follow up to insure your satisfaction.

Robin on Nevada; 4/1/15


I have used Barlett Tree Experts for 40 years. My current home has 30 birch trees. My previous home had many old fruit trees that had many problems due to previous poor pruning and age related issues. I have found their pruning to be thoughtful, focused on the health of the tree, as well as, the aesthetic. They also perform fertilizing and spray programs if needed. They will not spray if it is not needed.  They are the best!

Casey on Minnesota; 9/14/16


Bartlett Tree Experts took good care of us (and many others in Willow Glen — we learned about them through the elist). We got a quote from them a year ago and held off for a bit. When we had a large tree branch snap and land in our yard, we called them; they remembered us and knew which tree broke. They took care of us quickly and thoroughly, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Erik on Marques; January 18, 2015

Oscar's Expert Tree Service


I just used [Oscar’s] and was very happy with them.  They had been recommended to me by my neighbor, who had used their services last year.

Suzanne on Brace; 5/4/15

Simon Tunnecliff, West Valley Arborists


…their work is excellent:  they can do major pruning/thinning, while maintaining a tree's natural form. The crew arrives on time, works efficiently, hauls away all pruning debris and cleans up the yard afterwards. Simon is very professional and knowledgeable and is great to work with!

Bev on Richland Ave; 10/13/15

Carlos Tree Service


Carlos Tree Service just did an excellent job on our 50+ year old avocado tree at a reasonable price. I'd highly recommend them.

Neal on Prevost; 10/14/15

Brian and Heather, Woodpecker,(408) 298-2948

[They] are awesome. He is an arborist and also climbs!

Jonica on Lansford.; 11/1/15


We have used Brian McGovern from Woodpecker Arborist for all of our mature trees.  He is very knowledgeable and has never steered us wrong.  Never had black fungus, so not sure what he would charge.  You could call and ask him.  He is worth every dime.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 10/5/17

Sean McGrail

(408) 761-9415

The only person who I will allow to prune my Japanese Maples is Sean McGrail.  He is an outstanding arborist.

Susan on Parkside; 4/19/17


2nd that rec for Sean. Only person I will let touch my precious bonsai jap maples!

Anu @ Dry Creek Rd.; 4/19/17

Stump Removal
Sean Davis, Bartlett Trees

408-590-0036 cell, 408-358-7888  office

We use Bartlett Trees in Los Gatos. Sean Davis is my rep. They do a great job, and always follow up to insure your satisfaction.

Robin on Nevada; April 01, 2015

Milton Aparicio, Milton A. Tree Care

2880 Hayloft Way, Morgan Hill, 408-234-8158,

I just had two huge (and very old) bushes removed from our backyard. The bushes were taken down and the stumps ground down. I was very satisfied with the work and more than satisfied with the price (substantially below a noted tree service). Company carries insurance. If anyone contacts Milton, please mention that Larry on Knollwood recommends him.

Larry on Knollwood; April 02, 2015

Leonard Cortez, Cortez Tree Service


I have been using him for years…. he has installed sprinkler valves for me…. His prices are very reasonable, his work is expert and he is a very respectful, polite and all around nice guy. And oh yes, he is licensed and insured.

Cindy K.; 9/12/15

Israel, Acostas Stump Grinding


I have watched several stumps being removed from my yard and it doesn't appear to be a task for a novice. … excellent work.  Nice people, left my yard neat & clean.  Israel referred me to Manuel when his big equipment wouldn't fit the narrow path to my backyard.

Kathie on Pine; 2/26/16

Manuel Valencia - Stump Removal 


I have watched several stumps being removed from my yard and it doesn't appear to be a task for a novice. … excellent work.  Nice people, left my yard neat & clean.  Israel referred me to Manuel when his big equipment wouldn't fit the narrow path to my backyard.

Kathie on Pine; 2/26/16

Tree Removal
Bartlett Tree Experts

15015 Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos, (408) 358-7888,

A couple of years ago, I had Bartlett do an extremely tricky removal. When they can, they use a bucket truck instead of climbing -- which allows them to do a much more careful job.

Curt G.; 3/1/16


[Barlett’s] quote for our job was the lowest. The job was quite satisfactory. I was also not looking for an expert pruner for a tree on the side walk so it worked out perfect for me. 

Anu on Dry Creek; 2/12/16


We used Bartlett Tree Services and Stump King with great results.

Loureen M.; 7/15/16

Oscar's Expert Tree Service


They did a great job. Removed the trees, grinded the stumps, and also finished cutting another tree that my husband had cut but the stump was still there. His crew cut down the stump and grinded it at no extra charge. He is licensed and insured and was $1,000.00 cheaper than the other quotes I received. Kim on Byerley; 8/6/16

Leonard Cortez Tree Service


He is the lowest I have ever found, and he does a great job too. He is licensed and insured.  He does all kinds of tree servicing; trimming, topping, thinning, stump removal and grinding. He services residential and commercial properties. He also does sprinklers, landscape, fences and all types of concrete work.

Cindy K.; 2/12/16

Oscar’s Expert Tree Service

(408) 373-4696

I just completed a major tree removal. Solicited bids from almost all the companies mentioned on the WG [recs] page and Oscar’s…was very cost-competitive (when comparing only licensed and insured company bids). They completed the tricky job with skill, speed and a total clean up. I highly recommend.

Spencer on Glenwood; 3/2/16

California Tree Solutions

(408) 910-5143

Very knowledgeable, hard-working crew, very careful of other landscaping, responsive, and best prices around. AND he returned calls and showed up when he said he would which I can't say for most of the other places we called.

Claudia on Westwood; 3/31/16, 5/2/16

Olguin’s Tree Service


We swear by Olguin's Tree Service. Emilio Olguin is a great guy, very honest, fair, prompt and reasonably priced. He does our camphor trees every year.

Lisa on Gerald; 5/5/16


Notes on tree services

Whoever you hire...

There are two quick online checks that you should make on any tree service.  The "license numbers" and text on business cards or painted on trucks may not be accurate or current.


1. Check that someone who claims to be an "arborist" really is one.

Unless it is a complete removal, there is a lot more to proper tree work than just sawing away.

2. Check that you are hiring a licensed contractor -- and that they have workman's comp insurance.

One trick that some contractors (of all kinds) pull is to have a license but claim that they have no employees -- to avoid the cost of insurance.

Then they show up with a crew.

You don't want an accident to go against your homeowners insurance.


(One supposed contractor had a business card with the license number of a defunct plumbing company in LA. It wasn't just a typo -- I searched for him very carefully by "Personnel Name" on the State website. He had no license.)

Curt; May 9, 2013


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Medical / Dental / Health Care


Xiao Yan (Connie) Chen, TC Health Center

2375 Zanker Rd., Suite 200, 408-383-0188

[Connie] is fantastic!  …a lovely person with great skills. There is tons of parking … Her sessions run 60-90 minutes starting with acupuncture and finishing with deep tissue massage.  … she accepts insurance.

Linda on Belmont; 4/29/15

Olivia Baker, Evoke Acupuncture

408- 320-7096

She is wonderful and the office is friendly and welcoming.

Kirsten on Glenwood; 5/23/17

Dr Denise Hsu

665 S. KnickerbockerDr. #11, Sunnyvale, (408) 739-9468

Very experienced, works part time at Kaiser Hospital in SF.

Nina on El Rio; 5/23/17


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Mary Chan, DC

2810 Moorpark Ave #2, San Jose 95128 (between Bascom and Winchester), 408-624-7543

On the first visit [Mary] made a huge difference in my discomfort. She really knows what she's doing, and has evening and Saturday appointments available. I highly recommend you [give her] a call!

Sue A; 5/6/15

Don Ajlouni

4986 Cherry Ave, (408) 224-8616

We have gone to Don Ajlouni for years now!  He is non aggressive, does ultrasonic and massage.  Across the street from Classic Car Wash on Cherry and Almaden Expwy.

Deidre on Cherry; Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Dr. Sherry Chocholaty

1936 Camden Ave #2, (408) 377-5777,

My ‘go to’ chiropractor is Dr. Sherry Chocholaty (Chocholaty Chiropractic).  Dr. Sherry is located on Camden Avenue – so close to our Willow Glen homes.

I have been seeing Dr. Sherry for about 7 years and she has been a tremendous help to me with my back and neck issues.

Emilie on Lesher; January 07, 2015

Dr. Cali Ha

1261 Lincoln Ave #113, (408) 439-8969

Dr Cali Ha on Lincoln ave near B of A is great. She has handled my stiff neck and back. I pulled my back over xmas and she worked on it and I found immediate relief. Both of my sons and husband go to her, all for back related issues. She is a chiropractor and muscle therapist. Her techniques include heat, chiropractic work, graston and muscle manipulation. I would highly recommend her. She was recommended by another friend of mine.

Sanjit on Hervey Lane; January 07, 2015

Dr Barb Kempeny

826 N Winchester Blvd #1c, 408-615-0222

I highly recommend Dr Barb Kempeny, she is on Winchester and Hedding and spends a lot of time with you. She is very knowledgeable and does more than just adjustments and doesn't try to tell you to keep coming back indefinitely. 

Andrea C.; January 07, 2015


[Dr. Barbara Kempeny] was very helpful and performed gentle sports-related exercises to get rid of my back spasms for about 1-1/2  hours. I went home feeling much better and more energized.  The next morning, I woke up without any sign of spasms. 

Sue on Dean; January 11, 2015

Dr. Decker

Dr. Decker is awesome!!!

Lisa, on Laurie Ave.; 7/17/15


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Christine Janse - Family Therapy, MFT38996 , (951) 638-0061,

I am lucky enough to have a family full of therapists. Their advice has been invaluable as I raise my children… I thought I would send along information for a wonderful family therapist that just opened an office in San Jose. 25+ years of experience.

Heather on Newport ; 9/5/17

Reactive Attachment Disorder
Linda Ikeda, LMFT

1101 S Winchester Blvd, Santa Clara, 408-247-1638

[Linda] specializes in RAD and even travel to Africa to teach mothers about attachment.  In addition she is a lovely and warm therapist.

Alexis H.; March 03, 2015

Therapist for Children
Susan Schmidt, The Center is Silicon Valley Natural Health, 408.792.7229

A colleague of mine runs a natural wellness center and they have someone like that I believe. Her name is and she is an educational therapist. I just referred another elister to Dr Julie Tran-Olive a naturopath and acupuncturist who leads the team. Awesome folks there. 

Terri on Franquette; 2/14/17

Dr. Adam Dorsay Psy.D.

408-450-1800, 1120 McKendrie Street SJ

Dr Adam Dorsay Psy.D. was wonderful with my son.  We went through a few therapists before we found Dr. Dorsay who was able to make a real connection and a real difference.

Felecia on Curtiss; 4/21/17

Linda Mastrangelo

1925 S Winchester Blvd., Suite 106, Campbell, (408) 340-7712 

Linda Mastrangelo is awesome. She practices in Campbell and Santa Cruz.

Carol on Curtis; 4/21/17


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(also see Oral Surgeon)

Dr. John Pisacane

(408) 293-9600; Lincoln Ave, next to Bank of America;

Dr. John has taken care of my whole family for many years. I have had crowns, crown replacements, filling replacements, Invisalign and love the whole office staff as well. They are so automated you get a text to remind you of your appointment as well as an email.

Jan C; March 03, 2015

Dr. Charles Milani

5150 Graves Ave., Ste #9A, San Jose, 95129; 408-973-8500.

Dr. Charles Milani is the most wonderful dentist.  Friendly staff offer state of the art dentistry, are professional and have an extremely clean environment.  They offer nitrous oxide as I need for just a cleaning  I have been a patient of Dr. Milani's for 30+ years. 

Valerie at Harmil; February 10, 2015


1953 Hamilton Ave, (408) 371-5700

Dr. Linh Bauer is without a doubt the best in the area. She and her staff are caring and very knowledgeable. Great with children as well as adults.

Manon on Maykirk; February 10, 2015


I agree with Manon. Dr. Linh Bauer and her staff are amazing. They are also the only dentist I have encountered who does stick to a schedule. I have never had to wait for my appointment, and am always out on time. That alone is worth a visit. Their waiting room is very child friendly which has been wonderful when my toddler has to come with me. 

Faith on Nevada; February 10, 2015


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bauer’s for years, her team is great!

Erik on Marques; February 10, 2015


Dr. Linh Bauer is excellent!

Larry R.; 4/26/17


My granddaughter and I have both been seeing Dr. Linh Bauer for about 8 years. She has eased us both into being comfortable…at the dentist. In addition to being competent she manages to always be on time and at the same time not seem rushed. Her office staff has that same gentle but efficient quality. 

Gail W.; 11/13/17

Dr. Gary Arita

545 Saratoga Ave # A, Santa Clara, (408) 246-3566

Dr. Arita's office is clean, bright, modern and efficient.  They have the newest xray technologies for minimal exposure. As important as the dentist is, one must always make sure that the hygienists are good too. Dr. Arita's staff is friendly and highly competent.  We take our whole family there, children and adults!! Highly recommend!! An added bonus? He is in the same office complex as Dr. Wayne Hane, a fantastic orthodontist, but that is the subject of another email...

Lisa M.; February 10, 2015

Dr. Glenn Lee

I love Dr. Glenn Lee, but not sure that he's accepting new patients.  However, I've also seen Dr. Brian Kong in that office & am very pleased with him too -- I expect that the third dentist in the practice, Dr. Douglas Kong, is also excellent.  Honest, practical, highly skilled, with a wonderful staff that makes every effort to accommodate the patient's schedule (including emergencies).  The office is on Westwood just off Meridian & offers Saturday appointments:

Maureen near Bird & Willow; February 10, 2015

Drs. Mark and Tiffany Kitamura DDS

1198 Meridian Ave # B, (408) 265-5700

Nice office, very knowledgeable and super organized. A well run business.

Brigette in Glenkirk; February 10, 2015; 11/13/17


I really like Tiffany Kitamura DDS and Mark Nishimura DDS located on Meridian.

Neal on Prevost; 4/26/17


I highly recommend Tiffany Kitamura and Mark Nishimura for adult and child dentistry   All 3 generations of our family go there and I have had positive feedback from referrals I have made to them.  They are @1198 Meridian just before Willow

Joyce on Padres; 11/13/17

Dr. Jensen Sun,

1300 Meridian Ave., 408.264.9203

My dentist is fabulous for everything including implants and great advice. I've been going to him for years. Great staff too.

Nina formerly on Curtiss; February 10, 2015

Dr. Chawla, Lotus Dental

1374 E. Hamilton Ave., (669) 222-8315

I recommend Dr Chawla at Lotus Dental on Hamilton between Leigh and Bascom. She is great!

Roy on Hamilton; February 10, 2015, 4/26/17

Dr. Rex Hoover and his son Dr. Andy Hoover,

3990 S. Bascom Ave., (408) 356-5161

We LOVE our dentist. My children and I and lots of our friends have gone to Dr Rex, the Dad, for at least 35 years. My grandchildren now see Dr Andy, who joined his Dad's practice a few years ago. Both are wonderful dentists and excellent human beings and family men. I'm sure you'd love either one.

Betsy H.; February 12, 2015

Clayton Zeidler

near Westgate, 408/255-8411

He and his staff are very patient-oriented, making each procedure as quick and pain free as possible. I love how he's constantly learning new ways to improve the experience. …He has a full staff that includes hygienists for teeth cleaning. Everyone on staff is super nice.

Rebecca on Newport; 9/19/15

Kenny Kim DDS, Marie Nguyen DDS

1720 Hamilton Ave., 408-269-6982

my family has been going to Kenny Kim and Marie Nguyen for years.  They do great work!  I would highly recommend them.

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 9/19/15, 4/26/17; 11/13/17

Dr. Robert Ferguson


Dr. Robert Ferguson and staff, very happy with them! They are located on Meridian Ave. between Minnesota and Willow.

Kirsten on Glenwood; 11/13/17

Cosmetic Dentists
Dr. Pisacane

1245 Lincoln Ave #150, (408) 293-9600,

Dr. Pisacane has done my front chipped tooth which was a lower and not easy as the tooth is small and thin. He is excellent at this type of work and teaches other dentists in using Cerec and techniques in crowns. I recommend you have a consultation with him.

Jantio C.; 8/24/15


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Doctors (General Practice) / Physicians

(also see Allergists; also see OB-GYN; also see Medical Plans)

Aetna Doctors:
Jack Coombs


My husband and I both LOVE Dr. Jack Coombs in Los Gatos. He takes his time. Is not into prescribing before trying other methods. He's an old fashioned Internist.  I never had a primary until I went to him.  Great guy!       

Karen on Blewett; 8/18/16

Kaiser Doctors:
Dr Susan MacLean

Kaiser Santa Clara

I can recommend Dr Susan MacLean at Kaiser Santa Clara

Dave B.; 8/24/15

Dr. Otto Yu

Dr. Otto Yu is a fantastic GP. He's super smart and practical and always gives me the time I need to ask questions. He's happy to refer you to specialists when needed and responds quickly to emails. I highly recommend.

Tina on Monte Vista; 8/24/15

Jane Werner

I also LOVE Jane Werner. She's a pediatric nurse practitioner. I'm not sure if she's still at San Jose or not, but if she is, she's the one I'd go to. My son is 20 now so has outgrown her unfortunately. She is also really knowledgeable and practical and takes the time to answer questions.

Tina on Monte Vista; 8/24/15

Dr. Parikh

625 Lincoln Ave., (408) 278-3000,

Dr. Parikh on Lincoln is very good.

Roy on Hamilton; 12/13/16

Dr. Norman Lowenbraun

173 N Morrison Ave # C, 408-293-1992

I can't say enough good things about this man. I had a question about my medication that I sent him an email for last month the day before Thanksgiving, hoping for an answer by the following Monday. He called me personally ON Thanksgiving morning with an answer.

Linda on Little Orchard St.; 12/17/16

Dr. Al Hurwitz


I would highly recommend Dr. Al Hurwitz; near O’Connor hospital.

Kirsten on Knollwood; January 09, 2015

David Peterson, Endocrine Medical Associates

393 Blossom Hill Rd, (408) 227-2646

I am a retired diabetes educator.  David Peterson is excellent.  …  You will need a referral from your primary physician.

Susan on Parkside; February 17, 2015

Physicians (Hand Specialists)
Dr. Kagel

Dr. Kagel did my right and left wrist surgeries for De Quervain's Tendinosis, I am super pleased with his manner and the results. "Dr. Kagel has board certification in general orthopedics as well as a certificate of added qualification (CAQ) for Surgery of the Hand."

Maria S.; 8/19/15

Ear/Nose/Throat (ENT)
Dr. Mauro Ruffy

2585 Samaritan Dr., Ste 304, San Jose, (408) 357-1250

If you are looking for an adult ENT -- I can HIGHLY recommend Dr. Mauro Ruffy…. He and his staff are top notch; two family members are current patients and I can say this first hand. 

Mary on Iris Court; 1/25/16

Holistic Doctor
Dr. Young, Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness  

751 Blossom Hill Rd, Los Gatos, (408) 761-6781

Pam on Wren; 2/14/17

Dr. Juli Mazi, Naturopathic Doctor, Thrive Natural Medicine,

Soquel, (831) 515-8699

She's really good. I looked for an ND… in Santa Clara County and kept getting mixed/negative mentions, so decided to search further afield. I'm glad I did--Juli is awesome and also is very well-connected, so she can refer you to other medical practitioners if your situation requires it… she works alongside of more conventional medical doctors rather than in opposition to them.

Carol on Curtis; 2/14/17

Dr Julie Tran-Olive, Silicon Valley Natural Health

5595 Winfield Blvd, Ste 106,

A licensed Naturopath is a terrific option. I have found Dr Julie to be an excellent member of my wellness team. She has been so helpful to my whole family! She's an acupuncturist as well so you get the best of both! 

Terri on Franquette; 2/14/17

John Kersten Kraft MD

(408) 647-2800, 2505 Samaritan Dr Suite 600, San Jose

We have been very happy with [Dr. Kraft]. He's treated males and females of all age ranges in my family and was extremely knowledgeable about his field, much more than a family physician. In fact, three different family physicians referred us to Kraft.

Elissa on Laurie; 10/14/16


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Home Health Care / Hospice

Jewish Family Services


Following up on Elissa's comment, we recently used Jewish Family Services for care for my sister-in-law and we were very happy.  They just recently paired up with a home-care company and have a staff member who is the liaison.

Susan on Parkside; February 10, 2015


585 N Mary Ave, Sunnyvale, (408) 730-5900,

A neighbor and a relative both found Pathways very helpful.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 6/6/16

Hospice of the Valley

4850 Union Av., (408) 559-5600,

Hospice of the Valley took wonderful care of my father (and of us too.) Highly recommended.

Janis, WGW expat; 6/6/16


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Massage Therapy

Angelina Miranda, CMT

Wonderful massage therapist in Los Gatos

Jonica/Lansford; 12/13/15

Phyllis Gallagher.


Violet J Spa

1345 Lincoln Ave, (408) 297-4899

I highly recommend William at Violet J Spa on Lincoln. He's great. I've used him a couple of times for therapeutic relief. He's knowledgeable, skilled, and professional.

Tina on Monte Vista; 5/31/15

Casey Amaral, San Jose Bodyworker, (408) 315 -3985, 5570 Sanchez Dr. Suite 110

I have scoliosis and have been seeing him regularly for a couple of years now, and he really does wonders for my back… He’s not only super at making your back feel better NOW, but he’s also a wealth of information about how to get and keep your back more healthy. Plus, he’s an all-around nice guy.

Dori on Campbell Ave.; 12/13/15

Lisa Wallace


She is our go to for massage, does outcalls., very knowledgeable.

Chris J.; 6/23/16

Suzi Jebo, LMT


[She] has 8 years of experience in massage…she has had a lot of education…I have an MS in Geriatric Kinesiology and this gal knew what she was doing. She's worth giving a try if you are looking for a local therapist who will make house calls. You can get a good spot on her schedule because she has lots of flexibility...

Katie on Cottle & Koch; 10/15/17


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Occupational Therapist - pediatric


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Dr. Sullivan, Eye Medical Clinic of Santa Clara Valley

220 Meridian Ave., (408) 300-9227,

Both my husband and I have been going to him for years.  The best!  Mention my name.

Janice on Coolidge; 9/20/15

Dr. Jovkar

In Los Gatos,

[recommended by]

Carol on Garfield Ave; 9/21/15

Vision Care Clinic

on Union,

[recommended by]

Roy on Hamilton; 9/21/15


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Dr. Burt Worrell, Advance Vision Care

545 Meridian Avenue, 408-947-2020

Dr. Burt Worrell… is a great doctor and has good associates too. He is located on Meridian Avenue just past the crossing under 280.

John on Michigan; 4/23/15

Unique Eyewear

If you have an old frame that is broken or that you want to duplicate, they can come up with a close match based on their extensive knowledge of manufacturers and frames. They order a couple of alternative frames on approval and call you when the frames are in... 

Curt G.; 12/10/15

Los Gatos Eye Care

15563 Union Ave., (408) 377-2020

All three doctors there are good. 

Chris T.; 1/21/16

Dr. Kitajima, Perfect Pair Optometry

Recently, my husband, my two kids, and I have all been in to see Dr. Kitajima…[at] his new office near Zanotto's. My husband was fitted for new contacts, and all four of us for new glasses.  He is also helping me get my corneas healthy enough to wear contacts again.  We really like Dr. Kitajima

Leslie on Crestwood; 1/21/16

Dr. Burt Worrell, Advance Vision Care

545 Meridian Ave., (408) 947-2020,

I strongly recommend Dr. Burt Worrell and his associates at Advance Vision Care on Meridian Avenue. He has been my eye doctor for 15 years, treats the SF Giants, and takes great care of me. His technicians are friendly and helpful too.

John M.; 1/23/16

Visual Eyes Optometry

1172 Lincoln Ave, (408) 283-7100

I've … met with all the doctors there are liked them all. The staff is quite amazing when it comes to customer service. I can't tell you how many times I've emailed them for a last minute supply of contact lenses. I lost my glasses over the weekend … I'm not due for insurance discounts until July. They called up my insurance company and got them to authorize an early discount.

Taffy on Marshall Ave; 2/23/17

Dr. Beede

408-294-3722, 240 Meridian Ave #3

Meridian. He and his wife from the office and it is very modern, great customer service, quick appointment time, great with kids and quick turnaround with prescriptions. I have referred many of my friends to the office and everyone has had a great experience with both doctors.

Deidre P.; 2/23/17


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Oral Surgeon

(also see Dentist)

Wes Emison, MD, DDS

15780 Los Gatos Blvd Los Gatos, CA 95032 (408) 358-5000ø

Dr. Emison is FANTASTIC!!!!! I have 4 kids and 3 of them have had extractions with him (major ones too) with no issues and his office staff is GREAT!!!!!

Deidre on Cherry; 9/1/16

Dr. Paul Carroll


Carol on Mazzaglia; 5/26/15

Dr Wayne Ichikawa 

1580 Winchester Blvd, Ste 101, Campbell, (408) 379-5360

I used Dr. Wayne Ichikawa for my son when he was 16 because I did not want to put him under in case of complications to anesthesia. Dr. Ichikawa did not use dissolving stitches, so she had to go back a week later to have [them] taken out. Heard [they] could sometimes fall out early which could cause dry socket. 

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 9/1/16


I second the recommendation for Dr. Ichikawa!!  Not only is he a gentle and excellent oral surgeon, he is less expensive than most other oral surgeons (especially important if you are paying without insurance!), AND a super nice man!  The only bad thing is, because of his reputation, he is very busy!  

Sally on Doralee Way;  9/1/16

Mark C. Fagan, DDS, MS,  

1660 Willow St, (408) 269-1060

I have gone to him for my two gum grafting and will be soon going for 3rd one in couple of months. He was highly recommended  by my dentist. …I am very happy that I went to him. He was gentle, precise, quick, steady hands when comes to put stitches in your mouth (ouchhhh!!). 

Anu on Dry Creek; 2/8/16


I am a general dentist is Willow Glen, and do refer many of my patients to Dr. Fagan for periodontal treatment and implant placement.  He is a wonderful, skilled and compassionate practitioner. … picking a specialist that your general dentist trusts and works well with is a crucial,…

John P. on Lincoln Ave.; 2/8/16


Advice from a practicing dentist

Anyone looking for an oral surgeon should have been referred by their general dentist. Their dentist should know the patient's specific needs and be sending the person to the most appropriate professional. By taking a referral from the elist you risk seeking care from the wrong professional. For example, of the docs listed above: [one] is a periodontist (gum and bone treatments). [another] is an endodontist (root canal treatments), …. Having a general dentist you trust is the first step to understanding the need for a referral and then getting sent to the proper professional, one that your general dentist has a good working relationship with and shares a similar practice philosophy with too. …

John on Michigan; February 16, 2011


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Stephanie Loller

891 S. Bascom (at Fruitvale), (408) 298-0777

Invisalign is expensive, but the results have been impressive and I love the office staff and the latest technologies they use there. I started my invisalign journey at age 68 and the results have been remarkable.  If you’d like further information, contact me personally.

Carol L.; 3/11/17

Phelps & Cohen

Phelps & Cohen are excellent. Their office is located near Valley Fair Mall. They have a very modern office and an amazing staff. Both of my daughters have been patients of Phelps & Cohen with excellent results.

Holly on Jonathan; 10/18/17

Dr. Nancy Gum

1688 Willow St, (408) 269-3436

I am an adult currently wearing braces. ... I go to Dr. Nancy Gum.  She is on Willow Street near Meridian.

Cheryl on Glenfield Dr.; 10/18/17


Dr. Gum was my youngest son's orthodontist and she is awesome! I used a different orthodontist for my older two sons and he was not awesome ....  which made the experience w Nancy Gum all the more pleasant!

Carol on Hamilton Way; 10/18/17

Mashouf Orthodontics

1670 Westwood Dr.,‎, (408) 478-9456‎

We had 4 family members at Mashouf Orthodontics…. Two kids had traditional braces, one adult had Invisalign and one adult had a simple retainer to bring the teeth back to post-braces straight. All were happy.  Friendly staff. Good results. 

Jill on Britton



General information

I would encourage anyone who believes they or their children require orthodontic care should ask the opinion of their general dentist. You picked your dentist because he has a style and values you agree with, and he will steer you to an orthodontist who has a similar style and set of values. I have had patients ask their friends for a referral and then had to work with a doctor I don't know and do not have a clear working relationship with, and that can cause confusion and complications. You really can't make a mistake - all the orthodontists in our area are nice guys and good doctors.

John Pisacane, DDS on Lincoln; June 15, 2011


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Dr Samir Sharma.

221 East Hacienda Avenue, Campbell, (408) 376-3380;

Dr. Samir Sharma, Southbay Orthopedic [recommended by]

Jan C.; January 15, 2015


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Physical Therapist


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Los Gatos Podiatry 

Los Gatos Podiatry is fantastic.  They take their time to discuss the problem and couldn't be any nicer.  Highly recommend!

Cathy formerly of Willow Street; ~11/1/16

Dr. Elardo 

really great! 

Kirsten on Glenwood; 3/19/16

Dr. Richard Meltzer

(408) 358-6234,

He was head of podiatric surgery at both Kaiser and Good Samaritan. I've had two surgeries with him, with very good results, much better than I had hoped for. Others in my family have seen him for various complaints from neuromas to painfully ingrown toenails, and he and his colleagues in the practice have been great.

Elissa on Laurie; 11/28/16, 3/24/17


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Senior Housing

(also see Senior Medical Care)


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Senior Medical Care / Caregiver

Katie Copsey, Home Care Assistance

(925) 558-5103,,

I am forwarding the information for Home Care Assistance.  They are a company that can provide multiple levels of services/care for your mother-in-law… based on your needs. I recommend you talk to Katie Copsey.  She can answer your questions about services, availability, pricing and more. 

Greg on Sweetbriar; 10/1/15, 10/27/16

Hiede Corr


I can also recommend Hiede - she has been caring part time for my neighbor. Wonderful caregiver and a very sweet person!

Peggy on Glen Eyrie Ave; 10/27/16

Nati McCoy (408-826-2080) and Cruz Ibanez (408-859-2650)

My uncle just passed away and I wanted to recommend his excellent caregivers. They treated him so kindly, as if he were family. They helped him with showers, dressing, meals, home maintenance, laundry and many other tasks. If anyone is in need of such services for their loved ones, I highly recommend [them].

Barbara on Husted; 10/27/17


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Airport Transportation / Shuttle / Taxis / Limousines

Angel Loya, Angel On Time Airport Shuttle

(408) 667-0712 (Mobile),

Angel consistently arrives at our home at (before) the arranged time.  We have been using his service for several years now, for early morning to late night service for both SJC and SFO. He charges a flat rate.  We have been using his service for several years now, for early morning to late night service for both SJC and SFO.  Angel is most courteous and a truly nice person. I highly recommend him!

Bev on Richland; 5/15/15, 4/30/16, 4/17/17


We just tried Angel for an SFO trip based on elist recommendations and heartily agree with [recommendations]. 

Barb on Blewett; March 02, 2015

Marian Heinkel

Contact Marian Heinkel. I included her email at the top. She drives for UBER, Lyft and Safe rides for kids. She is also a WG mom. Very dependable!

Debbi on Hazelwood; 2/11/16

Yellow Cab


I’ve used Yellow Cab and its $24 from Willow Glen to airport

Linda E.; 9/25/15


I frequently travel thru SJC and use Yellow Cab, it's very efficient for me…. they send a confirmation email.  They text when the cab is on its way and provide the estimated arrival time and it's usually here ~5 mins early. Taxi always clean with friendly driver.  Owner lives in Willow Glen. 

Debra on Gerhardt Ave.; 9/27/15


Another shout out for Yellow Cab.  Always reliable, and safe.

Peggy on Glen Eyrie; 9/27/15, 4/18/17


I agree. Yellow Cab is reliable, affordable, and on time.

Tina on Monte Vista; 4/18/17

Berry Shuttle


We have used Berry Shuttle Service multiple times to go to SJC with their minivans. Very reliable & reasonable. I imagine they also go to SFO but not sure if they have larger vans.

Linh on Glenn Ave; 7/20/15

Super Shuttle

(800) BLUE VAN (258-3826)

One way was $46. It was a light load as the driver only picked up one extra traveller. The driver was on time, actually early (you can track your driver on your mobile device) and was waiting down the street until the pick-up time and still showed a few minutes early.

Sherri near Meridian & Foxworthy; 8/19/15

Larry Ruzzo


I've been doing driving jobs off of Craigslist for 12 yrs. I have a clean DMV, full insurance coverage with State Farm. I don't smoke, drink or do drugs.

[self-recommended] Larry Ruzzo;; 5/21/15


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Alterations / Seamstress / Embroidery / Tailor

Mrs. Kim

1105 Malone Rd (at Lincoln), (408) 269-0945

I just had a lot of tailoring (from simple hemming to complex dart work on intricate fabric) done by Mrs. Kim... Very pleased with the work, turn around time and pricing.

Maria S.; 9/1/15

Best Alterations

3155 S. Bascom Ave. #C, Campbell 408-369-0850

[Best Alterations is] right next door to Al Castello Restaurant and Wingstop.  They are very nice and do accommodate rushes.

Kirsten on Glenwood; 4/17/16

Charlie’s Cleaners

1120 Bird Ave # E, by Walgreens; 408-297-1813

I take small tailoring repairs to the dry cleaner on Bird and Willow [Charlie’s Cleaners].  They are great.

Carol on Curtis; February 08, 2015

Alterations By Ioana

840 Willow St #100 (southwest corner of Bird and Willow), 408-288-5091

I recently discovered Alterations by Ioana…, and I've been very happy with her work. She's certified in altering and repairing St. John's knits, which seems like an obscure certification but also a useful indicator that she takes repairs very seriously. (Also, her price for a simple pants hem is lower than any of the dry cleaners' alterations services I'd been using.) If I needed repairs to a special item, I'd definitely check with her for an estimate.

Elissa M.; March 03, 2015


[Ioano] does very nice work.

Suzanne on Olive Hill Dr; 9/1/15


[Ioano recommended by]

Neal J.; 9/9/16


The place on Bird and Willow is great! I think it's called Alterations by Iona. 

Andrea C.; 9/27/16

Irena, Valley Custom Tailor

60 Winchester Blvd # 2, Santa Clara, (408) 243-1995

It is near Valley Fair, off Winchester.

Anu on Dry Creek; 9/9/16

Parks Alterations

3064 Meridian Ave., (408) 723-2641

Kathy S.; March 03, 2015

Riverside Cleaners

795 W Hamilton Avenue, Campbell

I started using Riverside Cleaners last year and really like them.  They’re reasonable, friendly, fast, and do a great job.  They also do an excellent job on alterations.  They’re located in a little shopping center … between San Tomas Expwy and San Tomas Aquino Rd on the right side if you’re coming from WG. 

Karin on Crescent; 1/3/16

Melody Anesacci


If you are looking to recover outdoor/indoor cushions or outdoor kitchens (outdoor furniture and bbq, ect), or need a seamstress call Melody.  She is reasonable, fast and excellent - maybe your neighbor has already used her skills!

Margaret; 7/21/16

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Banners & Signs; Silk Screening

Cha Cha, Pelican Signs

1565 Lafayette, Santa Clara, 408.246.3833

They create signs of all sizes and shapes.

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct; January 17, 2015

Matt, VISOVI Signs and Graphics

907 Franquette Ave, (408) 733-1048,

Visovi was great for us! We have had several signs made by Visovi. Matt is a great guy and we love our signs.  WG local too!  We highly recommend them. Tell Matt the Renfros referred you! 

Terri on Franquette; January 17, 2015

Tony Favorito, SilkScreen Customs


I had some shirts silk screened as a birthday surprise and what a diamond SilkScreen Customs is. Tony helped me with my design, offered printing suggestions, and made my vision match the final product, making me a very happy customer indeed. … He managed my timeline expertly and I got my shirts completed fast; what a hero.  Tony exemplifies customer service from beginning to end of the process - no worries and no surprises. I highly recommend him and his work. 

Susan on Annapolis; January 22, 2015

VIP Embroidery Inc.

2149 Stone Avenue, Ste 2, 408.971.6601

[Custom Printed T-shirts:]  I recommend VIP Embroidery (they don't just do embroidery):

Tina on Monte Vista; 11/7/16


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1378 Lincoln Ave. (north of Minnesota, east side of street) (408) 292-8880

Nationally renowned emporium of children's books.  They also serve grown-ups, are the local source of the Willow Glen Historic Walking Tour book, and can special order anything else.

Larry on Willow, May 30, 2015


[Hicklebees makes] special orders for items in other categories, such as adult/teen books and & calendars. Excellent & prompt service, efficient & friendly staff. I don't know what I'd do without them, especially at this gift-giving time every year.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 11/30/17


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Bicycles / Bike Repair

Slough's Bike Shoppe 

260 Race Street; (408) 293-1616 ‎

a remarkable place, hidden inside an apartment complex, directly across from Race Street Fish Market.  "Old School", high-end and custom-made bikes and repairs

Larry (on Willow); May 30, 2015

Good Karma Bikes; 460 Lincoln Ave #15; (408) 291-0501

an unusual store: retail sales & services for the general public, and lots of donated bikes and help for the disadvantaged.

Larry (on Willow); May 30, 2015

Mike’s Bikes

1180 Lincoln Ave; (408) 295-2453;

On Lincoln, a block south of Willow.  Large, well-stocked store with friendly service

Larry (on Willow); May 30, 2015

Trek Bicycle Store of San Jose

Plant Shopping Center, 111 Curtner Ave #80; (408) 264-2453;

New location: in “The Plant” at Monterey Hwy. 

Larry (on Willow); Mar 5, 2017

Calmar Bicycle Shop

2236 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, 408-249-6907

Bob on Bird; 6/4/15

The Bicycle Outfitter

963 Fremont Ave., Los Altos. 650-948-8092

Bob on Bird; 6/4/15

La Dolce Velo

1280 The Alameda, San Jose, (408) 244-8356

Bonnie & Mike on Jonathan Ave.; 6/6/15


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Clock and Watch Repair

Almaden Clocks

5371 Camden, 408-265-2133

 [Wayne at Almaden Clocks] is so knowledgeable and friendly - he has fixed two of my antique mantle clocks. And I have heard that he makes house calls for grandfather clocks. 

Dee formerly of Lincoln Village; April 06, 2015


one size [Clock Key] does not fit all. Take your clock to Almaden Clock and they will match the correct one for your clock. Keys run about $5 - $8. Wayne is my go to for clock cleaning and repair, as well as missing keys.

Bruce off Lincoln; 10/29/17

Josh Kroman, Kroman Watchworks

6472 Camden Ave,

Josh is your go-to expert for all things watch related. See his website for all the services his specializes in. A real artist!

Suzanne on Olive Hill Drive; 3/23/16


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Tuxedo Rental:
Men’s Wearhouse

Almaden Plaza or Westgate

Here's another thumbs up for Men's Wearhouse. Good experiences with both when renting tuxes for two sons. 

Jeff on Fairwood; 5/6/15

Tuxedo Fashion

363 Meridian Ave, (408) 294-3311

a great place for tuxedo or suit rental is Tuxedo Fashion on Meridian across from mid-town Safeway. I ordered tuxedos, ties and shirts for my kid’s high school music department for several years. They had a huge selection of sizes, friendly staff and frequently went above and beyond for me at the last minute, like the time one of our students picked up his tux from the dry cleaners the day of a concert and it had someone else's pants, several sizes too big. I called them and had the kid’s mom pick up a rental pair on the way to the concert.

Philomena on Bird Ave.; April 04, 2015

Suit and Tux Boutique

1590 Winchester Blvd, Campbell, (408) 866-8866

My son rented tuxes for proms several times at Suit and Tux Boutique at the corner of Hamilton and Winchester and we were very pleased.

Margaret on Palm Haven; 10/22/17


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Computer Repair

Don Heinsen, Systems Engineer

(408)559-4000 or Cell: 408/580-6795;

[Don Heinsen]...he's a very knowledgeable and friendly one-man computer-repair company, a local resident who is available to help at apparently any hour of the day.  He can remove the hard-drive from your machine, connect it to one of his systems, and use numerous techniques to recover the data.

Larry (on Willow); May 30, 2015


I don't know whether he makes house calls, but Frank Bejan … is a very nice guy with great expertise & reasonable prices. …I think he sees people by appointment only, so it's best to call him.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 9/4/15


Don Heinsen has been a great help to me over the years as my go-to IT guy. He's local, born and raised in Willow Glen.

Peggy on GEA; 4/3/17


Don is very good! I've used him since around 2005.

Larry R.; 4/3/17


a small ordeal … resolved thanks to some hand holding by enlisting help from Don Heinsen. … I called Don, arranged for a same day visit, and he delivered what I really needed which was help getting it going. …I'm grateful Don was able to make the visit and gave me the service I needed when I needed.

Greg A.; 10/20/17

Sam, Meridian Computer & Satellite

1586 Meridian Ave., (408) 979-9944

I highly recommend Sam at Meridian Computer & Satellite. He is at Hamilton & Meridian, in that strip mall with the shoe repair, taqueria, and dry cleaner. I send my clients to him when they have hardware issues or virus issues that I can’t resolve. He’s a great guy, is fairly quick, and reasonably priced. And super honest.

DeDe on Simpson; January 13, 2015

Frank Bejan, MicroComp

1268 Lincoln Avenue, (408) 295-8050

If still searching, try Frank at Micro-Comp in WG, right on Lincoln Avenue. He is an IT professional handling various computer issues for many years. Good luck.

Jacquie A.; 4/3/17


[Frank] is very good, meticulous, friendly and very polite.  

Sue on Dean; 4/12/17

David Chaid

IT [and computer] repairs and problem solving. Lives in Willow Glen.

*self-recommend* Gail on California;; 12/19/17

Computer Repair – Apple
Click Away

457 E. McGlincy Ave., Campbell, 408-626-9400

I highly recommend ClickAway for any computer repair work. They work on Microsoft or Macintosh. You can take it in, or for a fee they will make a house call. They are great.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 11/6/17; 12/9/17


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Crafts and Hobbies; Arts and Crafts Supplies

A Work of Heart

2196 Lincoln Ave., (408) 266-1005,

Very much agreed!  [that A Work of Heart is a great find]. Plus the company of a charming shop cat at no extra charge -- lovely place to visit.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 8/26/16


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Dry cleaners

Diamond Laundry & Cleaners  

398 W San Carlos St, (408) 295-3223

I recently took a sequin dress to Diamond Cleaners, they clean on site and have been in business for years.  I do not usually use them but wanted to be sure that the dress was treated properly.  I am very pleased with the service. 

Maria S.; 12/30/15

Riverside Cleaners

795 W. Hamilton Ave., Campbell

I started using Riverside Cleaners last year and really like them.  They’re reasonable, friendly, fast, and do a great job.  They also do an excellent job on alterations.  They’re located in a little shopping center … between San Tomas Expwy and San Tomas Aquino Rd on the right side if you’re coming from WG. 

Karin on Crescent; 1/3/16


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Estate Sale


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Exercise Class / Gymnastics

Lift Exercise Studio

1202 Lincoln Ave., 408-292-2263,

Yes! Lift Exercise Studio on Lincoln behind Black Sheep Brasserie. Barre and bike classes. Phenomenal setting and amazing instructors. 

Sara on Michigan; 11/3/17


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Framing (art & pictures)


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Furniture Shops

California Mattress

2627 S Bascom Ave, Campbell

Go see Steve at California Mattress on Bascom Ave. [for organice mattresses].  He has the largest selection of 0 VOC organic mattresses around. He and his wife are very knowledgeable.

Jan C.; January 28, 2015

Mattress Discounters

1033 Blossom Hill Rd.

I spent most of a day several years ago looking for the "best" price, and finally was filled in by the people at Mattress Discounters. I just go to places with fairly good service, and have had good service from [them.]

John on Michigan; 5/17/15

Saatva, 1-877-672-2882

We’ve been really happy with our Saatva mattress. Had it for about 6 months now and it’s holding up great. Went with the luxury firm option. Really easy ordering and delivery process and great price!  Happy to provide more info.

Jason on Hervey; January 28, 2015

European Sleep Works

2966 Adeline St, Berkeley, (510) 841-5340,

I purchased at European Sleepworks and couldn't be happier with the experience. They are put together locally as well. 

Andrea C.; January 29, 2015

Office Furniture
Kevin, Demetra Cabinetry

Rogers Avenue near Brokaw Road, 408-436-8684 

Best quality cabinets, great design assistance.

Joy on Willow Glen Way; 4/1/16

One Workplace Office

2500 De La Cruz Blvd. Santa Clara, (669) 800-2500,

The Ferrari family runs it and they're Willow Glen residents too. Very nice people to work with and they have a great selection of items for your business.

Dan on Greencreek Dr.; 4/1/16


Julie is the best, as is One Workplace!!

Laura near Bird and Willow; 4/5/16

One Workplace

2500 De La Cruz Blvd., Santa Clara, (669) 800-2500,

We are the largest furniture, technology and architectural products dealer in North America and will take great care of you. We can help you from collaborating and creating the design that best fits your needs and your culture. We will design, order and install whatever it is you need. We service clients of all sizes…. 

*self-recommend* Julie Jarvis,; 4/5/16


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Mariette Fruit Chocolates

1268 Lincoln Avenue 

[Mariette has] wonderful and personal customer service and their huge variety of chocolates and truffles are truly beautiful and the ones I have tasted are delicious!  You can purchase truffles individually or in custom assortments.  I will definitely be going back for more of their delicious chocolates!

Carolyn on Winona; 11/24/15


More to the point for Mariette Chocolates on Lincoln Avenue, my Uncle is diabetic and Mariette has a nice selection of sugar-free chocolates on hand. I send them to my Uncle for his birthday every year. He looks forward to them!

Leticia on Hicks; 11/25/15

Local Gifts & Products
Novakovich Orchards

Novakovich Orchards, across the street from West Valley College has the best dried fruits and I almost hate to share this info but their apricot turtles (chocolate dipped apricot with caramel and pecan) are amazing! I send them to my clients & friends across the nation and they beg for more!

Darlene T.; 11/30/15

Gypsy Vine Candles

Gypsy Vine candles will be at the Campbell Farmers Market the next three Sundays! These beautiful candles are awesome and make wonderful gifts. My personal favorite is Cinnamon Bun! I want to eat the candle it smells so good!

Jonica on Lansford; 12/14/15

Magickal Kids

… I have an online store. I make & paint candles :-)

*self-recommend*  Taffy on Marshall;; 12/5/15


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1608 Las Plumas Ave., 408-933-3608

…a new and spacious 2nd-hand and surplus hardware store: doors, windows, appliances (e.g., fridges and cooktops from a motel remodel), furnishings, new odd-lots of nuts-and-bolts, plumbing, play houses, ..., at low cost, w/ proceeds supporting Habitat for Humanity.

Larry on Willow; January 31, 2015


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Holiday Lights Installation & Christmas Tree Decorations

Holiday Lights

408-384-XMAS (9627),

I have used Holiday Lights for several years.  Same people that live on Foxworthy.  They have done my house, my parents’ house and several of the shopping centers I manage.  I work with Scott, but I would think anyone there could get you set up.

Cheryl on Glenfield Dr.; 11/4/15, 11/2/16


We also have a two story Tudor with two large gables. We have Holiday Lights put ours up and take them down. They have been doing our house for at least the last 5 years. Wouldn’t have anyone else.

Jan on Glen Eyrie; 11/20/17

Willow Glen Christmas Ornaments

1322 Lincoln Ave., (408) 286-5555


1378 Lincoln Ave., (408) 292-8880

Willow Glen Business Association

1261 Lincoln Ave. 217B, (408) 298-2100,


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House sitter

Caterina Pezzaniti 


I have known Caterina (Cat) Pezzaniti for 6+ years and have experienced her to be attentive and trustworthy. If I ask her to go a mile, she will go five. There is much love and appreciation in my household for Cat.

Nan on Willow Glen Way; 7/16/15

Debbie Taylor,(408) 705-0458

She's a long-time volunteer with the 13th Street Cats rescue group & experienced with all kinds of pets.  Nice person who's also very reliable & trustworthy.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 8/3/16


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Jewelers & Jewelry / Coin Appraisal

Jewelry Repair
Manns Jewelers

1347 Lincoln Ave.,

[recommended by]

Danielle on Malone; 9/29/15


I'd definitely go to Mann's on Lincoln Avenue.  They do a good job and are trustworthy.

Carol on Curtis; 9/29/15


Try Mann’s Jewelers.

Pam on Wren; 3/5/17

Gold Star Jewelers

1379 Lincoln Ave.

My wife brought in two necklaces needing minor repair yesterday, and the owner and his staff repaired them while she waited. Upon completion, the owner said there was no charge. We also used them a few months back for a larger jewelry repair project, and they came in ahead of schedule and under budget.

Dave on Carolyn; 8/30/17

Willow Glen Diamond

1302 Lincoln Ave.

My go-to for all my jewelry repair is Willow Glen Diamond, 5-star woman-owned business. With very reasonable prices and excellent customer service.

Karen A.; 9/30/15

De Tagle Jewelers

14400 Union Ave., 408-377-7000

I second De Tagle!

Kathleen on Fairview; 2/9/17


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Knife and Tool Sharpening


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Organizer and Home Staging



I can recommend Olga as an excellent, self-starting, personable organizer. Please let her know I referred you. 

Karen on Blewett; 8/8/17

Closet Organizers
California Closets


We used them in [three homes], so that shows you how committed we are to them. They are very customizable and you can choose materials to make it more affordable or more luxurious, however you prefer to do it. The quality is great, our favorite thing is built-in hampers. :)  The customer service is also fantastic.
Ronit on Chabrant; 10/26/15

Cindy, California Closets

Cindy is so personable and will work closely with you to get your closet project right…

Maria S.; 10/26/15


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Photographer / Portraits / Artists

Karen Cline of Pretty Simple Productions

Our family has used Karen Cline…for the last 3 years. She is so very sweet and good with kids and finding wonderful lighting outdoors (or indoors) and transforming ordinary backgrounds into the extraordinary with your family as the centerpiece. :) 

Erin on Dorothy; 9/15/15

JoAnn Schilb

She's a Willow Glen resident, amazing photographer, and all-around great person. She shot stunning pictures of my kids, and even got my normally uncooperative son to have fun. He likes getting his pictures taken now.

Kate on Norval; 9/15/15

Lynn Miano

408 354 9116,

CLASSIC KIDS! Lynn Miano had taken several pictures of my girls over the years!  Beautiful! Babies, dogs, families, inside and outside!  She has done it all!

Jessi on Crescent; 9/15/15


I also highly recommend Lynn; she is fantastic, so easy to work with (even my teenage boys were laughing and smiling) and a WG resident!

Kirsten on Glenwood; 9/15/15

Jim Nelson photography, 408-264-7811

They do beautiful work and are great with kids. They have a studio and can do outdoor venues too.

Nicole on Glenfield; 9/15/15

Lynn Miano

408 354 9116,

[I’ve] had the Los Gatos Classic Kids studio since 1997. We [specialize] in BW or Color hand-finished, fine art prints of children and their families. We have lots of clients from the Willow Glen area. We have a special mini shoot priced at $215 which includes 25 holiday cards. Good for shots done by October 17.  

*self-recommend* Lynn on Clintonia;; 9/15/15


I'm a Willow Glen mom and a professional photographer specializing in family portraits.  I'd be happy to talk with you!

*self recommend* Linda on Gardendale,, 9/16/15

Valencia Howard Photography

My gallery is

*self-recommend* Valencia Howard,; 5/30/16

Photography Classes
Steven Tadei, Work of Heart

There is a perfect instructor on Lincoln Ave. I took an amazing photography class at A Work Of Heart on Lincoln Avenue. The instructor’s name is Steven Tadei and he has short-term, topic specific courses. I learned more from him in two weeks than I learned in 3 months of classes at Keeble & Shuchat. Steven is an amazingly patient and nurturing teacher, and an extremely talented artist. I highly recommend his classes! 

Caroline on Malone Road; January 27, 2015

Photograph Printing
Henry, Foto Express

304 E Santa Clara St., (408) 971-3977

[Recommend] Henry of Foto Express. Very inexpensive. Excellent quality!

Karen on Blewett; 12/21/14, 7/13/16

Richard Johns, Superior Color Lab

2092 Lincoln Ave (between Malone & Terra Bella, east side of street), (408) 269-5725

This may be more talent than you need, but I do think he's the best (very nice man, too).

Richard runs the shop alone & sometimes has to step out, so it's best to call first & arrange for a time to visit.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 7/13/16


I highly recommend Richard at Superior Color. I've worked with him for years. 

Nina on El Rio; 7/13/16


I also highly recommend Superior Color Lab. Excellent quality of work!

Sara on Michigan; 7/13/16

Mark Shepherd, Legacy Films Events

[Legacy Films] is great. They are a client of ours at my job, and a longtime friend of the office. Contact Mark Shepard (also the owner)... he as some sample videos on his site ( 

AnnMarie on Crescent; 7/27/15

Amy Brown

We have used Amy Brown, a Willow Glen resident who does beautiful oil paintings of nature, tropical fish, beach scenes (she lived in Belize where she learned to paint). The painting on the home page [of her website] is what is becoming the tile bottom for our pool!!!

Robin on Nevada; April 01, 2015

Photo Restoration
Superior Color Lab

2092 Lincoln Ave., 408-269-5725

I agree about Superior Color Lab.  Richard is very knowledgeable & experienced -- if he couldn't do it, he'd probably be able to refer you to someone who could.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 4/17/17


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Personal Assistant

Willow Glen Services

(408) 791-5505,

I highly recommend Willow Glen Services!!! They helped us pack, and moved stuff into our storage containers. They are going to help us with our final cleaning. Watching them work is amazing. They also do landscaping, errands, and even help you rearrange your home.

Vanessa on Cherry; 7/4/15


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Personal Care: Hair Salon / Stylist / Spa / Tanning / Manicure & Pedicure / Nails / Beards / Facials

City Savvy

2020 South Bascom Avenue Campbell; 377-4122

 [Patti at City Savvy is] amazing and everyone with curly hair that I have recommended them have been over the moon on the results. They also have the most amazing esthetician on the planet Cathy Leigh Savage and do permanent make-up. They do keratin and Brazilian for those of you with curly hair. Lisa Enge does extension with real hair.  There are 2 other stylists in the salon I would recommend: Kellee and Kristin.

Jan C; 4/24/15, 9/2/15, 6/6/16

Deluxe Barber Shop

on Willow near downtown.

I second this [recommendation of Deluxe Barber Shop].

Bob on Bird; 5/13/15


Not quite local, but well worth a trip. Katalina is wonderful! Besides, you can go to the beach on the way home!

Carol on Curtis; 4/14/15


On Lincoln Ave near [Taiwan]

[Tammy’s is] very professional [for Manicure / Pedicure] but busy so you sometimes need appt. 

Linda E; 4/16/15

Stacey Williams, Somewhair

1373 Lincoln Ave, (408) 298-1733, 408-391-7776

THE best hair colorist (and stylist) I know is Stacey Williams … on Lincoln Ave - a few doors down from Le Boulanger. Not only is she fantastic with color, her pricing is VERY reasonable.   Easy to arrange appointments times with via text messaging

Karen on Blewett; 6/6/16, 11/1/16


Here’s another vote for Stacey at Somewhair!  Great stylist and reasonably priced too.  I asked for “wash and wear” hair due to my lack of skills and honestly my hair has never looked so good. She’s a miracle.

Carol L.; 11/2/16

Julie’s Nails and Beauty Salon

575 West Alma Avenue, (408) 298-9888,

I recommend Julie’s at Minnesota and Alma right next to the Souvlaki Greek Restaurant.  It fits your criteria on all counts!

Linda on Belmont; 8/15/15

New Darling Nails & Hair

2306 Almaden Rd, Ste 105

Amy is excellent!  She gives the best massages as part of her pedicures!  Very reasonably priced!  

Marilyn on Fairview; 8/15/15

Image to the Max

633 N. Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos, work: (408) 395-0683, cell: (408) 396-3331

Maxine [the owner] is wonderful and her sister-in-law as well…it’s not real noisy…she created a bag full of goodies for me [with] lots of supplies that I would need each time I went in. AND THEY WERE FREE! … I’ve gone to many places in Willow Glen and Los Gatos but this by far is the best place I’ve ever gone. 

Carol on Mazzaglia; 8/15/15

Nail Elegance

1165 Lincoln Ave, Ste 120 (in the Garden Theater), 408-885-1305

[recommended by]

Joy on Willow Glen Way; 8/17/15


I have been going to Nail Elegance in the Garden Theatre for many years.  Tina and her crew are great.

Barbara on Hawkhurst; 4/26/17

Pure Bliss Day Spa

6055 Meridian Ave # 40, (408) 268-5300,

A good friend of mine is the owner of Pure Bliss Day Spa in Almaden. All her services are excellent. 

Tell her I referred you for extra TLC;-)

Manon on Maykirk; 6/1/16

Skin Care by Vena

We have a great local esthetician: Vena on Brace.

Jan C.; 6/1/16

Liz Gorman

(408) 903-8906

My stylist Liz Gorman does beautiful hair (and makeup) for occasions as well as great everyday cuts and color.

I have seen her do wonders with adults, teens and kids of all genders, hair types and personal styles; she's just great.

Elissa on Laurie; 8/16/16; 7/3/17

Joseph Trusty, Studio 8 Salon

1685 Westwood Drive #10, 408-858-9990

I’ve been with Joseph for 25 years.  He maintains a spacious, clean, peaceful one-man shop.  Joseph loves continuing education and is always up on the latest styles.  He is a true expert with color.  He even attends local jewelry/accessory shows so he can offer a bit of retail in his shop.

Jill on Britton; 9/16/16, 11/2/16

Jeff and Roberta, JR Roberts salon

1562 Meridian Ave., 408-377-0911

I get a fairly simple haircut, but Jeff and Roberta at JR Roberts salon on Meridian see lots of clients

and get rave reviews for fancy ladies styles and custom coloring.

John M.; 11/2/16

My Nails

4300 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, 408-982-9987

I've been very happy with My Nails in Santa Clara. Great service and prices.

Tina on Monte Vista; 4/26/17

Friendly Nails

2593 Almaden Rd., 408-265-8706

Judy at friendly nails at the corner of Koch and Almaden behind the dollar store, is excellent. Always on time. Would guess one of the least expensive ones and quality work. I've been going there for 20+ years.

Candy on Lansford; 4/26/17

Nail Spa by Tammy

1302 Lincoln Ave. #101, 408-947-9951

I don't go anywhere but Tammy's on Lincoln Ave. She runs a tight ship, super clean and they do an excellent job. 

Linda Edmunds; 4/26/17

Bella Donna Day Spa

1525 Meridian Ave., #103, (408) 448-4409

They are very clean with no jetted tubs for pedicures they line each tub before each use. They are excellent. I'm super picky about my nails. I followed the owner from another nail place when she opened Bella Donna.

Cynthia on Harmil; 4/26/17

Beard Trimming
Sterling's Barber & Stylist

San Carlos at Shasta (shopping center w/ See's Candies), (408) 297-6705, Open Tues-Sat

Kathy used to give my husband a haircut & beard trim that didn't look like he'd just been to the barber.  Very nice people & reasonable prices -- they do a great job with women's hair too.  

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 8/26/15



Campbell, not WG, but this guy is awesome.  He is a beard expert (makes his own beard oil!) and also does hair.  He trimmed my beard a few months ago and I was extremely happy with the results.

Eric on Hicks; 8/26/15

Child’s Haircut:
Toni Guel 


[Toni] is awesome and comes to your home.  She has been cutting my kids hair for years.

Jennifer; 5/13/15


(408) 297-6709

Sisters Bonnie & Kathy who own Sterling's are both great with children -- I think Bonnie usually takes the younger ones.  Corner of W. San Carlos & Shasta (where Cash & Carry is, & the See's store), on the end facing Shasta -- open Tues through Sat.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 10/6/16

Cathy Savage, City Savvy 

408-377-4122, Corner of Bascom and Campbell

Call Cathy Savage at City Savvy 408-377-4122 Corner of Bascom and Campbell

Jan C.; 6/21/17


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Piano Repair, Tuning, Moving


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Printing & Paper Supplies / Stationary

Able Printing

1595 Meridian Avenue [near Dick's Bakery], (408) 264-0342

Candy at Able printing on the corner of Meridian and Hamilton does all of our Willow Glen Home Tour printing. Reasonably priced, knowledgeable, great to work with and local.

Jan C.; January 16, 2015

Kelly Paper

1676 Monterey Road (south of Alma, on east side), (408) 885-1890

It’s a large warehouse wholesale distributor of paper, the supplier to the local printers.  Open 7:30 to 5.  They will sell to the public: individual reams of paper, envelopes by the box of 500, etc.

They carried the special thickness and color paper that I couldn’t find elsewhere, and saw that they also stocked a wide variety that I didn’t even know were made.

Larry on Willow; February 19, 2015

Inviting Ideas

840 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, (408) 371-7787

Try Inviting Ideas for wedding invitation ideas. They are located on Campbell Avenue at Union.

Joyce on Comstock Lane; February 19, 2015


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Realtor / Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate (1031 Exchanges)
Tom Foster


[recommended by]

Jan C.; 9/27/15


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Bay Area Self Storage

2185 Stone Ave., 408-596-2608

Thank you to everyone who gave me recommendations for self-storage places in the area. I went to all of them, and all were great, with helpful and friendly staff working in the office. We ended up going with Bay Area Self Storage on Curtner/Stone - they fit what we were looking for best right now. Clean, well-organized, helpful staff.

Rusti on Franquette; February 02, 2015


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Shoe & Luggage Repair

Cobbler's Bench

60 Winchester Blvd, Santa Clara; 408/249-0439

…amazing service the Cobbler's Bench…(across from Valley Fair)... I'd taken a 10-year-old TravelPro rollaboard in for service last Fall because the handles got stuck in the up position…They tried for months...they are going to replace it with a new one -- with no cost to me… I highly recommend them…

Rebecca on Newport; 3/28/16


I agree.  I took an old, but nice leather dog leash there [to Cobbler’s Bench]. The stitching had come loose so there was no longer a loop.  No need to throw out the leash. They charged me 10 bucks and fixed it while I waited.

Lynn on Clintonia; 3/28/16


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Shopping Delivery Services


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Sports / Sporting Goods

Athletic Shoes
Athletic Performance

1115 Lincoln Ave, (408) 297-0100;

I took my son to Athletic Performance… to be fitted for running shoes for track as he was experiencing extreme heel pain with his current shoes. We received excellent, very knowledgeable and friendly service and a week later he is running very comfortably. We will definitely be going back!

Carolyn on Winona; 2/26/16


My husband was sent [to Athletic Performance] for shoes to help plantar fasciitis--which, now that I think of it, he hasn't mentioned in ages. I guess that says it all. Great people and products.

Barb on Blewett; 2/26/16


A friend of mine had foot surgery and needed particular characteristics in her shoes for the recovery process.  The person who waited on her at Athletic Performance listened and came up with just what she needed.   

Gayle on Blewett; 2/26/16


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Travel Agents

Sleek Travel Concepts

1777 So. Bascom Ave, Campbell near the Pruneyard, (408) 371-5600

Shannon is great, she'd be glad to give you tourist booklets and other information. She's been with the company since before 1997.

Valerie on Harmil; 7/1/15

Journeys by Julia

[Journeys by Julia is] an excellent travel agency. Julia is originally from Germany and has travelled extensively in Europe and elsewhere, and speaks several languages.  In addition to getting good fares, she provides service if you have trouble somewhere.  She is especially good at cruises.  

Carol on Curtis; 4/3/15, 6/30/15

Debby Leong, Bravo Travel

(650) 631-6638,

…invaluable in planning our trip to Maui... She knows all of the hotels/locations/amenities…AND got the horrible "resort fee" waived for us. [I appreciated] the short survey you fill out on her web site--that way, she knows what you're looking for, what you like and what you don't…and when you speak with her for the first time, she'll already have good ideas for you and she won't present anything that's not in your price range. 

Elissa on Laurie; 10/5/16

Foreign Currency Exchange
Travelex Valley Fair 

408 260 9224, 2nd Floor, near the Godiva Shop

It generally has a good supply of whatever you need, unless you are going to somewhere less travelled. I
needed to have separate currency for Romania, Bulgaria and maybe the Ukraine. They needed a little time to round it up. Call ahead.

Casey on Minnesota; 10/3/15


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Video Photography


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Web Designer

Alexander Box

(408) 314-2561

I would call Alexander Box. He has done many sites for many local businesses. 

Jan C.; 9/21/15

Sara Smith

Sara is brilliant.  

Carol on Curtis; 9/21/15


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Zumba, Yoga, & Personal Training


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Pet Care: Multi-service

Burbank Animal Hospital

1819 W. San Carlos near Shasta, 408-271-7875

My [dog] was well cared for by that wonderful staff, so much so that he actually liked going there. He had a bunch of issues and they helped us deal with all the options. Dr. Kumar was his favorite. We live nearer other vets, but the short drive was worth it.

Bruce off Lincoln; 8/10/17


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Pet Grooming

Suzy's Pet Salon

523 E. Campbell Ave., 408-379-9274

I recommend Suzy's Pet Salon, on Campbell Ave.  

Mary on Booksin; 10/29/15

Quality Pet Spot

1120 Bird Ave #G (next to Walgreen’s), 408-982-5656,

I had a great experience at Quality Pet Spot Groomers today. The shop is spotless and the owners and employees were really friendly. The dogs were happy and came out looking adorable.  And the prices were the same as Petsmart where I usually go. I definitely recommend!

Cathy on Willow Street; 2/21/16


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Pet Habitats


Dog park listing

The closest official dog park to WG is Delmas Park just north of San Carlos along Hwy 87. The next would probably be Lincoln High School community park (Rose Garden area), Butcher Park at Camden near Hillsdale, or Selma-Olinder. Many people use the amphitheater at Bramhall Park (on Willow) and River Glen park (Bird and Pine) as unofficial dog parks but please note it is not legal to have your dog off-leash there (and they are not fenced in).

Stacy on Nightingale; February 2, 2012

[There’s a new dog park at DelMonte, on Auzerais at the Los Gatos Creek Trail, just north of I-280 and 2 blocks east of Lincoln. -- L. Ames 7/6/15]


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Pet Sitting & Boarding / Kennels

Rebecca Goldstone,Willow Glen Paws; (408) 391-3660ø

I recommend Rebecca for dog sitting!

Brigette on Glenkirk Ct; 3/18/16

Chris Driskell


Chris Driskell stays with our dog whenever we go away.  She takes care of many pets in WG.  She is 100% reliable and loves her charges!

Susan on Parkside; 5/28/15

Debbie Taylor


Debbie Taylor is an experienced & reliable pet sitter who can stay overnight when necessary.  She's a volunteer with the 13th Street Cat Rescue group & has cared for all kinds of animals -- conscientious, trustworthy, & has lots of common sense.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 11/19/15, 8/3/16

Caterina Pezzaniti 


I have known Caterina (Cat) Pezzaniti for 6+ years and have experienced her to be attentive and trustworthy. If I ask her to go a mile, she will go five. There is much love and appreciation in my household for Cat.

Nan on Willow Glen Way; 7/16/15

Kaytlin, Willow Glen Pet Sitting

We had Kaytlin with Willow Glen pet sitting come by to take care of our cat, chickens, and houseplants while we were on vacation this summer.  She did a great job.

Jen J.; 8/3/16

Thera Gonis, Fur Babies Pet Sitting


I finally found the perfect dog sitter… She took excellent care of our dog and home while we were on vacation for over a week.  She sent daily photos and updates at my request… She handled twice daily feedings, walks and cared for our cat while we were away too.  

Holly on Jonathan; 12/9/16

The Kitty Hotel

2020 S Bascom Ave # B, Campbell, (408) 377-7745

We use the Kitty Hotel and have been very happy with them.

Neal on Prevost; 6/7/7


2470 De La Cruz Blvd., Santa Clara, (408) 727-7687

Spots on de la Cruz in Santa Clara does. Cage free boarding and is open 24/7

Nina on El Rio; 6/26/17

We Dog Care

351 Lincoln Ave., (408) 533-0252,

We have been taking our two dogs occasionally to We Dog Care … and are very pleased. We have only boarded overnight one time, and it went fine. The day care is communal so it might be overwhelming for a shy dog, but the staff is very alert to the dog interactions.

Debbie C.; 12/1/15


We Dog Care is very nice- that is where I go. They have socialization during the day as part of their program.  

Barbara on Husted; 8/16/16


+1 to We Dog Care.

Neal J.; 1/31/17, 6/24/17 


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Pet Store


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Pet Training / Dog Therapists / Socializing

Stacy from Wag N Train

[Wag n Train:]... pure magic on getting dogs who were originally recalcitrant to happily do as she asked, plus the advice she gives on this list is spot-on. She worked with my emotionally damaged dog, and I had the opportunity to watch her work with other dogs, and she's just brilliant and understanding them (and their humans) and fixing what's wrong. In my experience she's essentially magic with dogs.

Elissa on Laurie; February 22, 2015, 9/3/16; 8/10/17


Stacy is my go to person for training and behavior problems.  She is well qualified to assess your dog and choose the best course of action. Best of all she is local and lives here in WG.

Rebecca on Redondo; February 23, 2015

Marthina McClay


Marthina is awesome! I work with her, and have trained with her for years, and can honestly say she's one of the best. She's… been a dog trainer teaching group classes and doing private consultations, including aggression, for many years….Oh, and she lives right here in Willow Glen!

Lynn B.; 9/21/15

Downtown Dogs

734 S 1st St., 408-287-2267,

Downtown Dogs has a Puppy Social on Saturday's.  Here is a link to information on it: - Play Events 

Mary on Booksin; 2/10/16

Stacy Braslau-Schneck, Stacy's Wag'N'Train,

very experienced in all dog issues including behavioral... She is very experienced, is a certified trainer and I can whole heartily recommend her services to anyone interested in brushing up on basic obedience skills or looking to train a new puppy they just brought home.  

Rebecca on Redondo; 3/18/16


I have heard great things about Stacy and that is who we plan to use as well.  We were recommended by Rebecca Goldstone a phenomenal doggie daycare person. 

Andy G. or Chris T.; 10/14/17

Sybl A Saisselin CFDT, K9 Keep Fit


I'm the manager and lead dog trainer at K9 Keep Fit on Meridian Avenue. We're starting a puppy and young dog class next Thursday evening and we offer private lessons and board & train options, too.

*self-recommend*  Sybl on Delbarr Court;; 10/12/17

Stacy Braslau-Schneck, MA CPDT-KA CBCC-KA CAP2, Stacy's Wag'N'Train,

I do private lessons and also day-training. All the information about my services (as well as a LOT of training tips and advice!) are on my website.

*self-recommend* Stacy on Nightingale;; 10/12/17


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Pet Walking

Kimberly McCarty


She is amazing - literally walked in the first day and had our crazy new puppy walking calmly beside her.  She’s calm, clear and patient.  She even leaves you with written details on what you discussed.  Also, she accepts our phone calls for advice any time.  Love, love, love her!!

Jill on Britton; 9/17/15

Chris Driscoll 

(408) 375-2015

2nd Chris Driscoll!

Kathie on Pine; 5/11/17


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Service Animals


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Lincoln Avenue Vet Clinic

699 Lincoln Avenue, (408)400-3915, 408-293-3448

I have taken my cats to the Lincoln Avenue Vet Clinic, right at the corner of Lincoln and Parkmoor, and see lots of other animals there as well. Dr Bowden and associates are caring and the staff is great too. I would recommend them to any pet owner.

John on Michigan; 1/25/17

Dr. Jennifer Lawrence, Santa Clara Pet Hospital


We love our bunny's vet. She was recommended by the Rabbit Haven. She takes a lot of time with my bunny and is very patient with my children.  

Taffy on Marshall Ave; 1/8/17


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Restaurants, Food & Event Services


Flower Flour

896 Willow Street [near Bird]; (408) 279-0843;

I don’t get there very often, but I do love [Flower Flour’s] soups, desserts and coffee! 

Sue on Dean; 9/16/15


Flour Flower makes fantastic tasting and gorgeous cakes.  I've seen pictures of their wedding cakes and was really impressed.

Carol on Curtis; 3/5/17

Icing on the Cake

50 W Main St, Los Gatos, 408-354-2464

HANDS DOWN: Icing on the Cake is your best option. (And IMHO, superior to any other bakery in the area.)

Regan on Jansen; 7/5/16

Peter’s Bakery

3108 Alum Rock Ave, (408) 258-3529

The almond cake at "Peter's Bakery” is infinitely better than "Dick's" too-sweet version. Grab an apple turnover while you're there. How about the best coffee apricot rings on earth?

Tom  L.; January 10, 2015

Naughty Biscotti

I order these delicious individually wrapped Biscotti and try not to eat them all in one day. They use to sell them at Lunardis. They were a local company until they/she moved to Utah a year or so ago… Lemon is my favorite with a cup of tea.  Wooza they are good!

Lynn on Clintonia; 3/28/16

Susie Cakes

1109 Lincoln Avenue, 408-446-2253,

I had a cupcake there shortly after they opened. The service was very good. Honestly, I thought "these cupcakes are too pretty to be very good" but I tried one anyway. It was very good! I'd definitely recommend them.

Tina on Monte Vista; 7/7/16


Susie Cakes was a delicious choice.  My daughter wanted chocolate for her birthday and they had a spectacular double old-fashioned round cake that tasted homemade and scrumptious.  It stayed fresh for several days without refrigeration which is how they recommend you keep it.  Then it was gone!

Joy on Willow Glen Way; 7/7/16

A Vie Bakery

923 S. Bascom, (408) 684-1888

I just discovered a recently opened coffee shop and bakery on Bascom up near Valley Medical Center.  The baked goods are created on site and are profoundly wonderful.  It’s sparkling clean and the people are really nice.  I hope it gets the business it deserves. 

Carol on De Anza Way; 4/9/17

Sweet Tooth Confections

1305 N Bascom Ave, (408) 241-3790,

I go a little farther afield to Sweet Tooth Confections on North Bascom right off of 880. Amazing cupcakes (among other things) and wonderful flavors!

Erin on Dorothy; February 27, 2015


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Caterers/Catering; Party/Event Planners

(also see Restaurants)

Flower Flour

896 Willow Street (near Bird); (408) 279-0843

[FF catered] two dinner seminars at my office...I was VERY pleased with the results.

... They are real pros, and their food is beautiful as well as delicious.

It's GREAT to hire a sole proprietor in Willow Glen who does a fantastic job!

In December I called Flour Flower to cater a dinner for about 25 people. Although it was the Christmas season and they were already booked that night, they worked with us to come up with a plan so that they could bring us dinner as well.  Everyone who had it said it was the best food we have ever had. It is difficult to describe how delighted we were. 

Carol on Curtis; 5/30/15

Tacos el Compa, used to be 'Taco Time Anytime'


[Tacos el Compa taco truck provides] Delicious, quality food and great service!

Ellen on Cherry; 5/4/15

Maricruz Espinoza's Taco Truck; Taquiza’s Dona Mari


Very good, very tasty, I've used [Maricruz Espinoza's Taco Truck] many times. Minimum 30 people, cost for 30 people $300.

Susan G; 5/4/15


I used Taquiza’s several times.

Debbi on Hazelwood; 4/3/16

Any Time Is Taco Time


[Taco Time recommended by]

Debbi on Hazelwood; 4/3/16

Five Star Taco (Miguel)


Debbi on Hazelwood; 4/3/16

Anytime is Taco Time


Debbi on Hazelwood; 4/3/16



Debbi on Hazelwood; 4/3/16


[To cater for 50+] She is wonderful and reasonable.  Her cakes are amazing also!!!!

Angie on Prevost; 8/18/16

Chef Betina, La Luna Sucre

She and her husband Mark are neighbors, their efforts were rewarded by being included in the Super Bowl, fantastic to work with, and their food is sublime.

Susan on Annapolis; 12/15/16

Margarate Atherton, Cooking by Martha


She's a personal chef and a caterer.  Her Chopped Indian salad is quite wonderful but I’m in love with her Asian Salad!  … If you’re looking for something more hearty, she makes the tenderest and most delectable baby back ribs I've ever had.  She calls them Sweet Chipotle.

Taffy on Marshall Ave; 12/17/16

The Party Helpers, 408.435.7337

I [recommend] The Party Helpers!

Mary on Georgetta; 3/24/17

Los Cuates Meat Market

1507 S. Winchester Blvd., (408) 374-4304

I’ve mentioned this before as I used to pick these [tamales] up on the way to work… They were wonderful and a variety of choices and reasonably priced. Eventually her business was so great, they created a spot for her in the store. You can call to verify she is still doing them.

Carol on Mazzaglia; 12/30/17

DNL Catering


I would like to recommend my husband, Steve, at DNL Catering.  His food, service and prices are excellent.  Please contact him for a personalized quote for your next event.  He has tons of reviews on Thumbtack. [They] have an extensive menu, but if you don’t see exactly what you want they can probably get it for you.  The owner lives here in WG.

[self-recommend] Rebecca on Redondo;; 8/18/16


I second the motion!! [for Steve, DNL Catering]

Brigette O.; 8/18/16

Private Chefs
Chef Molly Holbrook of Organicopia

Absolutely excellent!

Mary on Willow St.; 2/2/16

Kris Martinez, 408-800-1066

His catering company is geared toward BBQ, but he has quite an array of food he can prepare/cook. ….He's am amazing chef! He can help create just about any type of food menu you are looking for and will be very reasonably priced. He has a great personality as well, so I'd definitely say he's a "fun private chef" :)

AnnMarie on Crescent; 2/4/16

Money Leis
Marcella Alvarez

A long time friend makes leis.  

Pete S.; 5/15/16

Gabrielle Muno

I picked up the money lei from Gabby today and it’s nicely done. I was so pleased to have her recommended on the list and when I contacted her she was so easy to work with. She was quick to complete it and is willing to modify the style depending on what I wanted. I’m so happy I gave her a try.

Enjoy the graduation season,

Susan on Annapolis; 5/31/16


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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) & Farmers Markets


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Florist & Flowers

Flower Flour

896 Willow Street; (408) 279-0843;

besides being a great bakery (the "flour" part), it is a full-service florist (the "flower" part).

Larry on Willow, May 30, 2015


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1003 Lincoln Ave (near Coe)

Fascinating store: regular groceries & meat-counter, plus lots of more exotic and ethnic fresh produce

Larry on Willow; May 30, 2015

Laredo Market

Alma and Minnesota

love this place and def want to support them to make sure they're able to make it now that Safeway's here.  I consider them a better place than Safeway for milk, eggs and bacon as they offer organic, non-nitrate offerings at a very fair price (similar to Trader Joes).  We also go there for beer- great selection, ice cream and produce as our first stop.

Jem; 11/29/16


[Laredo] Is so much faster than Safeway, too.  

Taffy on Marshall; 11/29/16

Sausages and Meats; Butcher:
Willow Glen Meats

885 Delmas Avenue, (408) 279-4009;  

I know I have purchased sausage casings [at Willow Glen Meats] before and I also got a butchered lamb there, so maybe they will dress a pig, too.

Tina on Monte Vista; 5/18/15


Try Willow Glen Meats on Delmas…. the best.

Jan C; 5/18/15

Laredo Market

Alma and Minnesota

The head butcher is Cesar, formerly of International Gourmet Foods. Cesar is highly professional, very friendly and will pretty much get you anything you want. I don't eat meat often but when I do, I'll buy it from Cesar.

Elissa on Laurie; 11/23/16


Willow Glen Bees & Willow Glen Honey

408 723 5411

Sold at Three Sisters Store, 1393 Lincoln Ave. The honey is raw, unfiltered and most important of all has been made by Willow Glen Bees. .. We use essential oils in the hives in the winter to fight of mites and diseases then stop by March. The money goes to 4-H kids, History Park and Happy Hollow Zoo setting up bee habitats and bee apiaries. Never give honey or food with honey in it to a child under one year old. [Steve is also 'on call' to help if you have bees swarming in your yard – ed.]

[self-recommended]  Steve Demkowski, El Sereno 4-H;;

Local Jams
We Love Jam

Just a shout out for the small company. I am having my toast with Blenheim Apricot jam and the flavor is so intense it is worth sharing. Amazing. They started making small batch jam in 2002 and they sell is some stores. I really want to share their info for anyone who loves a fine product made locally.  

Lynn on Clintonia; 9/14/15


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Party and Event Venues & Meeting Room Rentals / Reception Spaces

Three Flames

1547 Meridian Ave, 408-269-3133

[Three Flames recommended by]

Linda on Little Orchard; 10/20/16, 11/3/16

Sherwood Inn

2988 Almaden Expressway, (408) 266-2480

[recommended by]

Linda on Little Orchard; 10/20/16, 11/3/16

San Jose Clubhouse

15480 Union Avenue, 408-831-1910,

How about the SJ Clubhouse? It's a lovely old house. Darlene Tenes (an elist member) can tell you more about it.

Tina on Monte Vista; 10/19/16

Wedding Venues
Freedom Hall & Gardens

They have everything; it's 1-stop shopping to cover all your wedding needs and reasonably priced.  They are rated 5 stars and have several packages to choose from, depending on what your needs are.

Cindy K.; 8/18/15

The Perry House

Check out The Perry House - it's fabulous!

Linda E.; 4/27/16

Wedding Officiants
Dan Kennedy

My husband is a wedding officiant.  You can go there and fill out a form and e-mail the information to him. Or you can find him on Yelp and there is a link to his website there too.

Cindy K.; 8/18/15

Lisa Francesca

[Lisa is a] good friend of mine … and actually wrote a book called "the wedding officiant's guide". 

Andrea C. on Lincoln; 8/18/15

Sacred Foundations, Inc.

Spiritual Center and School of Divinity, 877-877-4275,,

*self recommend* Felicia M.; 5/18/16


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The Shadowbrook

1750 Wharf Road, Capitola-by-the-Sea, (831) 475-1511.

we've had a couple enjoyable Thanksgivings there (as well as birthdays and other special events). Quite elegant; good food; and a unique facility built on several stories on the side of a bluff, accessed by a cable tram car. (Kids enjoy visiting the ducks at the streamside patio...)

Larry (on Willow); 7/6/15

Café Gourmet

840 Willow St. @ Bird; 

[At Café Gourmet] Both of us had a variation of a grilled chicken sandwich on a ciabatta roll which was very good - comes with fries or you can have a salad for $1 extra. … Fries were not greasy. The people were very friendly.

Diane on Carolyn; 4/11/15


John and his folks [at Café Gourmet] are very friendly and the food is really exceptional. Everything is very fresh and creative. It is now my favorite place for breakfast and I sometimes stop for a salad or sandwich to take to work.  Glad he's trying dinner again

Barb on Blewett; 4/11/15, 2/13/16


We have eaten [at Café Gourmet] a couple of times and enjoyed the food. 

Sue on Dean; 4/11/15


The food and service [at Café Gourmet] were excellent and it's a very inviting little place. They have a very nice wine list. We had heard good things, so decided to try it out. They recently started serving dinner Thurs-Sun. They are open daily for breakfast and lunch, which I hear are wonderful.

Susan G.; 2/13/16


Cafe Gourmet was one of the first local restaurants we fund when relocating to Willow Glen.  John's enthusiasm and talent give the restaurant its charming stamp, both menu and ambiance….And we too love the Benedict's, CA one of our favorites.

Mary on Prevost Ct.; 2/14/16


I tried Cafe Gourmet for the first time a couple weeks ago. The breakfast was awesome! I had the huevos rancheros and it was delicious. I looked at what everyone else was having and it looked great too. Our server Sylvia, was very kind. Can't wait to go back! 

Linh on Glenn; 2/14/16

Black Sheep Brasserie

1202 Lincoln Ave, (408) 816-7251

Oh my GAWD the food was divine! We had the beef tartar, raw oysters, the mussels in cream good, and the carrots in the duck fat were just amazing...good drinks  and oh yeah the  sprouts were just killer. Fine service...we will definitely go back. Make reservations.. it is a fine addition to Lincoln Ave

Donna D.; 1/23/16

Blue Rock BBQ

Meridian & Foxworthy,

Our friends own Blue Rock BBQ on Meridian/Foxworthy + do catering, good food!  If you end up there, tell them Laurie & Steve sent you!  :-)  

Laurie on Harmil Way; 5/19/15


Blue Rock!

Kirsten on Glenwood; 5/19/15


Blue Rock BBQ!  I just worked with them for a party of 25 people and they were awesome, everyone loved the food!

Eileen on Michigan; 5/19/15


Second that. Owen and Marie are amazing people who make amazing BBQ at Blue Rock!

Jason McClelland; 5/20/15


Lincoln Ave. near Minnesota

An institution of Willow Glen for thirty years now.  Great food in a lively environment decorated with exotic flower arrangements.  Wonderful for birthday parties and events.

Larry (on Willow); May 30, 2015

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant

1455 Bird Ave, (408) 287-1688

Got a lot of good takeout food here today, with excellent service.  We arrived right after they opened at 11am & ordered quite a few different dishes, but we didn't have to wait long & everything was freshly prepared.  The staff is efficient & very pleasant. It's in the center where Fresh & Easy is (corner of Bird & Minnesota), next to the dry cleaners.  They no longer deliver, but it's well worth a visit to eat in or take out.  Such nice people!

Maureen near Bird & Willow; January 08, 2015, 7/16/15


Here's another vote for Great Wall.  Big fan of their pork fried rice and walnut shrimp.

Jeff on Fairwood; January 08, 2015

Edna Ray Chinese

1181 Lincoln Ave, (408) 280-7738,

We love Edna Ray!!! Excellent servers and will fix a dish anyway you want. Consistent. Always busy with takeouts when we are there. Usually find a parking space on Lincoln or in the back. Sometimes on Mildred right next to bank.

Pat on Blackford; 7/16/15

La Maison du Cafe

14103-C Winchester Blvd Los Gatos, (408) 378-2233

…small (6 tables), intimate (soft, quiet background music), French restaurant with reasonable prices, attention to detail and excellent food. A group of us had dinner … last night and everything was perfect.  Try it, you will not be disappointed. Oh, and they are so focused on pleasing their customers.

Joyce on Comstock Lane; 10/11/15




1597 Meridian Ave, (408) 264-4993

I went with friends today to Grab A Pita- Meridian and Hamilton- in front of Dick’s Bakery- It was great!- reasonably priced Greek foods- very personable staff-

Leslie on Settle Ave; January 13, 2015


I also went [to Grab-a-Pita] and found a great young man very helpful!  The food was yummy... esp the chicken kabob!!  Many others must like it, because by the time we left, people were waiting for tables!!  I will be back!

Joan on River Glen Park; January 13, 2015


Bird and Minnesota  

(New York pizza)  Absolutely the best!  

Stephen B.; 9/22/16


Again...Bibos! I love the pizza with chorizo, pineapple and jalapeños and always good craft beer on tap!

Christina on Almaden Expwy; 9/22/16

The Sicilian Pizza

1492 Almaden Rd., (408) 294-1644,

I’ve noticed the place for a while, finally went last night with my family. Good food! Quality Ravioli (homemade) and Stromboli (you can request mustard if you are a DiMaggio’s fan). Full bar, too. The spaghetti and meatballs looked great and generous. Give it a try if you are looking for some Italian comfort!

Peter N.; 9/20/17

Ristorante da Maria

2707 Union Ave., (408)371-3333,

I went there with a friend for lunch on Friday & we liked it too. I think it was the owner who waited on us, very nice man. Glad to know about this good place.

Maureen near Bird & Willow; 10/24/17

Sushi Koya

2424 Almaden Rd. (near Curtner & Almaden Expy.), 408-960-6339

We ate at Sushi Koya tonight and the sashimi was the best I've had in a looking time. High quality fish beautifully cut for perfect texture. A simple salmon handroll with wonderful texture balance and flavor. Agadashi tofu and TNT appetizers were equally delicious. The staff were very friendly and service was top notch. 

Sybl on Malone; 4/13/17


on Lincoln, near Willow

wonderful California/Mexican fusion: traditional burritos, etc., along with fresh flavors like Thai chicken or BBQ pork, ginger slaw, organic and vegetarian dishes.  Great margaritas!  Lovely patio area with fountain and heat-lamps.

Larry (on Willow); 7/6/15

Maverick’s Mexican Grill

1111 Meridian Ave, (408) 440-2468

I had a burrito from Mavericks on Friday. Love the selection of fish. We're going back.

Tracy on Bird + Willow; 7/5/15

Thai Spice

1102 Bird Ave, 408-277-7500

We decided to go with Thai Spice, as I was really in the mood for classic Thai dishes, like Ra-Ma, Tom Kha, and Mussumun Curry. Great place. Food was excellent, as was service, and our table was nicely situated. I like spicy, but my mom can't have it too much so, and they adjusted the dishes perfectly upon request.

Lara S.; March 25, 2015


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Vacation Site Hotels / Motels


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Community Outreach Ministry Endeavor; back right hand corner of the parking lot at 374 S. 3rd St, at San Salvador

Clothing, food, and other necessities are given away to those in need in downtown San Jose, not sold.  Volunteer help is also needed there, especially on Tuesday mornings when the main food pick up for the week is brought in to be apportioned.

They are open Tue. and Wed. morn., and Thurs. eve., and will give a receipt for donations during those times.  There [also] is a drop off box there.  It is extraordinarily financially efficient.

Carol on Curtis; 10/3/15; 1/16/16

Phone Donations
Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence

234 E. Gish Rd., Ste. 200

If you have an old, working phone that has no value through …, you can donate it to Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence. They give them to domestic-violence survivors so they can make 911 calls if needed. No service plan is needed for them to be able to do this. Drop them off at 234 E. Gish Rd., Ste. 200.

Rebecca on Newport; 3/6/17


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Green Mouse Recycling; 529 Race St, 408-648-4400

Green Mouse is great! After hours drop box.

Wonderful staff, and they have a small museum on site.

Kathi on Cherry; 3/16/15


Had a few old components to recycle and tried Greenmouse on Race St.  I was very impressed.  Convenient and free.  It is a training program for at risk youth and young adults. In addition, they will remove your hard drive and shred for $5. Open weekdays and Saturday.

Emma on Lennon; March 12, 2015


I second this recommendation [for GreenMouse]. We used them recently and it was fast, easy and professional. They also offer bulk paper shredding for $6 per bankers box.

Bob on Bird; March 12, 2015

Earthcare recycling

Seaboard Ave. just off 101 at the Trimble/De La Cruz exit; 408-943-9943;

Hidden Willows Apts, 850 Meridian Way., [has] partnered up with EarthCare Recycling. You can drop off your E-Waste in the Leasing Office during office hours (Monday through Sunday 9am to 6pm).

Kari N /Meridian Way; May 14, 2013

Electronics Recycling
Hidden Willow Apts.

850 Meridian Way

If you would like you can drop them off at my job. We have a e-waste bin year round that gets picked up about every 2 months or when full. We take everything. Just go to the leasing office at 850 Meridian Way (Hidden Willows Apts).

Kari on Meridian Way; 2/1/16

Green eWaste Recycling

2127 Monterey Road, (408) 287-3292

I've used the one at 2127 Monterey Road. You just drive up and they come out to get the stuff from your car. It's way in the back of the area - just drive to the back and it's on the left.

Tina on Monte Vista; 2/1/16


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General information

the Victorian Preservation Association has a "source list" of suppliers and services for older houses.

For example, they list a couple places in Oakland/Berkeley that have lots of old house stuff: Urban Ore General Store & Building Materials is one, Ohmega Salvage is another. Amazing places, great for finding weird old-house parts!

Larry (in one of the "older" homes on Willow); May 30, 2015

Consumers' Checkbook

...reliably rates Bay Area household service providers the same way Consumer Reports reviews and rates products.... modest subscription fee... opportunity to contribute to the ratings.

Dave on Creek; May 1, 2013

Student Jobs,-CA-jobs.html

Richard on Georgetta; 5/27/16

SJPD Crime Prevention web page

SJPD has a great re-designed web site.  There are videos on how to help prevent auto theft and tips on reducing home burglary. Whether to dial 911 or 311.  You’ll find updated Police Blotter, information on community services such as Neighborhood Watch, how to report a crime online and links to City Connect/ Mobile Crime Tip apps for iPhone and Android.  There is a FAQ section addressing issues with police staffing and how the department prioritizes police responses to criminal activity.  Traffic Reports, Crime maps, Gang prevention resources, The Emergency Alert system,  all well worth looking at.

Julia on Westgate; 5/29/14

Household Hazardous Waste

1608 Las Plumas Ave; (408)299-7300,

Very easy:  make an appointment with Household Hazardous Waste then drive over and drop it off. Very nice facilities just off McKee at 101. Open Fridays and Saturdays. They take paint, fire extinguishers, propane tanks, insecticides, asbestos (check for their rules), half-empty spray cans, etc. It took us maybe a minute to dispose of trunk-full of all that.

Larry on Willow; January 31, 2015

Disposal of Unneeded or Expired Medications

·         Central Mental Health (Enborg Lane Pharmacy)

2221 Enborg Lane, (Cross street- Bascom Ave)

Located on right-hand side of the Bldg, across from receptionist. M-F 8:00am5:00pm


·         Office of the Sheriff

55 West Younger Avenue (Cross street- N. 1st Street), (800) 211-2220(408) 808-4405

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


·         Valley Health Center at Bascom Pharmacy

750 S. Bascom Avenue, Ste # 120, (Cross street- Renova Dr.), M–F 9:00am-7:00pm


·         Valley Health Center at East Valley Pharmacy

Located near the pharmacy pick-up window, 1993 McKee Rd. (Cross street- Ludlow Way)

M-F 8:30am-9:30pm, Sat-Sun 8:30am-5:00pm


·         Valley Health Center at Lenzen Pharmacy

Located near the pharmacy, 976 Lenzen Avenue, Ste 1400 (Cross street-The Alameda)

8:00am-9:00pm, T-F 8:00am-5:30pm


·         Valley Health Center at Moorpark Pharmacy

Located near the pharmacy, 2400 Moorpark Avenue, (Cross street- Bascom Ave)

M-F 9:00am9:00pm, Sat–Sun 9:00am9:00pm


·         Valley Health Center at Tully Pharmacy

Located in the main lobby, near the security guard desk, 500 Tully Rd. (Cross street-Corde Terra Circle) M- F 8:30am- 9:00pm, Sat 8:30am-5:00 pm


·         Valley Specialty Center Outpatient Pharmacy

Located in the Valley Specialty Bldg, near the pharmacy, 751 S. Bascom Avenue, (Cross Street-Renova Dr.), Mon- Sun 9:00 am-10:00 pm

Kari on Meridian Way; 8/14/15


How to check contractor, real estate, and insurance licenses:

Contractors -- including painting, remodeling, fences, and yard work:


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