Come to San José City Hall

Tuesday, May 19th

at 1:30 in the afternoon!

[free validated parking in the garage: enter from 6th St.]

The Mayor and Councilmembers consider 3 items that will decide the fate of the Trestle:

·       Do they agree with the Landmarks Commission that it is historic?

·       Do they agree with Staff that a prefab bridge is preferred?

·       Do they sign the contract to demolish the Trestle?

>>  Please attend and show your support!  <<

Call or write the Mayor and Council, and say

Yes, the trestle is historic;

Redo the EIR to prefer the “Retrofit Alternative”;

and do NOT sign the contract to destroy this reminder of our local history!


(If you can’t attend the midday Council meeting, please write a letter!
Here’s a “sample letter” to help with the addresses and details.)




Thursday, May 14, 7 PM, a free talk at the WG Library:
Willow Glen's Railroad Wars


Ever wondered about the history of the train routes through Willow Glen? Curious about their role in the founding the city of Willow Glen? Here's a talk just for you.


The Willow Glen railroad story is full of intrigue and conniving, lives disrupted, and grassroot organizing. Hear about the big players and the local residents. Learn about the Western Pacific Beltline and the two different Southern Pacific mainline alignments. Gain a sense of Willow Glen when the Prune was King and railroads made or broke a community's economy.  The railroad conflict ultimately ran all the way to the Supreme Court and helped create the aura that makes Willow Glen. Whether you're a long-time resident or a newcomer, you'll enjoy this visit to the past.


Your presenter will be Jean Dresden, a San Jose native and history researcher well-known for her dynamic presentation style.


Thursday May 14 at 7 pm at the Willow Glen Library Community Room.

The public is invited and there is no charge.




·        link to article on SJ Historic Landmark Commission

·        link to “Amendment to the Draft Environmental Impact Report”

>> Sign the Petition to Save the Trestle! <<



Q: To connect the Los Gatos Creek and
the Three Creeks Trails in Willow Glen,
would you prefer a new prefab steel bridge…


…or would a preserved and restored historic wooden train trestle be more interesting?



The City's demolition & replacement plans are on-line at

Comments were due by March 13th, 2015. 

Here are some of those that were submitted:

·         Calif. Office of Historic Preservation

·         County Supervisor David Cortese

·         Preservation Action Council (PAC*SJ)

·         Calif. Trolley & Railroad Corp.

·         Jim Carter (SJ Deputy Fire Chief, retired)

·         Larry Ames

·         Jean Dresden: structures, persons, and more history

·         Susan Landry

·         Tom Layton

·         Heather Lerner


>> Sign the Petition to Save the Trestle! <<

Write a letter!
(>here< is a “sample letter” w/ details and contact info to help you get started…)


YouTube videos:

Valley of Heart's Delight (2-min)

Guided tour of the trestle (12 min)


Learn more:

>Here< are the charts from the March 2nd talk at the WG Library:
an overview of the regional trail network, local history, the stream habitat,
and how it all ties together at the Trestle.



This summer, the Friends of the Willow Glen Trestle won their public-interest lawsuit

challenging the San José’s refusal to prepare an environmental impact report (EIR)

to consider alternatives to demolition of the evocative 1922 Willow Glen Trestle

as part of the Three Creeks Trail.

(Here is our 7/29/14 Press Release, and

here is the official court ruling.)

The City is appealing that decision.
(more information as it develops…)


·         Guest Editorial by L.Ames and B.Grayson in SJ Mercury News 10/17/14

·         Opposing Editorial by T.McMahon and P.Oliverio, 11/5/14

·         Follow-on discussions in the “Letters to the Editor”

·         rebuttal to Councilmember’s statements.


[earlier news: the Preliminary Injunction Press Release, May 28, 2014
and also the Feb. 12, 2014 Press Release initially announcing the suit.]




The City is proceeding with their plans for the replacement bridge,

and have issued a “Notice of Preparation” of the Draft EIR for Three Creeks Trail Pedestrian Bridge Project (file no. PP13-085).

Here are the comments by LLA for the Scoping of the DEIR (Nov. 2014).


In the San Jose Mercury News:

·  guest editorial by L.Ames and B.Grayson, 10/17/14

·  guest editorial in opposition by T.McMahon and P.Oliverio, 11/5/14

·  various Letters to the Editor

·  response to some of the points in the McMahon/Oliverio op-ed


Help save the Willow Glen Trestle!

See it for yourself:

·  take a YouTube tour!

·  look at the Overview chart-set

·  contact us.




Thank you, Richard and Deborah, for the fund-raiser of Feb. 22, 2014, to help save the trestle!
If you missed the event but still would like to help, you can! <link>


theInitial Study and draft Mitigated Negative Declaration” (IS/MND)

officially explains how the Trestle it to be demolished, and what will replace it.

Notice of Intent and Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration

Initial Study


the City is basing the “non historic” statement on this "short-form" 2004 report by Ward Hill;
and this State report based on it, and this Federal report based on that,
while ignoring all of the more recently uncovered and more interesting facts:


·        LLA comments to the IS/MND (12/19/13)

·        SJ Staff report & recommendations on IS/MND, based solely on comments received thru 12/16/13

·        LLA letter to Council re: IS/MND, w/ history updates (1/7/14)

·        Collection of letters to SJ re: IS/MND

·        SBH letter to Council re: IS/MND (1/14/14)

·        LLA comments to Council 1/14/14

·        video of Council Meeting 1/14/14, agenda item 4.6

·        LLA status update 1/22/14




please follow us on our Facebook page for latest updates: “Friends of WG Trestle”




Here’s the latest chart-set (9/9/13) showing the City’s plans for a replacement bridge.


And here’s an illustration of how the trestle could be restored
and made into an iconic gateway to Willow Glen:


(click here for full view)

(Thnx, Jim Ammon!)


And a heartfelt thanks to all of you who wrote to support the trestle!

Over 120 emails were sent to the Council and others!

Many included poetic and profound comments

on the sense of history, the sense of place, and the joy of living in Willow Glen
(click >here< for collection of comments, >here< for an essay by Richard Nieset,

>here< for letter of support from Rod Diridon Sr. et al at CTRC – train advocates).


You have inspired us to continue the effort to save the trestle!


>> Next steps <<


If you’d like to help financially, the San José Parks Foundation
has set up a fund to help with trestle preservation and restoration.


click >here< for photo album of trestle thru the years

 trestle-tn  WGTrestle_4-18-13-tn


Here is a map and aerial view showing its location,
“hidden in plain sight” just blocks from the heart of Willow Glen!

  trestle_map    trestle location-tn   


The City’s own Engineering Study says
the trestle is sturdy and readily adaptable to trail use.


See for yourself: take a YouTube tour!

Follow us on Facebook


Read the Editorials in the SJ Mercury News

by L. Ames & H. Chapman (5/8/13), and

by SJMN Editor Barbara Marshman (5/10/13)



Contact us if you would like additional information

Thank you!




Supporting material:

*  city agenda item 5.1, and staff report to remove the trestle, 3/26/13

*  my letter to Council in support of the trestle

*  city agenda item 2.17 to fund the trestle removal, 4/9/13

*  my 2-minute talk opposing the removal funding (written transcript and video)

*  the Engineering Study commissioned by the City.  The study describes the trestle repair in detail, but recommends the steel bridge based solely on a (somewhat faulty) trade matrix and without any consideration of public sentiment or historic value

*  an evaluation of the Engineering Study and point-by-point rebuttal by L. Ames, a professional aerospace engineer

*  and a YouTube video tour of the trestle from all sides by Dan and Helen Chapman


*  representative diagram of trestle repairs (“bent 7”)

*  diagram showing height of 100-year flood (“waist-deep”)

*  diagram of 100-year flood zones in Willow Glen


*  cover letter and 2004 IS/MND (Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration) for LG Crk Trail Reach 4 (Auzerais to Coe, including trail atop an undisturbed trestle)


*  notes by J. Dresden on creosote timbers in creeks, and hazards involved in removing them (5/4/13)

*  city memo on shift of BART alignment due to creosote bridge pilings (11/13/07)

*  memo by Councilmember Liccardo on hazards of disturbing creosote pilings (11/30/07)

*  properties of creosote


*  memo from Councilmember Oliverio asking for a Council study session (5/9/13)

*  Editorial in San José Mercury News by L. Ames & H. Chapman (5/8/13)

*  Editorial in San José Mercury News by SJMN Editor Barbara Marshman (5/10/13)


*  memo from City (Parks PRNS and Dept of Public Works) 5/17/13

*  comments by L. Ames in response to City memo 5/30/13

*  link to video of NBC-11 segment on trestle, featuring Councilmember Oliverio and WGNA’s Zappelli


*  notes to the eList, 4/17/13

*  notes to the eList, 4/20/13

*  notes to the eList, 5/12/13

*  notes to the eList, 5/15/13



*  link to City’s presentation on trestle replacement 7/9/13 & 7/17/13

*  notes and observations on City’s presentation to Save Our Trails, 7/9/13

*  notes and observations on City’s presentation to WGNA, 7/17/13


*  letter of support from Rod Diridon Sr., David Ginsborg, and the Calif. Trolley & Rail. Corp, 7/16/13

*  editorial in the SJ Merc. News 7/16/13


*  Council agenda item 2/22/11 to apply for SCVWD grant for restoration of trestle


*  other sites along the Los Gatos Creek that need a bridge (LLA, 7/24/13)

*  supporting material: Los Gatos Crk Trail Master Plan 1985 p.24, p.24/25, and p.25 -- see text on p. 25

*  supporting material: Guadalupe River Park Master Plan, Dec 2001, sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. 
            At Confluence Point (chart2), bridge #29 is built, but #31 is needed.

*  diagram of Confluence Point


*  LLA letter to SJ Council 8/8/13

*  LLA talk to SJ Council 8/13/13

*  video of "approval of Rule Cmte Minutes" 8/13/13


*  letter of support from VPA

*  letter of support from CGF

*  letter of support from NWGNA


*  possible concept for completing the Los Gatos Creek Trail from Meridian to Lincoln.


*  Sept. 9th presentation on replacement bridge


*  letter from Campbell Historic Preservation Boardmember S. Blake 6/9/13

*  letter from the Santa Clara County Historical Heritage Cmsn, 9/19/13


*  Presentation to the San José Historic Landmarks Cmsn 11/6/13

*  Official Synopsis of HLC mtg 11/6/13


The Three Creeks Trail, Lonus to Minnesota (including the Trestle?):

*  City of SJ's Initial Study & Mitigated Neg. Declaration, 3/11/14

*  LLA's first set of comments, 3/12/14

*  Comment period extended and publicly announced, 3/28/14

*  LLA's second set of comments, 4/8/14



last update: 5/10/15