Welcome to "the Willow Glen Backfence"


This website is dedicated to community communications in the Willow Glen area, and is home of "the eList"

-- the electronic equivalent of talking with your friends and neighbors over the back fence.


The Willow Glen Backfence website and the eList are not commercial ventures: they are voluntary contributions to the community by Larry Ames, a long-time resident / community activist / Willow Glen booster, and Moderator of the eList since its founding in 1999, helped by a team of assistants and friends.


"Not a commercial venture" means we won't collect money, sell email addresses, or post advertisements.  This doesn't mean you can't announce a yard sale, sell your personal car, suggest a reputable electrician, or point out a closing sale at a beloved local shop.  Recommendations that are "okay to quote" may be collected, edited, and preserved on an updated "Community Recommendations" webpage. 


The Willow Glen Backfence is my personal website, and I alone am responsible for its contents.  It is, and probably always will be, a "work in progress", which I hope to use as a repository of useful local information and commentary. 


This website does not profess to speak as the representative of the Willow Glen neighborhood -- that is the responsibility of the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association >here<.


~Larry Ames, 7/3/10



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