Maps of Willow Glen and environs:

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official map of Willow Glen,

back when it was its own city (1927)
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District 6 Neighborhood Groups



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The Santa Clara County Bikeways map
(incl. bus schedules, interactive bike-route map, and more)

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3-creek trails, WG Spur trail,
and northeastern Willow Glen


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map of flood-prone areas of Willow Glen.

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Statistics for San Jose
from the 2000 US Census


San Jose Int'l Airport

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Northflow (85% of the time)

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State of California
Seismic Hazards
(earthquakes in SJ)


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Southflow (15% of the time)


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the San Jose Airport website to offer real-time aircraft info for better community monitoring of noise and curfew matters

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map of Los Gatos Creek Trail

plans (4/11) for sewage treatment plant







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