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thanks for participating in the D6NLG Candidates’ Forum for
San José City Council District 6

January 23, 2024, at the Westminster Presbyterian Church

Here’s a link to a Video recording of the forum,

and a transcript in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.


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an Oral History of Rod Diridon by Larry Ames, recorded January 15, 2019:
a ~40 minute video on the history of the Los Gatos Creek Trail;
and a ~80 min “extended cut” version with Mr. Diridon talking about the Park Charter Fund and transit,
and Mr. Ames talking about ideas for completing the Los Gatos Creek Trail.



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>> for information about the former Willow Glen Trestle, see website <<

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go on a self-guided tour of the future Three-Creeks Trail:

here’s the map and route instructions.



For historic perspective, here are the 1984 plans for Willow Glen.





~Larry Ames